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Title: Jack Bauer vs. Carl 'CJ' Johnson

boratz - April 19, 2009 01:22 PM (GMT)
Previously on 24

11:56 am

Jack took cover behind a wall. He tried thinking of what his next move would be against this villian. Tommy gazed from behind a wall, and searched for the intruder. Suddenly, a shot rang out from a shotgun. Jack jumped around a corner, and lifted up his machine gun firing on where the shot came from. Jack jumped down on the tile floor, and tried to find his attacker. Tommy then ran out firing his shotgun, as he jumped for cover. Jack shot out at Tommy.

Tommy finally came out firing at Jack, but suddenly he ran out of shells. Jack came out firing his machine gun, but Tommy ran outside, and Jack ran out of ammo in the machine gun. Jack ran out the door, but shots rang out at him. Tommy stood behind a brick wall, and Jack jumped on the ground. He took out his pistol as fast as he could, and aimed it up at Tommy. Jack fired his gun, and shot Tommy three times in the chest. Tommy fell to the ground.

Jack stood up, and walked over toward his side. Tommy tried to lift his revolver again, but Jack shot him between the eyes killing him for good. Jack then saw a container on a table by the swimming pool. He went over to pick it up, and he gazed inside. He saw the Declaration of Independence, and he saw down in a chair releived of his find. He noticed something else on the table. Maps and blueprints of a National Bank, and a motorcade route.

12:00 pm

The Following Takes Place Between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm

Jack knew there would another attack. The motorcade route had a note beside it, telling of who it was for. A Middle Eastern leader, whom was going to have peace talks with other world leaders later that day. Jack saw the blueprints for the bank, and saw a number for a safety diposit box. Something was going to happen, but what? Jack got to his feet. "Damnit", he thought to himself. Something was going to happen.

Jack started to walk out of the mansion. He dialed 911, and got them an anamous tip, and where the Declaration of Independence was at. He then got in a car, and hot wired. Driving down the street, he started thinking of what to do next. Suddenly, Jack saw heard something. A cellphone was ringing, but it wasn't his. It was a cellphone that belonged to one of the terrorist. Jack picked up the phone, and answered.

"Yeah" - Jack Bauer

"Your deal is in progress. The F***ing Middle Eastern ass-hole will die at the intersection on Jefferson Street" - Carl "CJ" Johnson

"When?" - Jack Bauer

"Hey, who the F*** is this?! Your not Tommy!" - Carl "CJ" Johnson

CJ hung up the phone, and Jack threw it down. "Damnit!". He yelled to himself. He spun the car around, and headed for Jefferson Street. Meanwhile, the FBI found the body of the man in the alleyway. They investigated the area, and found multiple gun shots fired. They had traffic cameras, showing them heading south. The FBI agent in charge started to follow the leads, and headed for the location.

12:35 pm

Jack gazed at his moving surroundings. He wished this could stop, but he knew he was the only one who could stop it. He knew in about 25 minutes the meeting of world leaders would start, but he didn't know if he could stop the threat. Now it just depened on him to get the the street on time. It depened on him to stop the terrorist from succeeding their mission.

12:40 pm

The FBI made it to the Vercetti house, and found the Declaration of Independence. They informed the President, whom was releived. Suddenly, the FBI found the plans for later. The plans against the Middle Eastern leader.

12:50 am

Jack made it to Jefferson Street, and saw a big motorcade coming in his direction. He then saw it in front of him. A gang of motorcycles, and cars. This was a driveby against the Middle Eastern leader. Jack slammed on the gas, and collided with one of the vehicles. He got out shooting the men on the bikes, but suddenly more shots rang out. Jack took cover, and saw the man know as CJ Johnson. CJ stood with three of his crew members, and prepared for battle.

videogameman - April 19, 2009 02:34 PM (GMT)
Jack Bauer. Easily. ((Samuri}}

IonKidMax - April 20, 2009 04:14 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (videogameman @ Apr 19 2009, 02:34 PM)
Jack Bauer. Easily. ((Samuri}}

Agreed unless you give CJ cheat which he dismatles Jack and beats his torso with his limbs. Plus you better put up a diffrent Avatar...Chuck Norris does not like rebels. But he does like killing!

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