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Title: Ranking System

Solomon - May 22, 2009 09:55 PM (GMT)

Placment of Writings for Ranking:
-It is apperciated if the stories/matches/characters are kept in either this category, or the fiction/non-fiction category
-However, if you wish to have a story/match/character avalible for ranking, and it does not fit the above categories Then you must notify me (link prefered), aand you must also declare the story/match/character as gradeable in the topic starter.
-An example of this would be a finished FPL character.

Ranking System:
-Writings/Characters/Matches are ranked on a scale from 0 to 5. 0 being the worst, and 5 being the best.
-Only one grade per story/character/match per perperson


-Specify the grade you wish to give to the story/character/match in your post
-It is prefered that the number is bold.

Note: From now on SCM=Story/character/match

Exception with Grading:
-If you wish to give a ranking of 0 or 5 then you must first get it validated by an administrator via PM. Failure to atempt to validate a 0 or a 5 ranking will result in their points being deleted.

Here's How it Works:
-A member gives a 5 or a 0 to a SCM just like they would any other grade. Then they are to PM an administrator requesting validation. They must include a link to the specified SCM.

If the Admin approves:
-If approved, the Admin is to got to the post where the ranking was specified, and change the bold 5 or 0 to red. Underneath the grade in red text write, "Point Validation approved by: (your name here.) After doing this please pm me confirmation that you actually validated the points, and your validation wasn't forged or falsified.

If the Admin disapproves:
-If dissaproved the admin is to simpily change the 0 to a 1, and the 5 to a 4.

*If any admin needs help, has questions, or suggestiosn you know where to find me.

Validating Admin Rankings of "0" or "5":
-If an administrator wishes to validate a ranking of 0 or 5 they mist get it approved by me. If I wish to validate a ranking of 0 or 5 then I must get it approved by two other administrators.

-Both administrators must confirm their validation with the other
-In red text they are to write, "Point Validation Approved by: (Both Names Here).

*Again if anybody needs anything just let me know.

Couple notes about requesting:
- 1. Be Polite
2. Provide a link
3. State why you think the SCM deserves a 0 or a 5
4. Once a proposed grade is denied that's it. Do not try to re-propose a ranking.

-Contests are a special case:
-Members may not propose individual rankings for contests
-The point system for contests is as follows:
-5 Points for entering
-7 Points for coming in second
-10 Points for coming in first

Point Totals:
- At the end of the grading period the points you've accumulated fom that period will be added to your signature.
*More will be said about the duration of grading periods a bit later.
-Adminstrators will be assigned sections that they are going to be adding up. This will most likely done in pairs.
-After the points are added up, and confirmed by your partner. Please PM me the score you calculated for each member. (Please only one sheet per group)
-PM title should be Point Submission Sheet for (enter the name of your assigned section)
-If the title exceeds the space that is allowed just type as much as you can.
-I will add up all the points. I recieve from the sheets, and add them on to everyone's signature.

Grading Sessions:
-The duration of grading sessions will be approximately 7 days.
-However, there will be a period of 5 days in between sessions. This is so that we have plenty of time to get everything added up, and accounted for.
Grading session starts on May 19th, the duration of the session will last until May 26th. The next grading session won't start until May 31st.
-All rankings between grading periods will be ignored.
-There will be a message on the homepage, right above the fight category that lets users know information about the grading sessions. That way ther's no confusion.

Note to Administrators
-See me for details

-The member with the most points at the end of the month will be given the writer of the month award. Also they will be nominated to win writer of the year along with the other writers that have recieved a writer of the month award. The writer of the year award is to be choosen by the members via a poll in the chit-chat section.

I understand this can be a bit confusing, so if you have any questions, problems, suggestions, etc. etc. Feel free to Pm at any time.

Solomon - May 26, 2009 07:02 PM (GMT)
NOTE: Due to the general lack of productivity. I am pushing the grading period back another week.

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