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Title: I missed the Deadline...again
Description: Well, here's the end...

Marvel Man - March 22, 2009 08:44 AM (GMT)
Alright, today, I was allowed till ten to finish my story. I had plans, and got home late. Still, I rushed to finish, but failed. Still, I don't want to rewrite this again, so I'm just gonna post it.

Note: You may find the beggining of this story, in the Admin Contest Submissions.

Chapter Eighteen: A Dark Hope?

Back at camp, the Z-Fighters, upon seeing that Thanos and Krillin's baby weren't there, were preparing to leave.

"Are you sure you cannot stay? We could use your help."

It was thanks to them, that they had won the second day, and High King Peter knew it. But, after listening to their story, Peter understood, and wished them luck.

And so, the Z-Fighters left, looking for a Titan...
"Where is Thanos?!", roared Maestro.

Around him, the villains, who had gathered in the White Witch's Castle, shouted in approval. Maestro continued.

"We cannot wait for him! Aslan has an army, and an orb! But what of our orb? Of our fearless leader? Gone. A coward!"

Again, several villains agreed. All, but one. From the shadows, a tall, armor wearing man, emerged. The Shredder. Thanos's right hand man. With only a stare, he quieted the crowds. He then spoke.

"Are you mad?! You lose faith at the first signs of trouble. It is you, who are cowards!"

Now, all the villains were quiet. Unsure of what to do.

"If you want to overthrow Thanos, then you'll have to go through me! Who dares?..."

Again, there was only silence. The Shredder smirked, confident.

"I'll do it!"


The Shredder turned around, just as an energy blast shot through his chest, leaving a huge, gaping hole. He gasped for air, and looked up. Standing before him, an orb raised high, was the Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime began to laugh immediatly. His laugh, insane. But then....


"Foolish Clown...."

The Joker looked down, his smile, gone. In his chest, there was a hole. He stuttered, then fell to his knees. His orb, rolled from his hands. He had come with friends, his fellow Rebels, those that had reveled against Thanos, but now, he saw that he had no friends.

Emerging from the shadows, Darkseid came, and picked up the orb. Raising it over his head, he exclaimed," Thanos is not here. I am. Now join me...or join these two...."

All the villains, fell to their knees, and bowed. Darkseid, through his scheming, had aquired two orbs. He had also taken leadership of the group. Still, he knew he would need more... He would need Thanos....

But where was he?
Chapter Nineteen: In the Land of the Ninja


Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, walked into the arena. It seemed empty. He had come looking for Hulk, for he had decided to separate the Defenders, in order to cover more ground. Now, he wasn't sure it had been a good idea. Hulk was gone...

Strange had a bad feeling about this place, it was where Hulk had gone missing. As a precaution he cast a protective shield. Suddenly, a scroll flew through the air. It hit his force field, and exploded. Strange quickly pulled out his orb.

"So, you have an orb, just like the other one. You killed Kakashi, and for that, you're gonna pay!"

Strange looked for the source, and saw a kid, with orange hair, standing ahead of him. The kid did a strange hand signal, and said,"Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Strange felt the energy. It was fire-like, but weak. He studied its signature. Meanwhile, the kid had summoned clones, all armed. These clone started threatening Strange at once. After that, they all charged.

Dr. Strange allowed them to come. They could do little to penetrate his shields. They just kinds hit them, but nothing else.

Finally, Strange grew tired. He easily picked out the real one, and wiped his mind. The kid fell to his knees, already drooling. After that, Strange began to walk towards him.

But then, he heard them. They rushed forward, and one, cried out,"Leaf Village, Go!"

Strange looked up, and saw a mass of kids. All charged at him, and all, failed to even scratch him. Once again, Strange, safe from any attack, studied them. But then, one did something to anger him. A young girl, with blonde hair, tried to control his mind.

Now, Strange was a pacifist, but these kids might have done something to Hulk. Angered, he cast the girls mind into the Astral Plane, and locked her up. Her body, fell to the floor. Her teamates, shouted out in disbelief, and anger. Yet it only made them attack with more intensity.

