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Title: Nite Owl vs. Roy Burns

boratz - March 28, 2009 03:08 AM (GMT)

Nite Owl ran toward Leatherface, and jumped down to dodge the chainsaw going through the air. Leatherface slammed the chainsaw in the wall accidently, and Nite Owl came up punching Leatherface on the chin. Leatherface staggered back, and dropped the chainsaw. Leatherface screamed in anger, and reached out to grab Nite Owl.

Nite Owl kicked Leatherface back to the wall, and Leatherface grabbed Nite Owl, and pinned him on the wall. Leatherface then spun around, and threw Nite Owl through a wall from behind him. Nite Owl tried to get to his feet, but he was kicked back on the ground by a now laughing Leatherface.

Leatherface picked up a large peice of metal, and smacked Nite Owl across the face. Laughing echoed the room, as Leatherface started to have fun. He tried to come back for another attack, but Nite Owl jumped onto his shoulders, and started punches on the face of Leatherface.

The laughs of Leatherface, became cries. Nite Owl finally jumped up, kicking Leatherface through a window. Leatherface screamed as he fell to his death below. Nite Owl went to look, and saw the body laying back on the ground. Nite Owl leaned up against a wall, and started to catch his breath.

Police sirens could be heard from the distance. Nite Owl ran to the roof, and flew off in Archie. He went back to his house. He went back to being Dan. A day later, Dan turned on the TV. His eyes were glued as he was getting the blame for killing a mentally challenged person from Texas. No matter what the man was responsible for, no what he was, Dan was getting the blame.

He saw streets of people lined up, saying horrible things about masked heroes. Dan sat back in his chair, and closed his eyes. A week later.... Nite Owl was flying over the city. A building was engulfed with flames. On the next building he saw people on the egde screaming. Dan went down to land. He calmed the people down, and got them inside Achies.

All of sudden, a door busted open. In the doorway was a man in a hockey mask, and a machete was in his hand's grasp. Dan closed the ship, and yelled out "I don't want any trouble good sir!". Roy Burns charged toward Nite Owl, lifting his machete. Nite Owl got in a defensive position, waiting for the battle to begin.

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