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Title: Spongebob world vs Zombies
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nicker - May 3, 2009 10:29 PM (GMT)
Spongebob was just playing in Jellyfish Fields when his starfish friend Patrick had found a Jellyfish which was pale and starting to change from pink to grey. "Hey Spongebob what kind of Jellyfish is this?" Patrick said, dumbfounded by the sight of the poor thing. "I don't know Spongebob but he looks like he needs help." The yellow sponge said shrugging his shoulders. "Wait! That's a great idea! Lets take him over my house " The starfish exclaimed with joy. "I don't know Pat." Sponge said hoping to get the Jellyfish to a doctor soon. "Cmon Sponge. Lets go!" Patrick then grabs his net and Spongebob and rushes back to his house.

"In ya go Jellyfish!" Patrick says as he flings the nearly dead Jellyfish into a wall. "Patrick I don't think this is the best place for the Jellyfish." Spongebob said to his friend who was playing with the Jellyfish. "Aw relax Spongebob. Its not he is gonna hurt someone." Patrick said, confidently. "Okay then show him to me Pat." Spongebob said with a grin. " Sure pal." Pat says as he picks up what he THINKS is the Jellyfish.

"Uh Pat that's a rock." Spongebob said sighing, at his friend's stupidity. "Oops." Pat said shrugging and with that he turned the TV on. "Ahhhh!!!!" Was the sound of someone screaming and stinging was also heard. " Pat I think the Jellyfish just stung someone!! Pat!!!!!!!" Spongebob roared at his friend who glared and opened the rock to revel a fish trying to get away from the Jellyfish.

"Pat we got to do something before the Jellyfish gets hurt!" Spongebob said he almost broke his arms off trying to throw his friend at the victim who had been stung by the Jellyfish. Pat just sighed and walked towards the man dragging Spongebob who was still trying to lift Patrick up.

"Please you got to help me... that Jellyfish it is gahhh!!" The Man yelled before 5 more pale Jellyfish grabbed him and swam back to Jellyfish Fields. "Hey Jelly its your friends go be with them.Patrick said before he grabbed the Jellyfish and flung him back to the Fields.

" Well that was a job well done." Pat said as he started walking down the road. " Hey Pat where ya going?" Spongebob said, following his friend. " Duh to Sandy's house." With that the duo raced to meet their squirrel friend. "Idiots." Squidward said as he went back to sucking at his clarinet.

But what the Octopus didn't notice was that the Jellyfish and the man they had carried off had infected half of Bikini Bottom. And they were starting to swarm towards his house. "Hmm. Looks like my fans have finally come." Squidward then opened the door only to be shocked to see the fans had rotting fins and their skin was pale.

"Ahhhhaahhh!!" Squidward yelped as he went onto his bike and ran over some of the undead fish in hopes to get away fast. Too bad for him the only bikers in town were infected and they still know how to use their motorcycles.

"Brains!" The three biker fish zombies muttered as they were slowly catching up with the tasty Octopus meal ahead.Squidward knew he couldnt stay ahead much longer so he did something he thought he would have never done. He rammed into the first Biker zombie's motorcycle which made it tip and tip until... SPLAT!!! The helmet was the only thing that remanined.

Squid smiled. He thought this fun and brought his clarient and a tear fell from his eyes when he did something that broke his heart. He broke his clarinet in two. He threw the first part away but kept the sharp end and waited for the second Biker zombie to catch up until .... wait for it... Shook!!! Was the only sound that was made when Squid shoved the piece into the zombie's head killing it immediately. The last one just smiled and stopped. "Huh why did it sto- ahhhh!!" Squidward yelped as his bike tripped over a rock and sent Squidward flying right at Sandy's tree dome.

"So your all telling me that man was trying to hurt the Jellyfish?" Sandy asked sipping some tea. "Yep!" Said Spongebob and Patrick in unsion.

Boom!! Went the tree dome as Squid flew though it. Bamm!! Went the table also as Squidward landed on it in a heap.

Sandy was about to B**** at Squid when she saw the zombies coming and put on her suit and grabbed the three and ran to the Krusty Krab and was stopped by Nat and Fred(The fish who always screams "MY LEG!!!") "What are yall doing?! Let us in!!" Sandy screamed at the two but they didnt budge.

"We can trust no one. Mr. Krab's orders." Nat said with no pint of pity in his voice. Tom just nodded. Sandy just sighed and picked up Patrick and banged the doors open. Nat and Tomy charged at her. Spongebob leaped to her defenes and flipped Tom but was threw at the cash Register by Nat who was kicked out Sandy.

"What the? Oh no!!! Please let me in! I am sorry!!Please!!!" Nat said with the zombies apporaching fast.
Sandy just smiled and closed the binds on the window but started at the floor with a sad look on her face when the zombies fianlly got to Nat.

Tom just cowers up into a corner and tells Mr.Krabs and Larry, and Don(Hes a whale go figure..). They all shuddder and then Harold just facepalms and brings out all the suppiles he bought from Barg A Mart before the zombies came and in the supplies was guns. Sandy took notice of the shotgun and blasted a zombie who was trying to get in.

The zombie fell down with a thud and Sandy and Harold blasted the other two who were trying to sneek in. The other fish zombies growled at this and stayed thier distance. Sandy:"Okay we got two days before our food runs out. Harold ,Tom and Me are gonna watch the door. I already called the S.W.A.T team and the police. So we just gotta hold out two days."

Spongebob and Patrick, and Krabs just bowed and went off searching for weapons. Spongebob found Spat, Patrick got a coat rack, and Krabs got a harpoon and took a pistol. Squidward just hid under a box in the kitchen and Don and Larry brought machine guns. Tom just took a a chair and held to his chest.

Sandy smiled and knew they were in for a hell of a night.

Okay folks it is Spongebob with Spat, Patrick with a coat rack,Harold and Sandy with loaded shotguns, Don and Larry with machine guns, Tom has a chair which he is using as a weapon, and lastly Krabs is using a harpoon as weapon.


407 fish zombies and 1 Biker Zombie who knows how to use the bike, and 100 jellyfish zombies.

For the Spongegang to win they have to survie 2 two days in the Krusty Krab which is barricaded with chairs and tables and the shades are closed. The doors are also locked. If they survie the two days they have to find a way past the zombies to the Barg A Mart to wait for the S.W.A.T team and the Police.

They lose if all of the crew is turned or killed.

Darth Pool - May 3, 2009 10:32 PM (GMT)
Dude...That guy uses a whole bunch of Toon force. Spongebob just basically laughs at them till their head explodes.

nicker - May 3, 2009 10:40 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Darth Pool @ May 3 2009, 10:32 PM)
Dude...That guy uses a whole bunch of Toon force. Spongebob just basically laughs at them till their head explodes.

... While I normally would argee with you, how would you expect Sponge to go outside without the zombies ripping him apart?

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