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Title: Chat Room
Description: I made one.

Shadow Fenrir - June 6, 2009 07:53 PM (GMT)
Hey Guys, I made a chat room where people can talk to each other. Its limited to the people that frequent this site only and requires no registeration though it needs a username each time you go on the chat page. Its a good one, its graphics kinda crappy but the function works fine. I hope I did not overstep my boundaries on's the link

I'm guessing in order to be able to talk to one another, you need to be on the same time and allow the other guy to talk to you. You can even have private chats and ignore the other people that come on, which I think makes it possible of having a few different chat pages at once at the same time. Please try it out.

BTW I named the chat page Haven Chat... :D

Also, I think it'd be easier if you tell the other person you're going on the chat so they'll know, I know that's abvious but just checking.

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