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Title: Supergirl vs. Shazam

Judge Death - April 6, 2009 02:54 PM (GMT)
This is my brother's idea and match-up. I have allowed him access to my account but not my login information. Here's his setup:

The battle between a guy who needs a diet, and a girl who needs a stick of butter

Supergirl was a pretty woman. This made her subject to constant compliments and crushes. One day, she had just had a fight with a powerful villain. She was sore, tired, and needed a shower. She grabbed a couple of vitamins and headed for her shower. She washed the blood off her hands an entered the shower. As she washed herself, she saw a light flash out side. She used her X-ray vision and looked through the curtains and saw a man watching her from behind the bushes. She did not recocnize the man because he was dressed in normal attire, so she turned off the shower and grabbed a towel from the side of the curtains. She wrapped it around herself and exited the shower. She hurried to the closet (where the man could not see her) and put on some clothes. When she went outside to look for the man, he was gone. She sighed, thinking she had hallucinated and went back inside. Kara got in bed and pulled the blankets over herself. She awoke the next morning, dressed herself as Supergirl, and went to the Justice League Headquarters. When she arrived, all seemed normal. She stopped a couple of muggings, defeated Harley Quinn, and stopped a bank robbery. She also caught a cold, and was again sent home. When she arrived, she took Vitamin C, got some Chicken Soup and headed for the bathtub. She looked outside, remembering what had happened the day before. No one was there. Then she undressed and entered her hot bath. The stress of being a super-hero is not easily relieved. She closed her eyes for a second, when she opened them; the man was standing behind the bushes again. She hopped out and grabbed a towel. She covered herself and flew out. When she grabbed the man disappeared in a lightning bolt. Then she noticed, as she flew out, she had gone so fast her towel blew off.
"D*mn you!" Kara said
Then she quickly flew back inside trying to keep unseen. When she arrived at the JL HQ the next day she had a secret meeting with Hawkgirl.
"I need a favor." She said "I need you to come to my house, undress..."
"Are you gay?!" Hawkgirl asked
"Let me finish." Kara ordered "Then I will create enough steam to..."
"That's it, I'm outta' here!"
Then, before Supergirl could explain, Hawkgirl left. So Supergirl brought Wonder Woman in and explained her stalker and her plan. Wonder Woman aggreed to help, but on the condition that she gets to help with the stalker. That night, Wonder Woman and Supergirl went home. Kara created enough steam in the restroom with her laser vision and frosted to windows so the stalker wouldn't see Diana. She then went to the neighbor's infront of her's house. Then Diana took got in the shower. Kara watched and saw the stalker appear. She quietly exited the house and flew at him. She ripped off his jacket and revealed him to be Shazam. Diana dressed and came out.
"Shazam?" Kara asked "You're the one stalking me? Why?"
"Why do you think?" Shazam said "Because..."
"Actually..." Wonder Woman said "Please don't answer that."
"Well now that you know, you're going to have to die!" Shazam said

Marvel Man - April 6, 2009 10:58 PM (GMT)

Does your brother mean, Captain Marvel?
DC's Captain Marvel is Billy Batson, a kid who yells "SHAZZAM", and becomes a superpowered hero.

Shazzam is the old wizard that gives him his power. He's old, has a beard, etc.
Anyways, if this is the wizard Shazzam, he stomps all over. He's a highfather.
If it's Marvel, the girls take him.

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