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Title: Zombie Spider Man vs Daredevil

Marvel Man - June 18, 2009 06:22 AM (GMT)
Part 3: The Zombie's Rise
Continues from: Zombie Spider Man vs Spider Ham

Previously: Due to Marvel's great success, DC has turned to a mysterious individoul. Days later, Marvel writers begin to act strange, and write horrible comics. Due to this, Marvel sales begin to drop. 

Meanwhile, in the fictional world, the Multiverse is falling apart, starting with Spider Man. All across the Marvel Multiverse, the Spider Men begin to have terrible things happen. In a desperate attemt to save them, Uatu the Watcher brings them all to one dimension. Sadly, this only causes carnage and destruction, as Evil and Deranged Spider Men wreck havok in New York. In response the cities heroes, as well as a few good Spider Men, try to stop them.

During the carnage, Spider Man is killed by an undead zombie version of himself. Luckily, the zombie is later defeated by Iron Spidey, another alternate Spider Man. Tragically, Spider Man rises from the dead, as a ZOMBIE!
His first victim, Spider Ham, half Spider, half Pig....

Spider Ham gasped at the figure before him.

"Ready to die?", the zombie murmured. And with that, he launched himself into the air.

Spider Ham's Spider Sense was good though, and the Pig sensed the attack comming. He quickly jumped out of the way.

"Not so fast!", the zombie cried out. He quickly shot off a strand of webbing, hitting Spider Ham in the back. With a yank, Spider Ham plunged down. Right into the awaiting arms of Zombie Spider Man!
A Bloody Death Later:

"Oh, so good..... I love pig...", Zombie Spider Man groaned, as he allowed himself to relax. His hunger, momentarily ceased.


Daredevil leapt down, striking some type of symbiote possesed Spider Man.

"Who the %#$&@ are you?!", the Symbiote Spider Man cried out. His voice was harsh and unrecognizeable.

"Daredevil. Now shut up and die!", Daredevil yelled. He launched his billy club towards the crazed Spider Man. His foe casually dodged it.

"That is strangely out of character. Are you sure you're Daredevil. When I killed my world's Daredevil-....", the Symbiote began, but was quickly cut off. 

The billy club hadn't been shot at him, and had instead, struck the last wooden beam of the building. As it broke, the ceiling above began to shake.

"Tell Mephisto Daredevil sent ya!", Daredevil replied. His voice cold and calculating. Just as he said it, the ceiling collapsed on the symbiote, who had begun to scream in a terrible fashion. 

"Daredevil, you okay?", a voice asked. Daredevil quickly turned around, his other billy club at ready.

"Yo, calm down. Friendly fire.", Iron Fist said. Besides him, Luke Cage lifted his hands in a mocking fashion. 

"I've seen people die tonight. Pardon me if I'm not being jolly.", Daredevil coldly replied.

The due merely gave him a smile. "How can we help?", Cage asked.

"Well, I'm not even done patrolling this street, it'd take me years to patrol the whole city. Fine, you can help me. Go north, heard there's some super Spider Man throwing down with the Fantastic Four."

"On it.", Cage replied. Both quickly dashed off.

"Gay.", muttered Daredevil. Suddenly, he heard heavy breathing. Someone was trying to be sneaky. Not only that, but whoever it was had just eaten bacon. 

"No wait, he ate it raw.", Daredevil thought. He quickly looked up, ready to strike.

"What's up Chuckles?", Zombie Spider Man asked, as he leapt over the rooftop, and onto the streets. 

Daredevil's eyes widened, as his senses formed a mental picture for his foe. "Spider Man, what-...."

"Oh, a zombie got me. Ain't so bad. You'll see.", Zombie Spider Man said. A cruel smile formed.

Then he leapt upwards, a kick aimed at Daredevil. 

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