Finally, Strange began to fight back. Closing his eyes, he began to chant ancient spells,"Bibbidi! Babbidi! Buu! Abracadabra! Open Sesame!"

As he spoke, his spells began to take effect.

The girl with pink hair, was turned to stone. The chubby boy, was blasted into space. The kid with a dog, had his mind switched with a frog. The guy that used sand, was turned to water. A few undead souls, dragged the kid with funny eyes, down to Mephisto's realm.

One by one, the ninjas fell. Finally, only one, the kid with bushy eyebrows, remained. Just to be safe, Strange removed all his bones from his body. After that, he walked up to him and began to ask him about Hulk.

But then, a cold hand came out of nowhere. It held Strange by his neck, and Strange, felt like he knew who it was.

The cold voice of Thanos, proved him right. "Doctor, did you really think it was these kids, who hunted down the Defenders? No. It was me... Yes, Namor, I ripped in half. The Hulk, I made his head explode with a math problem. And Norrin? I simply beat him down...."

Thanos then raised his hand, and four coffins emerged. Only one, was open. The rest, were closed. Strange had a bad feeling he knew what was about to happen.

"Now, I'll take that orb, and be on my way.", the Titan continued. "And just in-..."


The Titan's face turned to anger, as the baby began to cry.

"Pardon me, I took her as a hostage, but now, I don't think I'll need her."

Thanos then waved his hand, and the baby floated towards him. The Mad Titan grinned, as his fist began to glow.

"Thanos no! She's just a baby!", Strange pleaded. But Thanos said nothing. With one hand on Strange, the other was about to commit the worst crime possible. An innocent, would die...

"Let go of my Baby!!"

Thanos looked up, only to receive a kamehameha wave to the face. The energy blast sent the Titan flying. He collided into the far corner, dropping both Strange, and the baby.

Dr. Strange looked up, and saw Krillin, Vegeta, and Piccolo, descend. Vegeta quickly flew towards Thanos. Meanwhile, Krillin went to get the baby.

Thanos quickly recovered from the first blast, and charged up. He met Vegeta, with a series of punches and kicks. At first, Vegeta was putting up a good fight, but then began having trouble, so he went Super Saiyan. Once again, things seemed even.

"Thank you, you have saved, not only me, but the Omniverse.", Strange told Krillin.

As Vegeta struggled with Thanos, Dr. Strange began to chant a new magic spell. His orb, began to glow.


Krillin and Piccolo, both looked up, to see Vegeta being beaten. All it took, was a blast through his chest, and Vegeta fell to the floor, barely breathing. Thanos though, had barely broken a sweat. Turning towards them, Krillin and Piccolo both took their fighting stances.

They would fight together.

And so they did. Both flew at Thanos, at full speeds. Yet, Thanos was faster. Using a mental attack, he defeated Krillin, leaving only Piccolo.

The Namekian battled bravely, taking Thanos's blows, and even delivering a few of his own. Yet, it was painfully obvious, that Thanos had the upperhand. Still, Thanos soon reized that he was wasting time, and saw that Strange was up to something.

Delivering a bone breaking blow to Piccolo's head, the Namekian dropped to his knees, coughing blood. Thinking the fight was over, Thanos walked towards Strange. He slowly pulled out his own orb, which was glowing with power. Meanwhile, Strange, still on his knees and holding his orb, continued to chant, faster and faster.

"Strange, you're out of time. Now, you die..."


Strange looked up, preparing for death. But, to his surprise, he saw Piccolo, standing in between him and the blast, arms outstretched. The Namekian stood motionless, then screamed, as the orbs power ripped his clothes, skin, and flesh apart. For a second, he was mere bones, still screaming. But then, he was nothing. Just ashes, and memories.

Strange silently thanked his bravery, and finished his spell. The orb glew bright, then vanished.

"No! Strange, you fool..."

