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Title: James T. Kirk and Spock vs. Shinzon

boratz - June 8, 2009 04:11 PM (GMT)
"Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Her ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life-forms and new civilizations; to boldly go where no one has gone before." - Spock

Deep within the darkness of space. A bright flashing light appeared. A large ship came flying out of the light. The ship, know the Scimitar flew the bright space clouds. Shinzon walked through the ship, past his Romulan men. All of them stood by as he made his way to the dock. Now he had a new plan for the history of the Universe. He knew it changed once before, and he had a plan to change the Universe in his own way. A Starfleet ship drew near. Messages were sent out to his ship, and Shinzon accepted the messages. He sat back in a chair, and looked at the screen. The Starfleet Captain, asked him a question. Shinzon calmly replied that everything was about to change. Suddenly, Shinzon yelled out for the Scimitar to attack. Disruptors and photon torpedoes shot out at the Starfleet ship. The Starfleet Captain gave orders to put up the shield, but the ship was taking to much damage.

He ordered for evacuation. Sparks blew through the ship. Flames swept through the computers, and upper levels. People were laying dead on the floor. The Captain was about to evacuate, but the screen came on again. The screen had Shinzon. Shinzon said that a new age will come. The age that will bring about a new way of life for every planet in the Universe, and in the galaxies. Suddenly, the Starfleet ship exploded, and all the escape pods were being destroyed as well. The Simitar then cloaked itself, and disappeared in the dark reaches of space. The tragedy of the Starfleet ship was already getting a response back at The United Federation of Planets. The newly ranked Admiral Christopher Pike was speaking with the old Ambassador Spock. They discussed the situation that just occurred with the Starfleet ship. The two started walking through the a long hallway at Starfleet Academy.

"How did this happen? What destroyed our ship?" - Admiral Pike

"I do not know, but I do know that we are in the brinks of war" - Spock

"What kind war is the question? We need to find what did this? We need to know if it was the Romulans, Klingons.............." - Admiral Pike

"How about you send in the U.S.S. Enterprise to find the ones responsible for the tragedy" - Spock

"You mean Kirk and his crew! You sure they can handle this? I know they stop the destruction of Earth, and stopped Nero, but something we don't even know. That you don't even know" - Admiral Pike

"It would be logical, since they were the fleet to stop the destruction of Earth, and the revenge plot by Nero" - Spock

"Alright, I want you to give them the order" - Admiral Spike


Traveling through the vast reaches of space, an Andorian starship was traveling to their home planet. Suddenly, the Scmitar appeared behind them. The Andorian starship started to put up their defense shields, and let out a distress call. Warnings were sent to the Scimitar, but suddenly a large powerful blast it the starship. The Andorian starship captain, received a message from the attacker. The message was from a Tellarites ship. The Andorians sent out one last distress call before their ship was destroyed. Shinzon have a small smile come across his face as he saw the ship turn into flames. Debris floated everywhere, and the Scimitar vanished into the darkness of space. Shinzon's plan was coming smoothly. He was going to start a Civil War within the United Federation of Planets, and then he was going to destroy each planet one by one, until they surrender to his will.

Back at the Federation of Planets. Old Spock got aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. He then headed over toward the bridge. Captain James Kirk and First Officer Spock met him at the door. Ambassador Spock told them of the recent attack on the Starfleet ship, and that Admiral Pike wanted them to search for the one responsible. Suddenly, images appeared on the screen. The Andorian were now at war with Tellarites. Kirk fell back in his captain chair, and gazed at the screen. The rest of the crew stood in astonishment. What was happening they all thought? The screen then turned to Tellarites, whom were now waging war on the humans, and Vulcans. It was becoming a Civil War amongst the United Federation of planet, which would lead to vulnerability for enemies to attack. Ambassador Spock then spoke out.

"This also has to deal with what happened to the Starfleet ship." - Old Spock

"Who is responsible for it all?" - First Commander Spock

"I do not know" - Old Spock

"Then lets find out. Light speed ahead toward the new Vulcan" - James Kirk

"You got Captain. Switching to full thrusters" - Hikaru Sulu

The Enterprise then went light speed. Traveling fast through the vast reaches of space and darkness, they reached their location. Suddenly, they saw debris floating in space. It was debris that once was part of a Starfleet ship that was sent to protect the new Vulcan planet. The crew looked at in mourning, but suddenly a mysterious ship appeared. A ship that looked Romulen, but it looked to far advanced. The Scimitar drew close to the Enterprise. Kirk gazed at the screen, trying to think of his next move.

