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Title: I missed the deadline on the contest...
Description: But here's my story for you...

treacherous - March 21, 2009 05:15 AM (GMT)
Post Crisis Darkseid/Boba Fett vs. Savage Hulk/Samus Aran (Metroid)

In a throne-room on the humongous, downtrodden planet of Apokolips…

As is customary on the planet of Apokolips, Desaad, the master torturer and follower of Darkseid, throws himself at the mercy of his intolerant master. Ruthless and rarely wavering, the gigantic tyrant looms in contempt over Desaad, listening to his pleas of forgiveness. Desaad desperately tries to explain why his recent attempts to capture Supergirl had failed as his efforts fall on deaf ears. Darkseid prepares to make judgment.

Darkseid: Intolerable worm. Enough of your squealing. I have heard your pleas and they sicken me. How many times must you fail me?

Desaad: But sire, hear me out…

Darkseid: Why! Why should I listen to anymore of your pathetic fiascos?

Desaad: Sire, I have discovered something on my excursion. When the Boom Tube failed, it sent our crew to another world. It was a world similar to the planet Earth, with its own heroes and powered individuals just as its alter ego.

Darkseid: More heroes to rise against Darkseid. Why would this interest me?

Desaad: It was not the heroes that astonished the old eyes of Desaad, master. It was something else; a monster of incalculable strength. Our malfunctioning boom tube landed us in a desert region where a local military force tried desperately to stop the beast. No matter what they threw at it, the beast stood. Its mind was lost to insanity and rage and its strength grew with every attack. Our equipment monitored its rise in potency…

Darkseid: and

Desaad: Sire, at the peak of the fight, the beast’s strength rivaled that of Superman’s.

Darkseid: Indeed. Continue.

Desaad: This is what led to the defeat of your most valued Para demons, master. After the beast demolished the local army, I sent in your Para demon strike force. The beast annihilated them. Nothing could stop it. Not Sonics, firepower or Para demon could even dent the creature. I venture we could use a creature such as this as a living weapon. A bomb of sorts to drop on unsuspecting enemies via Boom Tube.

Darkseid: And I do not see this creature in our midst, so tell me how you have not failed me.

Desaad: M’lord, you sent a strike force to capture Supergirl and we found something much greater. My suggestion is hiring someone much more skilled in these matters. Not fighters, but hunters: Bounty hunters. With your permission sire, I would like to send an all points broadcast for bounty hunters that would seek and capture this beast for your needs.

Darkseid: On your feet, Desaad. You have spared your life (for the time being). Send this broadcast and bring me the best bounty hunters you can find…and they had better be good.

Desaad: Yes, m’lord.

Darkseid: And Desaad.

Desaad: Yes, m’lord.

Darkseid: Not Lobo. If that half wit Czarnian is anywhere near this operation, I will let Granny Goodness and her Furies have their way with you.

Desaad: Yes, m’lord.

Without hesitation, Desaad leaves the throne room of Darkseid to complete his task.

Meanwhile across worlds in another realm far away, a battle clad, young woman stands before a mighty council…

Galactic Federation Council (GFC): Thank you for joining us Samus Aran. Your presence is always a delight for the council. Pleasantries aside, it is with grave supplication that we once again call upon your expertise.

Samus: I am at your command.

(GFC): I am afraid you won’t be so ready after hearing this request, young Aran. Recently, many of the mystics, clairvoyants and seers of the galaxy have foretold of a great travesty set to occur in our quadrant and to the entire realm. This is unprecedented. Never before have all of them been in sync with the same vision. Many of the weaker have even fell comatose. They speak of a beast not of this world. It is said to be coming this way. They are calling him the World Breaker. Nothing is known of this beast, except that he is supposedly preordained to appear with a gigantic booming sound, which will herald the beginning of the end of us all.

Samus: What would you have of me?

(GFC): This must not occur, Samus. That beast cannot set foot in our galaxy. Samus, all transports have been acquired to send you to the beast. We will give you the best equipment at our disposal, but we need you to defeat and destroy that monster. Whatever you need is yours.

Samus: I will not fail.

(GFC): You cannot fail or all that we know and love is doomed.

Much later on the world of Apokolips a group of bounty hunters hailing from all points of the universe stands at the ready before mighty Darkseid. Briefed on the mission by lackey Desaad, the men and women await their next instruction.

