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Title: Katara vs Jimmy Neutron

CoasterKing - April 6, 2009 12:36 AM (GMT)
The Set-UP

Danny lunged at her and they hit the water. He was confused, what was going on? Time to go ghost! He became invisible and intangable and looked for her in the water. She was floating and her head was above the surface. He swam right through her and she screamed. Suddenly the water became frigid. The cold ripped through his body. Soon he lost control of his ghost powers and returned to normal. He couldnt think straight. Now he was completely frozen under the surface.he saw the girl, frozen too, but the ice around her liquified. She swam through the ice and behind her, what was ice was now water. Wait, she swimming upwards, away from him!

Jimmy worked silently in his lab. Goddard was asleep in the corner. He had the finishing touches on his newest portal. BANG! The lab shook and Jimmy lost his footing. He fell to the ground and Goddard came to him. The portal hap opened! He stood up and looked in it. A platypus like creature look ed back then scurried off, remebering what happened last time. "Whoah." Jimmy's mouth open, agast.

Another green light flashed across Ba Sing Se. It was stormy out and the light pierced the sky and set the clouds an eerie green glow. Aang, Toph, Zuko, Iroh and Sokka were looking for Katara, then the ground shook, again. Pottery fell over, windows exploded and the residents in panic. Even a few fires broke out! The Gaang searched frantically through the chaos. This was the second time! The weak were pushed to the ground for the strong to get by. Screaming and yelling were heard around town. They had to find Katara...

The ice cracked then broke. A earthquake had broken it and so Danny clammered out. He shook violently and fell to ground. Hypothermia. He looked over and saw her.

"Wwwhyy diiid youuu dooo thiss?" He was freezing. "Who are you?!" She hissed. "I aaalreeadyy tooldd y...ou..."

Jimmy stepped into the portal. He looked around. The ground around him had a large crater and the platypus bear thing lied under a tent. He appeared to be in some sort of a zoo. He used his jet pack and propeled himself into the air. He hovered above the city and the people were in chaos. He came over a area that looked nice and wasnt as crowded. He saw a girl and a boy and figured he could ask the them. He hovered lower until his feet touched the ground. "Hi, im Jimmy! Where am I?" He smiled and motioned to shake hands with the girl. She turned around slowly. She looked very upset. "Theres another one?!" She began to lose her mind. Suddenly the rain around them turned inti little hovering ice crystals. There was an eerie silence as the amout of crystals built up. Then they shot towards him and pelted him until he was on the ground. He pulled out a tiny gun that soon malfunctioned in the rain.

Katara is very angry and it is raining.

Jimmy has some blaster guns and his jetpack.

Can he escape?

This fight posted by: CoasterKing

This is my new fight from CBUB, Katara series

videogameman - April 6, 2009 02:07 AM (GMT)
Magic beats Science. It's like some sacred rule.

CoasterKing - April 6, 2009 11:22 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (videogameman @ Apr 5 2009, 09:07 PM)
Magic beats Science. It's like some sacred rule.


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