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Title: Deadpool vs. Truimph the Comic Dog

videogameman - May 16, 2009 05:44 PM (GMT)
Deadpool was in Joe Quesda's office, called in by the devil- i mean, the great chief if Marvel{please don't sue me}.

Deadpool:If it wasn't Q Joe, Spider-Man would be married long ago. You like my parody? The merc job gets a bit boring after a while, ya know? you need a backup.


Deadpool:Kidding. So why am I in here? If you want to retcon Mary Jane into loving me, I'll follow your orders. I won't complain.

Joe: You see, Wilson-

Deadpool:Last name basis, now? I was kidding! We used to be so close! FORGIVE ME!

Joe:Fine, Wade-


Joe: Knowing you, you must've heard of Truimph the Insult Comic Dog?

Deadpool: Yes, I've seen it. He's an excellent dog. For me to poop on!

Joe: Well he has been slamming some of our storylines-

Deadpool:It's okay Joe, I think they were very good storylines. For me to poop on!

Joe: It's hurting business-

Deadpool:What about how you hurt the hearts of the faithful Spider-Man nerds, I mean fans{please don't stop reading my comics}? I'm not sure I can work for someone like that. Just kidding. With his lack of popularity, I'll become the poster child. MUHWAHAHAHA!

Joe: Shut up before I sue your mouth shut like the movie!

Deadpool:Note taken.

Joe: Now you need to humiliate him on TV to get street cred. And no, you can't kill him.

Deadpool:Come on. Can't i just cut off his p-


Deadpool:ancreas? You need to get your mind out of the gutter. Unless you retcon Black cat into-



Triumph: X-Men Origins Wolverine was a great movie. For me to poop on! The only remotely intetionly funny person has his mouth sewed shut. Good thing too, cause I would have pooped in his mouth for going along with this piece of crap!

Deadpool:Silence! Like you're one to talk! Jim Henson is a better puppeter. And he's dead!

Whoever disses the other better wins.

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