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Title: Speaking of Football...

treacherous - April 9, 2009 08:01 PM (GMT)
Since we have three Europeans here and a few Canadians... :huh: ...I think, I was wondering what there thoughts were on American Football. Why do you think Americans are so bold as to take the name of a previous sport and turn it into something completely different. Isn't that rude of us? I mean there was already a Football, it was/IS the most popular sport in the world. What made us so special that we could create an entirely new sport and be like..."I'm going to call this Football and that other crap is Soccer." Seriously, what is soccer? Where did that word come from? What's a Soccer? Football is a much better name for Soccer. Football should be called Handball or something.


(Probably should've posted this in the rant section)

Granobulax - April 9, 2009 08:27 PM (GMT)
There's nothing to discuss. You're right on all aspects.

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