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Title: Dr. Strange vs. Enchantress

JudgeHalo - May 10, 2009 05:40 PM (GMT)
Loki, lusting for power, decided to gather a group of villains to take over Asgard, and eventually the universe. First, he gathered a small of corrupted Asgardians.
"Whoa, fellow Asgardians!" Loki shouted, "Soon conquerors of eternity, today, we shall take Asgard for ourselves!"
"But, my comrade," Enchantress started, "we would be much overpowered by other Asgardians, Odin himself could easily destroy us all."
"Which is why we must bring some of earth's people into this!" Loki said, "I have several friends I do consider brothers, yea, great friends. Together, my father wouldn't stand a chance. And with control over Asgard, we would have but more power, enough to attack earth, more power to us. Then, with many allies, we will branch out through the universe, and control life as we know it! First thing's first, brother Mordo! He will be able to locate many more allies. Any objections?"
Everyone shook their head no, so Loki took his men a left for earth. He arrived, and soon found Mordo. He was hiding in a cave, Thor, Doctor Strange, and Superman were all after him.
"Brother," Loki said, "We are in need of you and your talents."
The Loki explained his plans to Baron Mordo.
"Ah. So, let me get this straight, you need the help of mortals?" Mordo asked
"Uh... yes, we are just to outnumbered and out-powered to take over Asgard!" Loki said, "Whiltst thou help help us, though?"
"Yes," Mordo said, "I will send you the locations psychically."
"Thank you, friend," Loki said, "Here. I will take 10 Asgardians and go to Metropolis, Enchantress, you go to New York with 10, and Skurge, you go to Arkham with 10."
They all left to their different locations. When Enchantress arrived, she sent the Asgardians in to free the supervillain prisoners, but stayed outside to keep guard. She had often wondered what humans did in their free-time, so being it was 11:00 PM, she wandered off, telling her men where she was going of course.
She hit bar, first.
"Hey!" One man shouted, "Check her out! I'd like ta'..."
"Shut up!" Enchantress shouted, "You're nothing."
"Oooo!" Several men said
"You gonna' take 'dat from a lady!?" One man yelled
The man ran forward, holding a liquor bottle, ready to hit her. Before he swung, she punched him in the face. The man fell backwards.
"One punch!" Another bar-goer said
Enchantress saw a sign pointing to a room in the back. "Your Strange Fortunes Told" it read. She walked to the back room, where she saw a man in an odd robe sitting. She put her hand on the table. The man touched her hand and closed his eyes.
"You're..." He started.
With that touch they both felt the magic on eachother, and Strange felt the evil within her. He also saw the plan that she had. He created a magical sword in his hand, then Enchantress stood back.

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