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Title: Light Yagami vs Sherlock Holmes

videogameman - March 25, 2009 06:35 PM (GMT)
One day, the ominpotent god, Butatu the Farter-JK! I would never do such a blatant parody! Let's start over. One day, the all ominpotent god, Saddalah or was it Mama Luigi? He always got bored with names. But for storytelling sake, we'll call him Jake. Why? Because it ryhmes.

Well, anyway, Jake grew bored with watching heroes win or watching a villain come out on top in some other universe. Nor did he want to get involved, for then the battle would be over faster than Light Yagami lost his mind in the last episode, let me tell ya. Then, an idea popped into his head. That's it! He would transport one character from one universe to fight another in a separate universe. Jake could see Jessica Rabbit mud wrestling Emma Frost in water while they were wearing Playboy Bunny suits. Oh yeah!

But first, he decided to go with Light Yagami. He would find a great detective to face him. But who? His fellow gods already pitted him against Batman and The question. So who? What about the greatest detective of all, your mileage may vary, Sherlock Holmes! Jake opened a portal to suck Sherlock in. This would be fun, messing up peoples' lives for YOUR entertainment. How do you sleep at night?


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom worried about this Kira. He was going unchallenged. L had suddenly disappeared. Suddenly one of his officials came in.

Guard:Sir, there is a man who wishes to speak with you.

Prime Minister:Is it the President of the United States?

Guard:No. It's not anyone who has a ruling position.

Prime Minister:Then who, pray tell, is it?

Guard:Sherlock Holmes.

Prime Minister:What?

Guard:It's Sherlock Holmes, sir.

Prime Minister:Is this a joke?

Guard:No, sir. He had figured me out just by looking at me for a few seconds.

Prime Minister:Fine. Send him in. I could use a laugh.

The guard shrugged and went to introduce the detective. A minute or so later, a man dressed in 19th century garb entered the room. He sure looked like Sherlock.

Prime Minister:So you think you are the great Sherlock Holmes?

Holmes:With all due respect, Minister, I know I am Sherlock Holmes and I ask you to not take your frustration on me.

Minister:What are you talking about?

Sherlock:Your hair is surely graying, as shown by select spots on your head. Your eyes are red and down-ridden and your hand is visibly shaking. And I belive the task on which you are angered with is the case of Kira, the man who can kill without touch.

Prime Minister:By George! You must be him!

Sherlock Holmes: I am thankful you see that. Now, I have done some research on this case. Not too long ago, there was a criminal by the name of Kuro. The incident was only mentioned in Japan. After holding hostage a group of students and a teacher, he died of a heart attack. This all amounts to-

Prime Minister:Kira being in Japan.

Sherlock: Nice thinking, Sherlock! I enjoy how people use my name these days.

Prime Minister:I shall speak with the Prime Minister of Japan.

Sherlock:Yes, indeed. I will need help from the nation.

Prime Minister:One last thing.

Sherlock:Fure away, Minister.

Prime Minister:How did you get here?

Sherlock:{sigh} I do not know. One day I was in 18th Century London, the next I was here. But it is strange that such a case would be here when I arrived, isn't it? I hope that solving this difficult case shall return me home. Naive, I know, but even I must have impossible hopes. If I can ask you one last favor?

Prime Minister:Of course.

Sherlock: Do you have any cocaine, morphine, or tobacco?


Today was the day he confronted this "Kira". He had never encountered a case quite like this. If only Watson was here to see. He sighed at the thought of his faithful companion and friend.He had heard of the detective "L" and his recent disappearance, so he was sure that if he used L's alias for the criminal, it would be fine. He watched as the broadcast continued and Lind L. Tailor fell of a heart attack. Excellent. He straightened up. The broadcast faded to black. Sherlock's distorted voice came through.

Sherlock:Just as I suspected. You are in Japan. Despite was told earlier, this is only broadcast in this region. I started with Kanto because it was the most populous region of Japan. You are here by chance. You first killed a criminal by the name of Kuro, whose crime was only recorded in Japan. You likely did it as a test run. The person you killed was a criminal on death row. I would not reveal myself when it is blatanly obvious you can kill without a touch. I was hoping you would be smarter than this. I was hoping you wouldn't fall for my trap. Perhaps this is truely your trap. Kill me. Go on. You did it so easily to Tailor.

Minutes passed without event.

Sherlock:So it is as I thought. You can't kill without a name and face. Seems like this case will be over sooner than expected. Please be smarter in the future.


Light shook with anger as Ryuk chuckled behind him. How could he humiliate him like this? Him! The god of a new world!

Ryuk:Looks like you got pwned, Light. {chuckle}

Light:He won the battle Ryuk, not the war. He shall pay for this. Somehow, I will find this detective's name. I will see him. And he will see what will happen when you mess with a god.

Sherlock sat in his HQ, so to speak and smoked a pipe.

Sherlock:Kira will be stopped. It is elementary. His reign shall be toppled. I am-

Light:I am-


Pseudonym - March 25, 2009 08:43 PM (GMT)
Light. Holmes wasn't ever one to keep his name hidden. Someone knows his name, and he can get the name. Just write it in the notebook.

So and So will die of an accident. Just before he dies, he will tell me the name of the detective following me.

Case Closed. It shouldn't be that hard to get his facial features. Even if Light is arrested, he has some paper in his sleeve. He'll use it in Jail, and get out when no one else has proof of his guilt.

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