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Title: Tournament of Fighters
Description: Round 2 Fight 5 Kazuya vs. Nightwing

treacherous - May 2, 2009 07:11 PM (GMT)

In the nexus of all realities, there is a world. A physical dimension created by the energy of Human imagination. Every reality ever given the consideration of thought centers around this point; it is the world of Khazan!! Khazan is considered the intersection of the known multiverse. It is here that every fight in your mind's eye takes place. It is here where any character you can conjure up can fight in any way you see fit for dominance. As they say in Khazan, “The only limit is yourself.”
It is in this world that the Tournament of Fighters takes place. Brought together by personal invitation by a mysterious organization within Khazan; 32 fighters from across the multiverse fought for one honor…to be the greatest fighter in the multiverse (also to win a substantial cash prize)!! The winner of the competition will face one bonus match and two boss battles to determine their worthiness of the title. Round 2 takes us deep into five areas of Khazan that will act as arenas. These sectors include: the Industrial, Lowtown, Uptown, Science sector and the ever popular Arena of Khazan. However, not all our warriors fight for the same cause. Some fight for personal glory others for revenge and others for darker evil intents. Regardless, their stories will now unfold as we bring you Round 2 of the Tournament of Fighters!!


Tournament of Fighters – Round 2 (Fight 6)

Host: Treacherous Co Host: Bloody Freak

Kazuya: After the defeat of his father by Riddick in Round 1, Kazuya is determined to beat the person who took down his father.

Nightwing: Suspicious of tournament organizers. Currently investigating solo.

Arena: Endless trap door drop (Fighting in mid air)

Rules: Hand to hand fighting only (you can only use the weapons God gave ya!). Otherwise, anything goes!!

- Introduction –

In an undisclosed location deep in the heart of Khazan, a secretive organization plots a sinister plan and the continuation of the Tournament of Fighters. Their desires are unknown to the challengers and the Khazan police that hound them. However, not all the combatants in the tournament are naïve to their goings on. Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing, secretly creeps thru the Organization headquarters searching for answers before his next match. Suddenly a hidden communicator on his person vibrates…


Nightwing: Hello.

Voice on com: Nightwing, update…now.

Nightwing: It just doesn’t make sense. My surveillance shows every losing fighter from the previous battles has disappeared. As soon as their fight ends, they drag them out of the arena and we never see them again.

Voice on com: Where are you now?

Nightwing: I got a match in a few minutes, but I’ve tracked down the host. A guy named Treacherous. I’m following him now. Wait I see something…


What Nightwing sees confuses him further. Peering into a small slot in a locked door, Nightwing notices a regular tourney goer by the name of Granobulax lying on a laboratory table. He is bleeding profusely. The host Treacherous and a shadowy figure stand over his body. Two other figures are in the room. They seem to be performing expirements on his corpse. Nightwing backs away from the door and bumps into someone. Turning around he is confronted by Kazuya.


Nightwing: Wha?

Kazuya: I have been following you boy. I have seen what you are doing. One of those men in there has my father. You are no longer needed. I am going to retrieve his body. You may leave now.

Nightwing: Wait!!

Voice on com: Dick? Are you okay? What’s going on?

Kazuya: Damned child!! Move!!


Kazuya backhands the communicator out of Nightwings hand and kicks him through the door. Nightwing somersaults backwards and lands on his feet assuming a defense martial arts stance. Kazuya is infuriated at the gruesome scene within the room.




The shadowy figure in blue and Treacherous push the lab table with Grano on it out an opposite door. Kazuya and Nightwing try to follow, but Treacherous presses a button on the way out. A trap door opens beneath the feet of the two fighters and suddenly they are plummeting down a four sided corridor. Regardless of the danger, Kazuya fires a relentless attack at Nightwing launching himself from the parallel wall. Co-host Bloody Freak leans over the top edge of the trap door. Dozens of tourney gamblers such as; GOD-SPEED, dayouthgonewild, TOAF, Marvel Man, Phalanx and many others also run to the trap door and start gambling on the match.



treacherous - May 2, 2009 11:28 PM (GMT)
Ahh memories. So many Havenites on these. Little did you all know that one day you would've been one big happy Haven family.

Pseudonym - May 2, 2009 11:33 PM (GMT)
Poor Nightwing. I hold the same answer, Kaz.

videogameman - May 3, 2009 01:25 PM (GMT)
Kazuya. Devil form. Even without it, he's one tough mammajamma. Watch almost any Tekken cutscene and you'll see why he wins.

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