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Title: Jack Bauer vs. Tommy Vercetti

boratz - April 13, 2009 01:20 AM (GMT)
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Previously on 24

Jack aimed his pistol at Oddjob. He fired at the large henchmen, but Oddjob jumped back throwing his hat. As Jack saw the hat coming his way, he jumped on the ground. He turned over on his back to see the hat get stuck in a wall behind him. He got to his feet to see Oddjob charging toward him. Jack lifted his pistol firing out at Oddjob. He hit Oddjob three times in the chest, and shoulder. The bullet, though, seemed as if it didn't faze him.

Oddjob grabbed Jack, and threw him on the hood of a car. Jack tried to break his grasp, but Oddjob was to strong. Jack kicked Oddjob in the face, and Oddjob finally let loose of his grasp. Oddjob staggered back, as Jack kicked him back again. Jack took out his knife, and stabbed the large henchman in the shoulder. Oddjob knocked the knife out of his shoulder, and knocked Jack back on the ground.

Jack got to his feet, only to be knocked down once again. Jack glanced around, and saw an AK-47 near the chopper. He kicked Oddjob's feet out from under him, and got up running toward the chopper. He leaned down to pick up the AK-47, and aimed it over at Oddjob. Oddjob took out his hat, and turned around to see Jack with the automatic rifle. Jack unloaded the clip on the large henchmen, and watched as he fell to the ground. It was over.

Jack went over toward the container that held the Declaration of Independence, and opened it up. As he gazed inside, his eyes widened. It was not in there. The Declaration was missing. Jack turned around to see a man running inside an alleyway. "Damnit!". He yelled out, as he started running toward the alleyway. The day was not over yet.

The Following Takes Place Between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm

"Mr. President" - Tom Lennox

"Yes, Tom. Tell me that the attack is over" - Noah Daniels

"Yes sir it is, but during the whole attack; the Declaration of Independence was stolen" -Tom Lennox

"Stolen! How the hell did that happen!?" - Noah Daniels

"We don't know sir" - Tom Lennox

"Well get it back!" - Noah Daniels

"Yes sir. Do you still want this meeting to occur today?" -
Tom Lennox

"Yes Tom, I do" - Noah Daniels

"Given the attacks that happened, and the Declaration, I think the other nations would understand" - Tom Lennox

"Understand what Tom? That we can't even keep the American people safe from harm! We will stop this threat by any means necessary!" - Noah Daniels

"As you wish Mr. President" - Tom Lennox

Jack Bauer continued to chase after the man with the Declaration. He ran through buildings, and small restaurants. Suddenly, the man was gone. Jack stopped outside of a restaurant. He looked around, and suddenly the man jumped off a garage box, and onto Jack. Jack fell on the ground, and dropped his gun. The man got up kicking Jack on the side. The man tried to kick Jack again, but Jack caught his legs, and punched him back on the ground.

The man took out a knife, but Jack grabbed his arm, and spun around knocking the man into the wall. Jack gazed as he saw the knife in the chest of the man. He watched his body fall to the ground, and he went to pick up his pistol. Jack glanced in all directions, but he could not see the Declaration. Suddenly, he heard the noise of an engine. He looked ahead, and saw the side of a car. Jack ran for cover as shots were fired at him.

As the bullets stopped flying, and the drive by shooting was over, Jack glanced to see what was happening. He saw the car driving off, and went to chase after it. He saw a car on the side of the street, and shot out the window, and broke inside. He hotwired the car, and started driving in the direction of the vehicle that tried to kill him. He thought that whoever it was, would have the Declaration.

11:19 am

Meanwhile, in a mansion just outside Washington. A party is going on. People are drinking booze, and listening to music. A man was sitting by a swimming pool, with a cigar in his hand. He was thinking of his life when he was in control of Vice City's criminal underworld. Now, he is doing something new. Something harder for him. He is making his business international.

Tommy Vercetti is doing jobs for terrorist, governments, and whoever is willing to pay good money. Tommy wants to gain more power, and have unlimited resources all over the world. A man comes over toward him, and sits across from him. They shake hands with each other, and the man smiles. He picks up a drink, and begins talking to Tommy.

"So, Tommy when will my Declaration arrive" - Unknown Man

"As soon as my mother fuckin' men arrive here" - Tommy Vercetti

"Now, Tommy stop using that language in front of me, I am a very impatient person" - Unknown Man

"Well so am I. Do have my shipments ready" - Tommy Vercetti

"Possibly" - Unknown Man

"What the F*** does that mean?" - Tommy Vercetti

"It means that I need to know when my Declaration arrives here" - Unknown Man

"About 20 minutes" - Tommy Vercetti

"Your shipment is here. I will give you the location as soon as I have my Declaration" - Unknown Man

"Good" - Tommy Vercetti

"I also need to know is your other operation in affect" - Unknown Man

"Yes" - Tommy Vercetti

11:27 am

Jack continued to follow the car. He had thoughts of what he would do when he got there. What he would do to get the Declaration back. He thought why was he doing this. Then he remembered all the people shot to death just an hour ago. The women, the children, all killed for what? Jack was doing this for the people, and not for the government. Jack followed behind the car in a safe distance for almost twenty minutes. Suddenly, it came to a stop at a mansion.

Jack stopped, watching what was going on. He watched the Declaration being passed off, and then he started thinking to himself. How would he stop the army inside. He looked around, and thought of a diversion. He saw something that he thought might be useful.

11:46 am

Tommy took the Declaration from his men, and handed it off to the unknown man. The smiled, and shook his hand. Just then, something startled them all. A car slammed through the walls of the mansion, and through the living rooms. Some of the men took out guns, and fired at the car. As they went to look who was inside, they saw a log wedged up against the gas peddle.

Suddenly, gun broke loose from behind. Jack ran inside for cover, as he took down four henchmen. Jack shot down the unknown man, and the container that held the Declaration fell to the ground. Jack picked up an automatic gun, and he fired at all the henchmen. As time passed all the men were dead. Except, for one, who was pissed off for what happened to his home.

11:56 am

Tommy Vercetti got a pump shot gun, and a revolver; and was ready to get back at the intruder. Jack picked up another machine gun, from one of the fallen henchmen. He has a pistol, and is ready to fight. The battle begins.

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