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Title: Captain Falcon vs. Wolf O'Donnell

videogameman - March 13, 2009 01:12 AM (GMT)
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Wolf was sitting in his base/mainship{where is his headquarters?} when suddenly a voice was heard resounding through the ship/base{ :huh: }.

?:Hello Wolf!

Wolf:What the-?!

?:I am Black Shadow and I heard of your remarkable success in the mercenary business.

Wolf:A customer? I heard of you. A F-Zero racer. You have plenty of money. Let's start it off at $5,000?

Black Shadow:$5,000? HAHAHAHA! I shall not be paying you a thing! My minions surround your base and will destroy you if I give the word!

Wolf:{growl} Try it.

Black Shadow:Attack!

Wolf:Can't let you attack me, you clever fox!

They stop in their tracks.

Black Shadow:Excellent! You shall do nicely! $5,000 it is!

Wolf:For that, you owe me $10,000.

Black Shadow:What!?


Black Shadow:Fine! Your target is the impertinent Captain Falcon. His current location is on a private island riding the Blue Falcon.

Wolf:Got it. Time to fry a bird.


Captain Falcon was practicing on his private track when a blast hit.

Captain Falcon:What?

Another blast hit the track.

Captain Falcon:Humph. More practice for me!

Dodging the blast, he rides off the track and lands the Blue Falcon. He gets out and looks up.

Wolf:Seems like you'll be entertaining prey.

Captain Falcon:Wolf O'Donnell. There's a big bounty on you.


Captain Falcon:Come on!

Wolf came in closer and started firing at falcon. He evaded the blasts and jumped into the Blue Falcon. Riding it past the beams, he got some speed and ejected himself. He lands on the Wolfen and launches Wolf out of his seat. They both land on their feet.

Wolf:You'll pay for that.

Captain falcon: I heard of your way of words, so I won't give you any slack {runs at Wolf} FALCON PUNCH!

Wolf:Can't let you use that Punch!

Which prevails!?

videogameman - March 13, 2009 10:59 PM (GMT)
No comments?

Darkender - March 14, 2009 01:21 AM (GMT)
I guess so. I would try and comment, but I know very little about these characters.

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