Darkseid: Welcome to the world of Apokolips. This is my world. Before I send anyone out on this undertaking, I must test your might and valor in battle. I will not tolerate failure, I will not tolerate you testing my intelligence or patience and I will definitely not pay a group of twenty bounty hunters for one mission. Only one of you will go on this mission; the one of you that can defeat my son. Meet, Kalibak...

Suddenly a door opens across the room and the terror that is Kalibak sprints forward like a runaway train crushing many hunters in his path. The remaining bounty hunters disperse in every direction as the son of Darkseid unleashes a torrent of high-powered blast from his Beta-Club. Within seconds, at least five of the bounty hunters are down. Pulling a high tech cross bow, Kalibak sends a stream of powerful energy nets. Five more down. The bounty hunters are caught off guard and only the most wily and cunning have survived thus far. Finally, they begin an offensive.

Knocking over a table, a four armed hunter returns fire with three different types of guns. With ice, laser and nerve beams, he strikes at Kalibak. Two more hunters join him and send a hale of bullets at the man-monster. From behind an equally large bounty hunter grabs Kalibak and picks him up. The son of Darkseid is hit repeatedly with the firepower of the hunters as he is lifted from the ground at the rear.

All shots stop suddenly as a sound fills the room. Kalibak’s laughter. As his blood lightly drips, none of the armament has any real effect on his person. With a forceful thrust, Kalibak breaks the hold of the lumbering hunter behind him. Palming the giant by the head, he thrust his face into a wall. The cracking sound of his skull echoes across the room. Grabbing the giant and hoisting him high, Kalibak throws him across the room and into the overturned table hiding the remaining hunters. Two are crushed immediately. The four armed hunter leaps and sticks to the wall and fires a new weapon. The weapon seems to have an effect on the man-monster. He begins to fire a stream at Kalibak that slows the monster’s forward motion. Suddenly, the remaining hunters fire trap weapons in an attempt to bring the beast to his knees for the kill. It works. Kalibak falls to one knee. Then another.

Out of nowhere, an amazing blast incinerates the area and with it the remaining hunters. Kalibak trapped within many webs, nets and adhesive bonds struggles for freedom. From above a silently hovering bounty hunter shoots unerringly at the quivering remains of the hunters, assuring defeat. Finally, he turns his attention to Kalibak who is nearly free. Hovering forward, a large fine-bore missile appears from his jetpack. Additionally, a small armed ship drifts into view from above. Appearing in a window within Darkseid’s hall. The ship aims two huge seeker missiles at Kalibak. With an impressive roar, Kalibak jumps to his feet, finally breaking his confines. All at once, he is hit with multiple heavy damaging missiles. Also, he fires a missile that sends a heavy sleep agent in to the air.

Darkseid minions run in all directions as the entire building crumbles from the force of the attack. The bounty hunter nimbly uses his jetpack to escape to his awaiting vehicle. As the roof comes down, he adds insult to injury by adding another assault of blast from a pair of small Kuat systems cannons on either side of the hull. Kalibak’s body flails as it is splattered about the wreckage until it lie motionless. When the smoke clears, the hunter exits the vehicle and walks across the debris towards Darkseid who never moved from his spot.

Boba Fett: Boba Fett, at your service.

Desaad: You are under arrest! This is an outrage! You have destroyed his majesties throne room! This will not be tolerated! We will hang your head from a wall! We will…

Darkseid: QUIET DESAAD! Before I take back my offer to extend your life. Now, come forward bounty hunter. I am impressed; impressed by your audacity, impressed by your flair and impressed by your ability to get the job done. It is no small task to defeat my son.

Boba Fett: Thank you, sir.

Darkseid: You may call me master.

Boba Fett: Boba Fett has no master.

Darkseid: I see. Impressive. Join me, let’s discuss your arrangements.

Days later, Samus arrives on Earth in search of the World Breaker.

Samus: Come in F-Base 1. This is Samus, reporting.

F-Base 1: F-Base 1 here. Report team leader, Samus.

Samus: Sorry to report, the World Breaker is not here. Repeat, the World Breaker is not here. It seems that the beast has been transported off planet somehow, possibly a similar dimensional traveling system such as ours. There are strong traces of Positronic residue and some strange form of mutated Gamma radiation. We are recording the findings now.

