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Title: Contest of Champions Submissions
Description: This is where you place your story

Darkender - June 20, 2009 12:01 AM (GMT)
This is what you build your story off of. You continue off this story by combining two heroes from different universes and have them find a way to take back the Planet of Apokolips.

Here's the story:
A dark figure stood staring out the large window upon the slaves as they heaved boulders back and forth. The figure stood motionless until he sensed a presence, as he turned his head to the throne door a man ran in.
“Darksied, my lord, we’re under attack!” the man looked at Darksied with fear in his eyes as Darksied’s eyes began to glow.
“Prepare the parademons.”
The armies of Apokolips prepared for the fight as the ship flied through the atmosphere landing off in a distance from Darksied’s castle. Darksied made his way out of his castle as he laid his eyes on the ship. His generals looked at him and with a hand motion the army was off as they yelled war cries to the ship. The armies approached the ship and began to unleash hell upon it all in vain as the attacks deflected off the force field. Darksied was angered at the sight. He himself along with the female furies decided to make their way to the battle line.
The door to the ship finally began to creak open as a robot stepped out.
“Hello Darksied. Prepare for destruction.” The Robot announced.
“Brainiac!” Darksied bellowed as the Omega Beam struck the robot leaving nothing, but it only was a moment before Brainiacs began to pour out of the ship. The army of Apokolips immediately went into attack as the Brainiacs and the parademons met in the sky. The ship went on defensive also as weapons projected themselves from the side of the ship and began to fire devastating the ground level army.
The war waged on, but the army of Apokolips started to retreat. Kalibak approached Darksied as he watched his army be attacked.
“Father! We are losing this war we must commence a full retreat!”
“Once again you fail me Kalibak.”
Darksied and Kalibak walked into the darkness as the armies were being destroyed.
Brainiac enters the throne room followed by his army of Brainiacs.
“Assessment: Army of Apokolips defeated. Of course, Darksied has fled.”
“Flee from you? Never.” Darksied said as his shot off his Omega beam destroying several Brainiacs. Following him Kalibak jumped into the gang of Brainiacs wailing his Beta club.
Darksied plowed through flood of Braniacs as he bodied his way to the leader Brainiac.
“You are but a machine!” Darksied said as he pounded his fist through brainiac, but with that another one jumped on his back and placed a device on his forehead. He immediately fell to his knees.
“Father!” Kalibak yelled as he tried to plow his way over, but one after another the Brainiacs threw themselves onto Kalibaks back bringing him to the floor.

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treacherous - June 20, 2009 03:15 PM (GMT)
Oh snippy snap!! It's on like Donkey Kong!!

Edit: :lol: But no posting here its just for the submissions.

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