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Title: Kraven vs. Deadpool

JudgeHalo - May 9, 2009 02:27 AM (GMT)
Spiderman stood atop the Empire State Building looking down.
"My own city," He said, "How many other people are that lucky? Life has been good."
He lept downwards, and shot webbing when he was 20 feet from the ground. He webbed through the city, watching out for danger. Then he saw a man laying on the street. He stopped himself, and landed safely aside him.
"Are you alright?" He asked
The man was brutally beaten and cut.
"Are you alright?" Spiderman asked
"Who... who are you?"
"It's fine, I'm here to save you."
Spiderman picked him up and took him to the hospital. The blood stained his costume, but that was not on his mind. The only thing on his mind was the life of an innocent man. When he arrived at the hospital, a nurse who was taking a break, quickly took him inside in a wheelchair.
"Thanks," Spiderman said handing her a Spider-Tracer, "When he comes around, press this button. I need to speak with him."
"Sure thing, Spiderman!" The nurse replied
She wheeled the man into the hospital. Spiderman waited at the desk for the nurse to return.
"Good job, Spidey!" She said, "You got him here just in time!"
"No problem!" Spiderman replied, "Just give me a buzz when he wakes up!"
Then he walked out of the building and swung away. He landed in the alley-way of his appartment, and switched back to his own costume. Mr. Dikovytch had closed his window to save electricity. He walked inside, and went up the stairs. When he got to his room, he laid down for a good-nights sleep.
When he awoke the next morning, he had a pain in his leg. Then he heard a buzzing, it was the Spider-Tracker. He put his costume on, and swung out the window. When he arrived at the hospital, he found the man laying in bed, nearly asleep.
"You saved me?" He asked
"Yes," Spiderman replied, "I need to know who did this to you!"
"I've never seen anyone quite like this man. He was like Venom, but with the head of a lion. He growled, and spoke with a thick Russian accent. He tried to kill me when I told him I didn't have his Calpyso, who he had accused me of kidnapping."
"I think know who this is. Thank you."
Spiderman walked out of the room and spoke to the nurse again.
"Hey, I need three heavily armed guards in this room. This man could be in great danger."
The nurse shook her head, and went to the phone.
Spiderman swung out and perched himself on top of the Chrysler building. He wore a pair of heat seeking goggles, and searched for the overheated-Venom creature. He remembered from a previous encounter with the symbiote, that it had caused its hosts to create massive ammounts of body heat. After an hour or so of watching, he found him. He quickly web-zipped towards him. He looked just like Venom, except, he had large hands, two swords, a tail, and the head of a lion. He went towards Spiderman, and threw a symbiote sword at him. It missed, but came back behind him, and hit him in the back.
"You'll live" Kraven said
Spiderman fell to his face. Then, figure lept from the top of a nearby building.
"Hey pal!" He said, "Friend of mine tells me you purd-near killed him! You gonna' come peacefully, or am I..."
Then Kraven covered him with a web, and sent him against the building right beside it. He flashed out of the web.
"Hahaha!" Deadpool shouted, "I have a couple of tricks too!"
He flashed behind Kraven and slashed his back, which healed rather quickly (heals about %3000 as fast as a normal human).
"Next time, you'll think before you beat up my cousin!" Deadpool yelled.

Kraven has all the powers of Venom, and himself (intensified). He can heal rather well, and has some nice weapons.
Deadpool is taking steroids, so he's at %150.

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