"Put up the shields" - Kirk

"Captain, messages are coming through. The ship seems to be Andorian" - Uhura

"That is what they want us to think. I have seen that ship before" - Old Spock

"Where?" - James T. Kirk

"In the future I was in. Ten years before the Romulan planet was destroyed by the Black Hole, the Romulans cloned the U.S.S. Enterprise Captain Jean Luc Pucard. The clone was imperfect, and his logic told him that destrcution and pain the way of life. After grew older he gained control of a ship named the Scimitar. The ship is power, and has the ability to destroy life on any planet. The clone was named Shinzon" - Old Spock

"How'd you stop him in you time?" - James T. Kirk

"I was not part of the Enterprise, but Pucard and his crew could not take on his ship. Pucard had only one way to stop the Scimitar, and that was a self sacrifice" - Old Spock

"So let me guess, Old boy Pucard beamed aboard the ship, and what set a bomb while he was inside?" - James Kirk

"No, he went aboard, but one crewmates followed him. He beamed Pucard back on board, and used a phaser to destroy the thalaron generator. It destroyed the ship, and everything in it" - Old Spock

"Then how is it here?" - James T. Kirk

"This present reality has changed, and the future of even a different reality must have changed as well" - Old Spock

"So, what would logic tell us to do now?" - James T. Kirk

"Logic would say the only way to stop it, is to do the same sacraficial attack"- First Officer Spock

"Well I got another idea, and your going to help me." - James T. Kirk

Spock followed Kirk to leave the bridge. The two went into the armory, and took phasers. They then took small explosives, and charges for their mission. The two got ready to beam aboard the Scimitar, but they were stopped by both Old Spock and Leonard McCoy. McCoy asked what they were planning to do, but Kirk simply replied that they were going to stop the attack. Kirk then walked over toward Bones, and put his hand on his shoulder.

"I promoting you to Captain, while Spock and I save the Universe. And Old Spock I want you to be First Officer, while your I guess younger self is on board the Scimitar" - James T. Kirk

"Okay I will take position of First Officer" - Old Spock

"Thank you" - James T. Kirk

"Damn it, Jim! My God Man, I'm a doctor, not a Captain!" - Leonard "Bones" McCoy

"Well guess what, this can be a great experience for you" - James T. Kirk

Kirk and Spock started walking off, and McCoy followed in close behind them.

"Jim, Jim, get back here!" - Leonard McCoy

James T. Kirk and Spock got onto the beaming pad.

"Beam us outta here Scotty" - Kirk

"You got it, Captain" - Montgomery Scott

Leonard McCoy stood in front of Kirk. Kirk smiled, and said your charge Captain. McCoy stood back, and cursed under his breath. He turned around, and headed back to the bridge. Kirk and Spock then went aboard the Scimitar. It was quiet at first, but suddenly Romulens came out firing phasers at the intruders. Kirk and Spock took cover firing back, and started taking them down one by one. He then heard a human voice. The voice of Shinzon. Shinzon told his men to seize fire. Shinzon then started to speak out at the intruders.

"Well look at what we have here. James T. Kirk and Spock. I am honored to be in your presence" - Shinzon

"Stop your attack, and maybe we won't kill you" -James Kirk

"Trying to sound like a tough captain won't get you anywhere, Captain Kirk"-Shinzon

"We will stop you" - Spock

"Where is the logic in that?" - Shinzon

Kirk lifted his phaser, and Shinzon jumped for cover. Kirk shot down a Romulen, and Spock saw Shinzon running into the darkness. He could here him screaming to fire upon the Enterprise. Kirk and Spock then started to make their way through the ship with only one thing on their mind, to stop their crew, their friends from dying. They had to complete this mission, and they had to destroy the generator. Shinzon has a crew of Romulan warriors ready to fight, and ready to defend the inside of their ship. Shinzon is ready to do what is necessary.


Can Kirk and Spock set the charges on the generator, and destroy it? Or will they be killed by Shinzon and his crew?

You decide

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