Thanos angrily cursed. He then turned, and teleported away. He had to get back, and get the orb. Little did he know, a surprise awaited him...
Chapter Twenty: The Surprise

Thanos emerged from the portal, and looked around the castle. Villains walked around, chatting, and being lazy.

"Fools! Who allowed you to act like pigs?!"

Thanos would've said more, but then, he noticed the Shredder's helmet, hanging on the wall. Something was wrong.

"Hello, Thanos."

The Titan felt the orbs pointed at him immediatly. He had no option, but surrender. His men, who had once been loyal, had betrayed him. But to who? He turned, and looked at the traitor.


The dark lord smiled, two orbs, sat at his side. Thanos, was quickly tied, and his orb, taken, and give to Darkseid. Now, Darkseid had three orbs...

Those were all he needed...
At Aslan's camp, reinforcements had arrived as well. Black Bolt, Indiana Jones, and Obi Wan, had arrived.

"Come, to Aslan."

High King Peter, had recognize the orbs they carried, and quickly rushed them to Aslan's tent. Indiana was told to wait. Inside, the lion had another orb, and was awake, despite it being early in the dawn, as if he had been waiting.

"Good, you arrive. We now have three orbs... One remains..."

Then, Aslan dismissed Peter, and began to prepare the two. The final battle, he said, was about to begin....
Chapter Twenty-One: The Final Battle

Both sensed it at once. Darkseid and Aslan, despite being miles apart, both said," The orb, it is here."

Yes, the last orb, sent by Strange, had landed in the grassy field, in the middle of the two camps.

After it appeared, both sides, Obi Wan and Black Bolt, and Darkseid and the White Witch, emerged. Both had three orbs. One, would determine the future.

When they were finally in plain sight of one another, they remained silent. No words, were needed. Obi Wan and Black Bolt, trusted each other, while Darkseid, had picked the Witch at random. But, would thataffect the battle?...


The battle began early in the moring, with Black Bolt charging to meet Darkseid, while the White Witch faced Kenobi.

Both sides had three orbs, and it came down to personal power...

Black Bolt traded blows with Darkseid in a physical fist fight. Their blows, causing stars to explode and black holes, to open. It was very brutal.

Meanwhile, Kenobi had pulled out his lightsaber, and was slashing at the Witch's spear with increasing speed. Yes, their duel grew so quick, both powered up, that time seemed to stop around them. Light crawled at a snails pace, and history was rewritten, just by their duel.

But, as their fight grew more intense, all began to glow. Yes, they glew, brighter and brighter, until none could look. Infact, the fight iself lasted eons, but to everyone else, only minutes passed.

But, just as everything seemed dead even, Darkseid did the unexpected.

He took the Witch's power, with which, he defeated Black Bolt. Betrayed and powerless, the Witch was easily defeated. And so, it came down to the Jedi, and the Apokaliptian....

Once more, reality was crushed, and Universes died, as both engaged in battle. Everywhere, shockwaves were felt, as the energy rippled through the Omniverse.

But then, there was one last flash, then nothing.... Silence.

And a winner crawled from the wreckage...

His name....

Chapter Twenty-Two: The End

Darkseid had done it. All stared in wonder, as the dark lord raised all seven orbs, and unleashed the beast.


The Seven orbs glew brighter and brighter, and finally, a purple beam shot out. And a monster emerged...


Yes, the Scourge of the Multiverse. Father of Death, and Creator of Evil. The Dark. The Ender. The Omega. The Being.

The Dinosaur raised his head, and tastes freedom. And so happy was he, that he laughed.

And the sky bled, turning red. The sun too, became purple. The stars, faded out of existence.

As for the sound of his laughter, there are no words for it. It was like hearing a thousand innocents, killed and punished for all eternity. Yet even that, fails to truly describe it. Only one, was laughing with Barney.


The Dark lord suddenly stopped, and shouted at Barney.

"What of my wish!"

And Barney stopped laughing as well. He looked down, for he was the size of skyscrappers, and said:


Barney then shot out flames, which torched Darkseid. But, these were special flames, burning with the very sins you had commintted. And for Darkseid, it was like dying a biliin times, each death, more painful than the last.

