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Title: Nite Owl vs. Leatherface

boratz - March 25, 2009 01:04 AM (GMT)
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The stars were shining. A cool breeze blew through the streets of New York City. Hookers, killers, rapist, and corruption filled the streets. The year is 1975. People lived in fear of the costumed hereos. They in fear of the nuclear bomb. They lived in fear of what they didn't understand. Daniel Dreiberg lived in fear. Fear of his mask, fear of himself. He gazed down at the streets of New York. He saw something weird.

People running in fear, and terror. Dan Dreiberg, or also known as the Nite Owl took his ship down for a landing. He got out to stop the people from running. They yelled out that something was after them. Something big with a chainsaw. Something that could not be stopped. Nite Owl could see in their eyes that they were high on drugs.

Nite Owl turned around, and gazed at the darkness. He could see nothing. The drug addicts, broke out of his grasp, and ran off in fear. Nite Owl got back in Archie, and flew off. He continued to gaze down at the city, but he saw nothing else. Daniel went to his house. He stayed in the basement looking at his mask. He knew something was out there, but what?

As the night passed, Dan drifted off to sleep. He dream of New York burning to the ground, and he was in the center of it. Dan woke up. Sweat poured down his face. He got up to get a glass of water, and went to turn on the TV. His eyes were glued, as it was reported that authorities found human body parts. Acts of cannibalism is what it said.

Dan sat back, and got to his feet. He waited for night ti fall, so he could find the killer. Dan got suited up as Nite Owl, and got inside Archie. He took off, and flew around the city. He still could see nothing weird, but someone was running toward the edge of a building. The person was a woman, whom was about to jump. Nite Owl flew below her, and she fell on top of the ship.

Nite Owl went to the top of the ship, and tried to calm her down. She wouldn't stop. She was filled with fear, and she could not be calmed down.She kept screaming of a man with a leatherface. He had a chainsaw, and he hate her friends. Nite Owl continued to try to calm he down, but she pushed him back, and leaped to the side. She fell to her death, and Nite Owl roared out no!

Nite Owl got back in his ship, and landed on the roof of the building. He walked inside, looking for the killer. The noise of a chainsaw starting up broke loose. Nite Owl gazed back, and saw the gaint man, with a leatherface. The man started crying out, and charged toward Nite Owl. Leatherface, who has been on the run since the massacre in Texas, as now made it in New York. He has made it in front of the costumed hero, Nite Owl. The battle begins............

To Be Continued

GruntKilla06 - March 25, 2009 02:57 AM (GMT)
Nite Owl ftw. Superheroes >>> Horror Characters (For the most part) Nice job btw. :D

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