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Title: Jack Bauer vs. Oddjob

boratz - April 7, 2009 09:11 PM (GMT)
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The following takes place between 10:00 am and 11:00 am

The sun was shining brightly over the nation's capital. People walked the streets, and children were taking pictures of the Lincoln Memorial. A meeting was about to take place later that day. A meeting between the world leaders, and a few U.S. senators were going to be involved with the meeting. The meeting was about peace, leaders from the worst places in the world were going to have peace talks with President Noah Daniels.

Noah Daniels took office of the Presidency after the horrible incident with Wayne Palmer, whom was still in medical care. As people started their day, something else was plotting in the background. Someone didn't want the peace talks to take place. Someone was going to try to stop it. The plans grew, and terrorist were plotting to stop the meeting. The corruption spread from all out, from the biggest organizations to the streets. The corruption was made into even the lowest of rapist, murderers, and thugs.

10:15 am

Jack Bauer stood gazing at the Lincoln Memorial. Thoughts ran through his head, as he remembered all his sacrifices. Two weeks ago he came back to the U.S. after being kept prisoner by the Chinese for nearly two years. He lost family, he lost friends, and he sacrificed his love Audrey Raines for one last time. Jack remembers all his troubles, and turned around to leave. Suddenly, an explosion filled the air. The noise cause Jack to stop, and turned around. Smoke filled the air.

People started to panic. Crowds of people ran through the streets. Police sirens rang through the air, and lights were flashing. Ambulances rushed through the streets, and Jack went toward the direction of the smoke. Gun shots rang out, and screams filled the air. The National Archives had just been attacked. Jack ran as fast as he could. Police were firing at the building, but many were being shot down by AK-47s, and machine guns. A few took out an RPG, and fired out at the police vehicles. One of the came out carrying out a document.

The document was the Declaration of Independence. The man got in the back of a black van, and rode off. The other terrorist stayed behind, taking down cops and paramedics. They even shot down civilians. One of them took out a video camera, and recorded what was happening on the streets. The attackers laughed as they moved through the streets. Bodies were piling up, and Police did their best to fight back. FBI agents came along soon after.

Jack saw a gun on the ground, and went to pick it up. He gazed behind a corner at the terrorist with the camera, and aimed his gun to shoot him in the head. Suddenly, terrorist turned their attention toward Jack. Jack shot down a few of them, as he jumped for cover. More ran out firing at Jack, but Jack slowly came out shooting down two more. FBI agent arrived, and the rest of the terrorist retreated, only to be ambushed by more agents.

10:34 am

Jack disappeared behind a building, he saw one of the terrorist trying to escape. Jack chased him down, and tackled him on the ground. The man tried fighting back, but Jack overpowered him, and shot him in the knee cap. The man cried out, but Jack yelled at him.

"What are your objectives?!" - Jack Bauer

"I, I, I won't tell you!" - Jaiold Boakel

Jack kicked his leg, and the man screamed harder than before.

"Why are you doing this?!" - Jack Bauer

"To stop the meeting. To hold the Declaration of Independence for ransom." - Jaiold Boakel

"Where is the Declaration?!" - Jack Bauer

"19802 Washington Street Avenue" - Jaiold Boakel

Suddenly, Jack heard a noise, and turned to see a FBI agent. Jack ran off in the distance, and disappeared. Jack made his way toward the street, and got away from the FBI. Meanwhile, the news swarm with video footage of dead bodies in the street. "32 Dead and 28 Seriously Wounded; Including Police and Paramedics", is what spread over the news. Videos of what the terrorist were shooting, also spread over the TV. People started to panic. Tom Lennox, doubtfully made his way into the oval office. He gazed over at Noah Daniels.

"Mr. President" - Tom Lennox

"What is it Tom?" - Noah Daniels

"An attack just happened on the country" - Tom Lennox

"What?!" - Noah Daniels

"Turn on the TV" - Tom Lennox

The two turned on the TV, and the screen came up. They watched in horror, as they saw bloody bodies of several American civilians. Ton then gazed back over at Daniels.

"This is because of the peace talks today" - Tom Lennox

"What'd you want me to do? Cancel the peace talks?" - Noah Daniels

"After that threat a week ago, that would be the smartest approach" - Tom Lennox

"And what would that prove. We would be a target for any terroristic attack on the nation. The Chinese, Africans, and even Middle Eastern countries will be here for this meeting. It must be done" - Noah Daniels

"As you wish sir" - Tom Lennox

Tom walked out of the room, and Daniels put his head down. Jack Bauer was running through the streets, trying to get to the target, but he was stopped by a FBI agent. The agent told him to put his hands behind his head, and said he would fire at him.

"My name is Jack Bauer, I used to be a federal agent. I know where they took the Declaration" - Jack Bauer

"What are you talking about?" - James Halet

The agent stepped closer, and Jack grabbed his arm as fast as he could. He threw the agent down on the ground, and hand cuffed him to a rail.

"I have no time to explain, but 19802 Washington Street Avenue is where the Declaration is heading" -Jack Bauer

10:51 am

Jack took the agents pistol, and ammo. He continued his way toward the Declaration. A police helicopter landed in the center of the street. A black van stopped in front of it. Three men got out of the helicopter to see the two men get out of the van. One of the men took out the Declaration, and gave it to an older man. Suddenly, one of the men that got out of the helicopter took off his hat, and threw it at the terrorist, who were in the van.

Beheading them, they were cleaning up the mess. Jack gazed at this as he saw the large man grab his hat in the air. Jack slowly took cover behind a car, and put his bag on the ground. He dug through his bag, and took out a knife. He aimed his gun at the pilot of the helicopter. He shot out, and killed the pilot. The others turned their attention toward Jack, but Jack shot the rest down. Now it was only him, and Oddjob. He knew what this guy was capable of. He knew one bad move, and it was over.

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