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Title: Just a small thing I wrote for my Paranormal class
Description: Its for my prof there :)

Darth Pool - April 7, 2009 02:02 AM (GMT)
The thought about our society being so messed up these days are very easy to understand, The way we do things are messed up, the way we think is screwed up to make us believe that we have choice. Choice in our lives is an illusion. Only shown to make you think you have power over you life. Right now your life is being controlled by the powers that be because we have let them control us. At one point we gave up and we decided we wanted to be lazy. That point made us into slaves for these powers and now they control us completely.

If it where me in their shoes I don't think that it would matter who was the problem I would still feel bad for the horrible things I would have let happen. The horrible things that we the people have let happen because we thought we had a choice to do the things we thought we could do. Though it surprises me that not one person seems to want to rise up publicly and denounce the powers and truly find a way to make peoples heads turn.

It make me feel like we have absolutely no power left. We the people is bullshit because of the fact that there is no people only a number next to how much money you have to give the government. It was at this point in time I began thinking about how it would be like if our society was run by several different types of ruling parties. Like Communism or Socialism or even a Monarchy. Then the patterns started to fit. The way it is now is perfect for people who are evil or greedy to be able to control you. Actually it is the only way for them to control you. They give you the illusion of choice and when you think you have it you don't care weather or not you choice is being followed through.

Take for example the Canadian government. Many people agree that saving our troops from Afghanistan is our top priority and they all decided they wanted no more part in this war, We wanted out now. And when the government actually said they would we sighed a sigh of relief that we actually did something right,.And yet there was the catch. We where told we'd be out, BUT only at a later date even three years from now. Not anything close to what we desired as a whole. But we stomached it and it isn't even a topic of discussion anymore. This just means we are just sheep with a veil dropped over our eyes to the truth. No one wants to believe we have no choice but its true and its only going to get worse if we don't do anything about it. My mind is made up about not being a pawn to the people that wish to use me to further their own agendas, My mind is made up to not allow them to tell me what to think.

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