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Title: The Comedian vs. Red Skull

boratz - March 11, 2009 09:34 PM (GMT)
Berlin, Germany 1954

An armed truck was moving a dirt rode. Dust followed in behind it. Inside the truck sat Japanese soldiers, all wearing their old uniforms from the previous World War. In middle of all the soldier sat a general. General Tao is what he was called among his men. Up ahead was an old base that was kept secret from Allied troops during the war, and is still unknown to the world. Gates in front of the truck opened wide, and the truck went down the old dirt rode. Up ahead was a building. Most of the building was inside the ground, for safety reasons. General Tao got out of the truck with his men. The base doors opened up, and they headed down for the lower levels. The Japanese Neo-Nazis gazed their surroundings. Mold had been on the walls and ceilings. The ceiling had cracks, with water dripping down. As they got to the main lab in the lower levels, they gazed around, and saw German soldiers in Nazi uniforms, loading up crates of weapons.

From the other side of the room, they heard a large clap. The general glanced over, and saw darkness. In the darkness he could see a figure, that was coming into their sight. The Japanese soldiers took a large gasp of air, as they saw the face of the German leader. Red Skull came out with a black-leather uniform, with two small Nazi button on collar. Red Skull started walking over toward the general, and put out his hand for them to shake. The two shook hands, and the general gazed into the eyes of Red Skull. He could see the evils within his eyes. Red Skull put out a small dark smile, and he motioned for the general to follow him into a room. The general followed, and as he was walking he smelt something. The stench of carnage. General Tao saw a room with decapitated bodies of Allied soldiers. He followed Red Skull into a back room, and saw down in a chair. Red Skull sat behind his desk, and they started talking.

"General, are you ready?" - Red Skull

"Ready for what, Schmidt?" - General Tao

"Please general call me Red Skull. Makes me sound a lot meaner." - Red Skull

"You still haven't answered my question." - General Tao

"Across Europe and Asia, I troops and soldiers ready for another war." - Red Skull

"We can't go to war! The Allies have the A-Bomb!" - General Tao

"Yes, they do, but I have some scientist working on something much, much worse." - Red Skull

"I don't understand. What kind of weapon?" - General Toa

"One that will destroy anything in our paths. We will be the ruler of this Earth. No one can stop us. You just have to trust me, or you will be my enemy. You don't want to be my enemy." - Red Skull

"What do I need to do?" - General Tao

"I knew you would understand eventually................................." - Red Skull
Washington D.C. 1961

A laugh started to echo through a building. Smoke from a cigar rose in the air. The Comedian, Edward Blake, stood laughing at three four star generals. They just informed him of something happening in Jappen. A movement of artillery weapons. The U.S. government was worried that something was happening. They were worried that war was about to arise. The Comedian gazed over at a map of Japan. A map that the general showed what was being moved from location to outside the country to Berlin, Germany. Edward Blake took out a lighter, and set the map into flames. The generals became furious. They roared out at Blake in anger, telling him this is important.

The Comedian sat back in a chair, and put his feet up on a desk. He gazed at the generals to receive the information about the newly developed threat. Edward Blake got to his feet as he learned of the threat. He followed a group of soldiers into an armory. Custom made weapons in all direction. Weapons never seen by anyone in the government. A smile came across the face of Blake, as the weapons shined off his eyes. Blake started grabbing guns and ammo from every direction. He knew this must be important. He came back into the room where he met with the generals, and pictures of Japanese troops were put on a board. Edward got the orders to fallow the Japanese troops to the location they moved their artillery. He was on another mission for the government.

Europe 1942

After being trained as Hitler's right hand man, Johann Schmidt, became something monstrous. Hitler himself had fear rush down his spine every time he saw the face of Schmidt. Schmidt now had a lust for power. He wanted to find a power that would make him powerful. The Nazis started working on a new project. A project of making better soldiers, more powerful human beings. Schmidt signed up to be the first soldier in this super-soldiers serum project. Schmidt got inside a chamber. Tubes went inside his body. A bright red light filled the chamber, and something came into his veins. Schmidt felt power come inside of him. He felt strength come into his veins. The chamber doors opened wide. Schmidt took the tubes out of his veins, and walked out before the scientists working on the project. He felt the strength, and power through his veins. Something else started to occur. A sharp pain broke out inside of him. His face started to feel as if he was being burned alive.