F-Base 1: Very well, team leader, Samus. We will contact the psychics and get you new coordinates soon.

Samus: Alright, Samus out.

F-Base 1: F-Base out.

Elsewhere on the planet of Apokolips…

Darkseid: You see Desaad. This is how you get the job done. Finally, a reliable service is done in the name of Darkseid. To think beneath that great beast was a weak pathetic man. If you had had patience, Desaad, like Boba here, you too could have captured the beast.

Boba Fett: It was just a matter of waiting him out and spotting any weakness in his design. It took him nearly two days to finally sleep, but once he did the transformation was all the weakness we needed.

Desaad: But master, I…

Darkseid: Do not speak Desaad. Listen and learn or die. Now, when the…

Suddenly, a thunderous roaring is heard across the throne land followed by a rumble that quakes the ground. It is followed by the sound of firepower and explosions.

Desaad: M’lord, it is coming from the laboratories where the creature is being held. Surely, he hasn’t awakened.

Darkseid: See to it now, Desaad. This is my planet and I will not tolerate foolish mistakes. Boba Fett, would you like to earn my respect even more.

Boba Fett: I would rather earn your money.

Darkseid: Indeed.

In the laboratory fields, Desaad tries to gather troops and fire power against the other worldly being known as the HULK. With the female furies defeated Granny Goodness dead only the massive hoards of Para demon stand to face the green goliath. Para demon after Para demon is sent flying or crushed as continues wave after wave come crashing in. Suddenly the skies open and a cracking noise is heard. A young armored warrior falls to the ground. “World Breaker.” She says upon seeing her target. Samus wastes no time surveying the scene. She has only one mission: destroy the HULK.

Unnoticed by the dueling groups, Samus charges her beam cannon to its maximum level. With a flash, she discharges a shot to the goliaths head. Flinching as one would a slap to the face; the giant barely glances in her direction. Figuring her for another cursed Apokoliptian warrior, the Hulk continues to crush those before him. Undaunted, Samus tries another tactic when suddenly she is attacked from the rear. “Interloper!” Boba Fett pronounces. Boba Fett’s experienced eyes realize a rogue bounty hunter when he see them and he will not allow another to take his win. He fires a volley of pistol shots.

With ease, Samus uncannily dodges the attack and returns a rapid multi shot from her blaster rifles. Boba cuts the power to his jet pack and falls effortlessly beneath the shots. As he falls, he raises his arm and shoots a fibercord bolo whip that wraps around Samus’ leg. The heavy weight of the plummeting Fett drags her down and throws off her balance. In his grasp, Boba targets Samus with a heatseaking scope and fires a miniature flame projector. Samus’ suit protects her, but she can feel the heat increasing. She must break the cord or her fall will kill her.

Meanwhile an infuriated Darkseid fumes as he notices his obligated bounty hunter distracted by another affair as his armies are decimated. “Enough!” He speaks as his eyes smolder and glow red, “I will not tolerate anymore.” The air crackles as he sends a lethal dose of the Omega Effect hurling at the Incredible Hulk. The flare zigs and zags through the landscape avoiding Para demons and geography alike to finds its target. With an enormous ruby flash, Para demons are cremated instantly. The Hulk bellows in pain and falls to one knee. “Amazing.” Desaad whispers as the emerald creature rise back to his feet. Through a psionic link to Darkseid, Desaad speaks, “M’lord, according to my readings his adrenaline levels are spiking. He is getting angry. Your blast did not faze him.”

Suddenly another blast showers the air, vanquishing Desaad where he stood. “Fool.” Darkseid pronounces. Unrepentantly, the ground trembles greatly. To his displeasure the Hulk has vanished. Darkseid’s minions survey the land to find the beast when abruptly, the clouds break. From the sky, the giant beast plunges towards Darkseid screaming in rage. Darkseid hails wave after wave of light Omega Effect blasts to no avail. Sweat, mucus and tears stream from the beast as he bawls in pain and pure unadulterated fury. The dark god cannot believe what he is seeing. With no other choice, Darkseid prepares to fire a lethal disintegrating blast at the Hulk. However, it is too late. The planet sinks beneath the feet and fist of the World Breaker after his decent from the heavens. Like a hundred nuclear blast, the beast’s unchecked fury obliterates the scenery. Tectonic plates shift. Volcanoes erupt. The world quivers and…the world of Apokolips breaks. The Hulk’s attack sends him crushing the tons and tons of earth deep into the planet, completely destroying everything in his path.

