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Title: Deadpool vs Nick Fury

videogameman - April 4, 2009 09:56 PM (GMT)
Deadpool was on his latest job. A big-time crime boss hired him to kill another big-time crime boss. Big-time crime bosses, am I right? Anyway, Deadpool was hackin and slashin and wackin{Fallout 3 ftw!} through the crime boss' hideout.

Deadpool:I love killing nameless cronies in the morning. Ahhh. Now you! {points to crime boss} I need that money for those awesome Stephen Colbert DVDs, and NOTHING will stop me!

Suddenly, a beam carried me up.

Deadpool:Nice timing.

Deadpool{In the Helicarrier} Nick Fury is going to be here. I hope it's Samuel L. Jackson. Samuel L. Jackson, Samuel Jackson. {Fury walks up} Damn it! I got David Hassleoff!

Nick Fury:I got a job for you.

Deadpool:No! You were supposed to say don't Hassle the Hoff! I need someone to bounce my humor off on! Is this a MUA situation?

Nick Fury:Deadpool, this is serious.

Deadpool: So I guess SNAFU.

Nick Fury: You're right on that. I'm sure you know of the LMDs.

Deadpool:You mean those robot dohickeys? I got to get one of those! I can mess with Weasel so bad!

Nick Fury:Yes, those dohickeys. One has gone AWOL. Thinks it's the Real Fury.

Deadpool:Wait! How do I know you're not the LMD?

Nick:I'm not.

Deadpool:You could just be saying that.

Nick:Listen here, Wilsion! This is crucial! It has the knowledge I have and if you do not kill it, I will make your life a living hell!

Deadpool:You're the real Fury, alright.

Fury:I'm sending you to its location.

Deadpool:Wait! Why do i have to do this? Can't Wolverine do it? Captain America? You? Heck, Bum Bum Dungan?

Fury:They're all busy.

Deadpool:Right. PIS.

Fury:I'm not going because it has convinced a large amount of agents it's the real Fury, so i need someone who can regenerate.

Deadpool:Beam me up, Scotty!

Fury cocked an eyebrow and sent Deadpool into the location.

It's at a major S.H.I.E.L.D. base, with a large amount of soldiers in the base. the Nick Fury LMD has all the knowledge of the real one. It has all the skills of the real Fury. Who wins?

Culwych - April 6, 2009 06:55 AM (GMT)
Very nice! I'm handing this one to Nick. His skills and knowledge will be a match for Deadpool any day. I prefer Deadpool though... but Nick is waaaay too hard for him

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