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Title: Iced A.K.A. Vanilla Iced

Pseudonym - June 19, 2009 02:19 PM (GMT)
Iced is this guy from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

He's a bad guy

Works for Dio

That's all I got, Treacherous can fill in more

His main power is kind of complicated. He eats himself and curls into a little ball. Bout the size of a small dog. Then he creates a forcefield around him which sucks everything it touches into oblivion. But while he's doing that, he can't see or hear.

He's also strong enough to rip people in half at least.

All of his powers stem from his stand (soul, aura, battle buddy) Named Cream. But Cream only dies if Iced does.

treacherous - June 19, 2009 09:10 PM (GMT)
Heh, he's Dio's chief henchman (assassin). He's a vampire too. His stand (power) is to create an unstoppable void that engulfs him and devours ANYTHING in it's path. While in it, he cannot see nor hear. However, he doesn't need to. If he's in it. He's aiming to kill everything around. He just flies around ripping through everything. Every once in a while, he'll peek out to see if he's killed everything. He's extremely dangerous in the void. It's best to get out of dodge, unless you can happen to catch him peeking out of it every now and then. Even then, you better be quick to cut him before he ducks back in and charges you.

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