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Title: Tournament of Fighters
Description: Round 2 Fight 2 Ryu vs Daredevil

treacherous - April 20, 2009 02:11 PM (GMT)

In the nexus of all realities, there is a world. A physical dimension created by the energy of Human imagination. Every reality ever given the consideration of thought centers around this point; it is the world of Khazan!! Khazan is considered the intersection of the known multiverse. It is here that every fight in your mind's eye takes place. It is here where any character you can conjure up can fight in any way you see fit for dominance. As they say in Khazan, “The only limit is yourself.”
It is in this world that the Tournament of Fighters takes place. Brought together by personal invitation by a mysterious organization within Khazan; 32 fighters from across the multiverse fought for one honor…to be the greatest fighter in the multiverse (also to win a substantial cash prize)!! The winner of the competition will face one bonus match and two boss battles to determine their worthiness of the title. Round 2 takes us deep into five areas of Khazan that will act as arenas. These sectors include: the Industrial, Lowtown, Uptown, Science sector and the ever popular Arena of Khazan. However, not all our warriors fight for the same cause. Some fight for personal glory others for revenge and others for darker evil intents. Regardless, their stories will now unfold as we bring you Round 2 of the Tournament of Fighters!!

Tournament of Fighters – Round 2 (Fight 2)

Host: Treacherous!

Ryu: Enters competition to match skills with the greatest fighters in the universe

Daredevil: Needs the money to support his failing law firm

Arena: Lowtown: the Concrete Jungle (innocent bystanders, stuff to demolish)

Rules: Hand to hand fighting only (you can only use the weapons God gave ya!). Otherwise, anything goes!!

- Introduction –

Like a scene from an old western, Ryu and Daredevil stare each other down in the middle of a closed off intersection. Police intervention is low in this desolate part of Lowtown; there will be no interruptions today. A crowd begins to form. The usual suspects; Bloody__Freak, Granobulax, GOD SPEED, The Once and Forever, Darthsketch, Phalanx and many others cheer on like a pack of savages eager for carnage. Hired by the mysterious Organization, Treacherous heads towards the multitude as the second round opponents’ size each other up.


Treacherous: Hello Fight fans and welcome to the Tournament of Fighters. Before this momentous occasion, let’s take a few questions from the audience. Let’s hear the shrieking of the damned shall we! You first, the little guy --- the little guy is no other than grammatically challenged, yet creative CBUB user ND4.


Treacherous: So ND4, I know you’re an Iron Fist fan. We have Iron Fist facing off against Terry Bogard later; who do you think will win and why?

ND4: Fist broke adamtuinm and virubram .He beats terry within a inch of his life.

Treacherous: What?!? Iron Fist broke adamantium? Humph? Where do you get your information? Maybe they should call him cosmic fist. I’ll have to look that one up.

Bloody__Freak: Ooh me next!! Me next!!

Treacherous: Okay, Bloody__Freak, my gruesome former co-host. Let’s get a question from you. Tell me, whose your pick to win the whole tournament and why?

Bloody Freak: Win the whole tournament? I say Kenshiro for the win. Kenshiro is just way to powerful, as I see it Kenshiro wins each fight like this:

Black Cat - One punch
Huo Yuan Jia - One punch
Iron Fist - One punch
Daredevil - One punch
Jason Bourne - Flicked aside like a child.
Shang Chi - One punch
Ryu - Maybe... Two punches?
Nightwing - One punch
Armor King - One punch
Terry Bogard - Decent fight, Kenshiro gets a punch in and finishes him.
Riddick - One punch
Kazuya - Long fight, but ultimately Kenshiro will win.
Chun Li - One punch
Gabriel Yulaw - Long fight, but ultimately Kenshiro will win.
Marv - One punch

Treacherous: Alrighty then. You’re not a little biased are you?


Suddenly a dark cloaked man walks out of the shadow of a dark alley. He calls to Treacherous. The host runs to the mysterious figure and they begin a conversation. The dark figure points in the direction of Ryu and Daredevil. He then points to a person in the crowd, Bloody__Freak. Treacherous nods and walks back toward the crowd. By this time, Ryu and Daredevil are face to face. Their fighting intent almost glows as the two start to exchange words.


Ryu: So, you are the one who beat my friend Ken in Round 1.

Daredevil: He was a great fighter. I got lucky.

Ryu: You lie. You don’t get lucky against a fighter of his caliber. I will not hold back or underestimate you. It will be an honor to test my skills against the man who beat Ken.


Both men bow in respect as Treacherous stands next to Bloody__Freak.


Treacherous: Hey kid, you want a permanent gig in the Tournament of Fighters? How would you like to be the announcer for the fights?

Bloody__Freak: Yep...of course I'll be the announcer! Sweet!

Treacherous: Very good. --- The dark figure in the alley smiles and vanishes into the darkness --- Fighters!! Are you ready? --- Both men nod --- LET’S GET IT ON!!

Granobulax - April 20, 2009 02:18 PM (GMT)
You should make all of these polls so we can vote on them too.

IonKidMax - April 20, 2009 04:06 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Granobulax @ Apr 20 2009, 02:18 PM)
You should make all of these polls so we can vote on them too.

Agreed -_-

Marvel Man - April 20, 2009 08:31 PM (GMT)
Now this one, I vaguely remember...

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