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Culwych - May 25, 2009 11:55 AM (GMT)
The Interlude Race


In the year 2645, the biggest form of entertainment is as it was nearly 3000 years ago; the Gladiatorial Arena.

In a high tech facility, with authentic hard-light replicas of ancient settings, people from all over the corner of the world (and beyond) do battle. These fights are streamed live instantaneously in 3D projections to billions of households where people can watch the blood spill onto their very own carpets.


The Contestants

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Lightning McQueen
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Benny the Cab
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The Track

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Commentator: Well ladies and gentlemen, we have seen some interesting fights so far havenít we. Pirates and samurai, centurions and musketeers, all desperately trying to kill each other with as much brutality as possible!

Well, due a technical hitch those fights are going to be suspended until mid-June, but in the mean time we are giving you the chance to make some money. We are giving away one hundred billion space credits to the first person who guesses or deduces the correct outcome of the Interlude Race! Thatís One Hundred Billion space credits!!!!

Our leading scientists have leapt back in time and across dimensions to bring you the top six sentient cars from our past and imagination, and today theyíll be racing across a trap filled track to win their freedom! You know the rules ladies and gentlemenÖ Only one will survive. Oh, and they have to stay in car form and have no outside help whatsoever.

The track is divided into three distinct areas as follows:

1. The Spike Pit: Dotted along this dusty trail are numerous holes filled with nasty Dip (effective against toons) covered adamantium spikes, theseíll puncture the carsí tires and rips their undersides to shreds if theyíre not careful!

2. The Goblin Tribe: These little buggers are mean as hell and are going to be giving their everything to wreck, destroy and crush the contestants. Again, weíve given them Dip covered adamantium weapons and shields to cause as much mayhem as possible. Also note though that for every goblin a car kills, 5 seconds will be taken off their overall time. So thatís a good incentive to kill as many of the critters as possible!

Goblin: user posted image

3. The Fire Zone: This is a combination of Space/Hell and Toon fire, the kind thatíll burn anything to cinders. The cars are going to have to be careful and ruthless here as thereís only one sure path through the fire and that can only be used by one car at a timeÖ. And itíll break and fall after 4 cars go over it. The last cars through are definitely going to get burned!

Well, thatís all from me folks, be sure to get your votes in for the place of each car and as a quick reminder, here are the contestants in no particular order:

- Christine
- Herbie
- Benny the Cab
- Lightning McQueen
- Bumblebee

Guess the correct order over the finish line (or not if they get creamed) and youíll be entered into the draw for the one hundred billion space credits! Winners will be announced in the next Gladiatorial Arena; Battle of History match.


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