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Title: Ozymandias vs. The Riddler
Description: Watchmen Prt. 2

boratz - March 16, 2009 08:55 PM (GMT)
Rorschach's Journal: July 26th, 1980 - Midnight

After my confrontation with Harvey Dent,

I kicked the door open. Thugs from all around got up. They charged at me, but they were nothin'. They took out weapons, and anything they could get their damn hands on, none of it worked. The cries from the filthy sons Female dogs roared through the building. I heard their arms breaking, and skulls cracking. Now, I was done with these slimy filthy thugs. I made my way through the building. I walked over pools of blood, and saw a door up ahead. I went to kicked the door open, and there I saw him. The noise of a coin flipped through the air. Sitting in a red leather chair, Harvey lifted his gun, and pointed it toward me. I had a hammer in my hands, and I tossed it at the light above.

He shot out at me, but he missed. I charged toward the newly made fuckin' thug, and tried to attack him. He shot me. It was nothin' though, just a mere flesh wound. He tried to punch me, but I grabbed his filthy arm. He hit me back with his gun, I fell back, and saw his worthless self run off through a back door. I followed him, running up long yellow stair. I heard the noise of a door shut, and stopped to open it. Rain poured down, and I saw him at the other end of the roof. "Nowhere else to run!", is what I yelled out at him. He turned around, and shot out at me. The ass-hole shot me in the shoulder.

I grabbed my shoulder in pain, and looked up at him. Now I was pissed. The lightning filled the skies above. I charged toward the scumbag, and grabbed him. He tried punched me, but it was nothin'. He threw out another punch, but his arm again. This time I broke his arm, and punched him in the chin. Two-Face staggered back. I stood and watched, as he staggered back toward the edge of the building. The damn ass-hole tripped over the edge of the building, and I could barely hear his screams, as he fell to his death. I walk toward the edge, and see his lifeless body impaled through a flag pole.

His blood was staining the American Flag underneath him. I see flashing lights in the distance. The police were arriving. It's my time to go, and leave this to them. The city will hate me for the death of their hero, Harvey Dent. I don't care, I'm not doin' this to be liked, or famed. I doin' this because of the low life scumbags that walk these streets. They need justice, and I'm the only one going to serve that justice. There still someone out there though. Someone picking off old costumed heroes. Someone, who loves riddles, someone who is a damn killer. Who is this riddler?

Rorschach's Journal: July 27th, 1980

I go back to warn the others about the killings that had occurred recently. Everyone still ignored my warnings, and I find myself alone. I walk the filthy streets, trying to search for any clues, for any riddles of this killer. I question local thugs, and street whores. No one in this crime filled city knows anything. I know what to do. My search leads me on a long road to blood and violence. I hear that the chief of police has kidnapped. The only piece of evidence was a riddle.

I try to investigate, but I didn't understand what it meant. I go to a local bar, and I see the filth coward away. People of afraid just by the sight of my face. I was used to it. At the back of the bar I heard laughing, and I go to find out about what. Someone whacko, who was insane. I broke his fingers, but all he did was laugh at the pain. He gave me an address.

Rorschach's Journal: July 28th, 1980 - Midnight

I got an address to somewhere, and now I leave to find out what is there. I go to find another riddle.


I was once named Ozymandias among the criminals and the corrupted, but I have know become an image onto the world. The world know me as Adrian Veidt, and also know me as the worlds smartest man. They know also know me as Ozymandias. People know me as a hero. The world knows the secret I once held, and know I am in the process of changing this world for the better. People live in fear of nuclear war, but I will change all of that. It is just a matter of time. I was once a masked vigilante, but I am not someone much more powerful. Now, I am in control. This world needs saving, by any means necessary. I just wait for my plans to go into motion. I wait for my utopia to come into play. My name is Adrian Veidt. I sit and wait for new world to come. Some will call me evil, others will try to defy me, but I will save this world no matter what the cost.

The date is July 29th, 1980 - 6:00 am in the morning.

