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Title: Warhammer 40k
Description: New to the scene

Darth Pool - March 9, 2008 09:39 PM (GMT)
Hey guys, I'm trying to start playing...You guessed it, Warhammer 40k, and I would like your help in me choosing my first army and such. These are the Armies I think would be good for me:

Tau Empire
Tyranid brood
Chaos Space Marines

hamboy - March 9, 2008 09:54 PM (GMT)
Depends. In game terms, the armies are pretty much equal (Space Marine players have been known to do really good in tornaments, however). My favorites are Tyranids, and Nurgle worshaping Chaos Marines, but that's just me.

DataSnake - March 9, 2008 11:42 PM (GMT)
My experience is pretty much based on Dawn of War, so I can't comment on the Tyranids, but I like playing Necrons. Between the Restored Monolith, Essence of the Nightbringer, and Necron Lord special abilities (like the resurrection orb), they are pretty much awesome. And of course the Grey Knights kick serious ass as well.

Bassetman - March 10, 2008 06:29 PM (GMT)

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