As Darkseid's screams finally ended, Barney turned to leave. Who could stop him?

But to everyone's surprise, one man was brave enough to face him.


Yes, the Titan flew up to Barney, and, before Barney could act, exclaimed," I wish for you to be dead!"

Below, both villains and heroes cheered. The monster was forced to grant the first wish he heard, and now, a wish had been said. But to everyone's further surprise, Barney laughed.

Yes, once more, he laughed. And then, he grinned and said:


Barney then began to glow, as he summoned all his awsome power. The dinosaur groaned with effort, as he undid death.

Everyone watched in awe, as all his power flew into the ground. Then, the Earth shook, and a man walked out.

For the last time, everyone cried out. Above, the angels wept, and below, the demons begged for mercy. For the man, was Uncle Ben.

The only man to ever truly die in a work of fiction. None could doubt his death. But now, that had been undone, and so too was everything else.

Everywhere, things died, as the Omniverse crumbled.

Space fell. Then Reality fell. Then Time. Then Life.

Then, a vacuum began to pull everything. It was the end itself. It is very hard to describe it, for nothing was safe.

Not the ground, not the sky, not even the colors that illuminated them. Everything vanished....

Then there was darkness. But that too, was not safe. And it too, died.

Then, there was nothing...

Then, that too, dissapeared as well...


GruntKilla06 - March 22, 2009 02:32 PM (GMT)
Thanks! :D

MarvelFan15 - March 22, 2009 02:37 PM (GMT)
Hey, Marv. Would you mind if I posted my late stroy on here as well?...Please? :unsure:

GruntKilla06 - March 22, 2009 02:42 PM (GMT)
Upon comparison yours is the longest. ^_^

GruntKilla06 - March 22, 2009 02:58 PM (GMT)
Ha! Everything got destroyed by Barney! :lol: Nice.

Darkender - March 22, 2009 04:38 PM (GMT)
:lol: What is up with you guys and missing deadlines. I'm sorry, but I warned I'm not opening it again. It shouldn't matter to you much, because you already have a championship.

Marvel Man - March 22, 2009 04:52 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (MarvelFan15 @ Mar 22 2009, 02:37 PM)
Hey, Marv. Would you mind if I posted my late stroy on here as well?...Please? :unsure:

Go ahead.

Marvel Man - March 22, 2009 05:39 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Darkender @ Mar 22 2009, 04:38 PM)
:lol: What is up with you guys and missing deadlines. I'm sorry, but I warned I'm not opening it again. It shouldn't matter to you much, because you already have a championship.


Well, I am the champ....

GruntKilla06 - March 22, 2009 08:43 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Marvel Man @ Mar 22 2009, 05:39 PM)

Well, I am the champ....

Don't let it go to your head! :P

MarvelFan15 - March 22, 2009 08:47 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (GruntKilla06 @ Mar 22 2009, 08:43 PM)
QUOTE (Marvel Man @ Mar 22 2009, 05:39 PM)

Well, I am the champ....

Don't let it go to your head! :P

Dude...answer your PM inbox. :angry:

GruntKilla06 - March 22, 2009 11:47 PM (GMT)
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MarvelFan15 - March 27, 2009 01:44 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (GruntKilla06 @ Mar 22 2009, 11:47 PM)
Sorry about that... I forgot to log off... -_-

Happen Often? :huh: :lol:

GruntKilla06 - March 27, 2009 07:32 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (MarvelFan15 @ Mar 27 2009, 01:44 AM)
Happen Often? :huh: :lol:

Yes. I use my labtop so... -_-

MarvelFan15 - March 27, 2009 09:53 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (GruntKilla06 @ Mar 27 2009, 07:32 PM)
Yes. I use my labtop so... -_-

...Wish I had one of those. :(

GruntKilla06 - March 27, 2009 11:35 PM (GMT)
Yeah, they're great aren't they? :P

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