I sit in my office, and get a call from my secretary. She came walking inside, and gave me a mysterious envelope. The enelope was red, with a green question mark on the front. I opened the letter, and a riddle was written on the letter. After a few seconds I solved the riddle, and find out about a bomb in my office. I yelled out for my secretary to run, and I followed behind her. The bomb exploded in my office, and my secretary was knocked on the ground by the force of the explosion. I kept standing, and walked back in. Flames were blazing inside. Employees of mine came to get me, but I merely pushed them away.

Someone tried to kill me. Rorschach came to warn me, but I didn't listen to him. I thought he was just hallucinating. I thought he was just having a paranoid breakdown. I heard a noise in another office. The noise of a human groan. I go to see what it is, and see Rorschach lying in a pool of blood. His stench filled the room, and his blood covered most of the floor and the walls around. I go to help him up, and get him into a medic office of mine. He was telling me of an explosion in an old rundown apartment building. He told me he could not save the police chief. He tells me of the one known as the Riddler. I head to an underground floor of mine.

Sealed off from most of my employees, and kept secret to the public eye. I put out food for Bubastis, and put Rorschach on a table. I tried to remove his mask, but he simply hit my hand away. I take care of his wounds. He tries to get up, but he is to weak. I go into my room with TV screens. I try to find something with a clue to this criminal that walks the world. I will become Ozymandias once again, and I will stop the Riddler from any chance of destroying my plans for the future. Now, I must solve the riddles, and beat this mind game. I will stop this Riddler that has come into the city. As I find the Ozymandias, I gaze over the statue of Alexander the Great.

I know he had great power, and I know that my power has matched his in every way. As I go back to the ground floor, my secretary comes over toward me, with another envelope. It was as the other letter. I open it, and gaze through it. After solving the riddle, I know what it meant. The Riddler has kidnapped an old teammate of mine. Dan Dreihberg was caught by the hands of this maniac, and now I will have to solve the riddles to save him.

I start out going to a dark alley. Mobsters, drugs addicts, rapists, murderers, and thugs filled the alley at night. I knew one of them would know what was going on in the city. I jump down from the heavens above, and send fear into their hearts. They come to attacks, but they match for my skill. I put pain onto all of their worthless bodies, and finally I see one of them on his knees. He surrenders to me, and has an annoying smile on his face.

I pick him up, and pin him against a wall. I punch the worthless criminal in the chest, and an envelope falls from his hands. I throw the man on the ground, and punch him unconscious. I open the letter, and solve the riddle in a few seconds. A bomb in the city, but the location was never said. I would have to solve much harder series of riddles to find the locations of both the bomb and Dan.


June 28th, 1980

Life is funny. It is full of questions, but for myself I think of them as riddles. This needs more riddles. It needs more fun. It needs a bang, but there's a riddle for me. This city full of filthy human beings, whom get plessure from seeing people get hurt. It has retired masked heroes, who will probably try to stop me from having a blast. So, how do I have a blast along with this city, and prevent those little heroes from stopping me from my fun? Oh riddle me this, riddle me that, and now I will have to stop them in a blast of fun." - The Riddler

July 26th, 1980

Guess, what just happened? Who is the masked hero, who never gave up dressing up? He roams the city, and his reputation of his stench heard from all around the city blocks. If you don't know, it is Rorschach himself. He wants to stop me from having fun. He will have to participate in my series of riddles. First riddle for him is, he is in charge of what law in this city? He gets paid by the mob, and well he likes to stuff donuts down his big fat throat.

July 28th, 1980

Well, I have hurt Rorschach, but he decided to call upon another retired hero. He's the smartest man in the world, he makes toys of himself, and he loves to think himself as Alexander the Great? Oh, who could it be. I think it's Adrian Veidt, or as he would like to be called Ozymadias. Now, it's time to have a game with him. He's already solved my riddles, so I have play a game of hardball. My first riddle for him, it causes things to explode, it makes people run, it causes things to vanish in the air? I also had another for him. It sleeps in the day, and hunts in the night. He took the name from another man with an autobiography, and well he was part of a heroic gang. Who is he, because I have him, and with the first riddle?. The games have begun for Ozymandias, and I will have to sit back, and enjoy the show. Don't worry smart one, there will be more along the way. I have friends in high places, and more fun riddles to solve. So, I hope have fun.

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