Even in the air, Samus and Boba are sent colliding across the world from the impact. While Boba Fett calls upon his space ship to exit the demolished planet, Samus lets loose a Crystal Flash bomb. The devastating power bomb attacks catches Boba off guard, destroying his ship with him in it.

Meanwhile, Darkseid contemplates from a satellite in space above the planet having teleported long ago. His planet blisters and burns as it is slowly destroyed by the earth shaking attack of the Hulk, he surveys the scene in dismay.

Darkseid: Another time beast. Another time. Crew leader, set coordinates to the beasts planet. We will see who is the real World Breaker. Prepare for Apokolips 2.

As well, Samus returns via teleportation to his space going ship and then returns to the Galactic Federation.

Samus: The creature is defeated. I am again at your service.

(GFC): I am afraid you are wrong mighty, Samus. The World Breaker lives. Please look to the view screen at the recordings from your mission.

Samus gazes at the screen to see that the Hulk had leapt from Apokolips and traversed along with Samus’ vessel to the home planet of the Federation.

(GFC): We are doomed Samus. You have brought the World Breaker to us…and he is angry.

They all watch the screen as the Hulk rampages through the city to the Federation capitol.

GruntKilla06 - March 21, 2009 06:23 AM (GMT)
Nice, you got them all in character perfectly. Especially Darkseid and Desaad. But why did you have to leave me hanging like that? :( Or are you not finished?

Marvel Man - March 21, 2009 07:03 AM (GMT)
It wouldn't let me finish!!!

I wasn't done... :(

granobulax - March 21, 2009 10:05 AM (GMT)
That was awsome treach! I hope it's allowed for the competition because you were'nt all that late.

Pseudonym - March 21, 2009 11:47 AM (GMT)
You must write who versus whom.

treacherous - March 21, 2009 03:22 PM (GMT)
Actually, I was five minutes early. But I posted it in the wrong place. Darkender told me that and by the time I posted it right it was too late. Also, I was going by Central time and that rotten New Yorker went by Eastern time. Anyway, I rushed and didn't get to complete it like I wanted to. Oh well. -_-

Good luck to all those who entered correctly.

Solomon - March 21, 2009 03:30 PM (GMT)
Oh for cripes sake. Just let him submit.

treacherous - March 21, 2009 03:47 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Solomon @ Mar 21 2009, 03:30 PM)
Oh for cripes sake. Just let him submit.

I don't mind. This was the best challenge we've had. The submission's are awesome. I like DaYouth's use of FPL characters. That would've earned points for me if I were a judge. Too bad.

GruntKilla06 - March 21, 2009 04:52 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Marvel Man @ Mar 21 2009, 07:03 AM)
It wouldn't let me finish!!!

I wasn't done... :(

That sucks. Could you e-mail me the rest so I can finish reading it? :rolleyes:

Darkender - March 21, 2009 04:54 PM (GMT)
Fine. As long as its alright with the other contestants I'll allow it into the contest. Open it yourself Trech and paste it there. Just close it when your done.

And awesome job with the story.

Marvel Man - March 21, 2009 05:23 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (GruntKilla06 @ Mar 21 2009, 04:52 PM)
QUOTE (Marvel Man @ Mar 21 2009, 07:03 AM)
It wouldn't let me finish!!!

I wasn't done... :(

That sucks. Could you e-mail me the rest so I can finish reading it? :rolleyes:

It took me two hours....

And it wouldn't let me post...

I'll pm the rest, one of these days....

GruntKilla06 - March 21, 2009 06:24 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Marvel Man @ Mar 21 2009, 05:23 PM)
QUOTE (GruntKilla06 @ Mar 21 2009, 04:52 PM)
QUOTE (Marvel Man @ Mar 21 2009, 07:03 AM)
It wouldn't let me finish!!!

I wasn't done... :(

That sucks. Could you e-mail me the rest so I can finish reading it? :rolleyes:

It took me two hours....

And it wouldn't let me post...

I'll pm the rest, one of these days....

One of these days?! :angry: But that's torture! I want to know how it ends! :(

treacherous - March 21, 2009 11:59 PM (GMT)
I think I've decided to post this in the CBUB. I've edited the ending to make a match.

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