He felt his head forming into something else. His skins started break away. A blood red started to form the color of his face. Finally, his head had the form of a skull. He got up, and gazed at his reflection. A scientist walked over toward him, asking if he was alright. Schmidt got up, and grabbed his head. He snapped his neck, and threw his body on the ground. He started yelling out that it was over, no more soldiers would be made into this. After that, the newly created Red Skull fought along side soldiers. They wiped out Allies, and overthrew many leaders. Hitler grew scared of him, but the war came to an end. Red Skull wasn't finished yet. He still had an army. He still had a war.

Europe 1946

Edward Blake was sent by the U.S. to stop a small raid of Neo-Nazis from slaughtering a group of kidnapped United Nation's leaders. Blake went in shooting down most of the Nazis one of them survived Blake's rampage. The Nazi tried to crawl away, but Blake stopped him. He shot him in the shoulder, and then gazed into his eyes.

"Tell me who sent you?" Edward Blake

"Your mother." - Nazi Soldier

"I am no comedian, but that was not very funny. So, once again who sent you?" - Edward Blake

Edward Blake put his thumb in the bullet wound of the Nazi soldier. The soldiers screamed out.

"Johann Schmidt!!!!!!!!!! But he's dead!!!!!!!!!!" - Nazi Soldier

"Then how did he send you here?" - Edward Blake

"He died not to long ago. It was his final orders." - Nazi soldier

Edward Blake stood up, and put the soldier on fire. He turned around, and put a cigar in his mouth. He walked off after completing his mission.

Berlin, Germany 1961

General Tao stood before Red Skull. He gazed over at the missile. He then gazed at Red Skull, whom was giving out orders to his men. General Tao signal for Red Skull to come over toward him. Red Skull walked over toward him, and gazed at him.

"You still haven't told me what this weapons is?" - General Tao

"It is a cluster bomb. The missile will break off into several different missiles, and destroy a target we set for it. The missiles are like miniature nukes. It will be like that saying, kill two birds with one stone" - Red Skull

"How many do you have?" - General Tao

"Five. One here, and three all across Europe. One is with a friend of mine in the Arctic Circle." - Red Skull

Suddenly, bombs started started exploding. Screams soldiers roared out. The general took out a pistol, and followed his men to where the battle erupted. Red Skull ran to his office. He was getting prepared for war.

Berlin, Germany 1961

The Comedian made stealthily followed the Japanese troops in an old Nazi base. He was equipped with his own small armory. He had a customized flamethrower, a machine gun, two pistols, a knife, and many explosives. He gazed at the gates. He shot down the guards, and made inside the base. Guards and soldiers came from everywhere, but they were shot down by the Comedian. Gas tanks exploded, and people running around in flames. The Comedian brutally killed everyone who got in his way. Suddenly, General Tao came out. He shot out at the Comedian, but he put into flames by the Comedian. The screams of the general echoed in the building. The Comedian stood back with a smile on his face. He lifted his machine gun, and blasted him down.

The Comedian went over toward a computer, and saw the targets. He tried to stop it, but the computer wouldn't stop. The Comedian lifted his gun, and destroyed the computer. Suddenly, it all stopped, but gun shots rang out. Red Skull stood on the upper levels with two pistols. The Comedian gazed at his face.

"Dude, you are one ugly mother fuc............." - The Comedian

"Don't worry, your country will still fall! I have more weapons, and more people will die!" - Red Skull

"Well looks like you got my work sat out for me!" - The Comedian

The Comedian has his years of experience and training; a machine gun, a customized flamethrower, two pistols, and a knife

Red Skull has years of experience and training; two pistols, and his super-soldier abilities

granobulax - March 12, 2009 04:22 AM (GMT)
Boratz, when you make a poll, press the enter button between selections to distinguish between the two or more characters you want to add to the poll.

boratz - March 12, 2009 06:25 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (granobulax @ Mar 12 2009, 04:22 AM)
Boratz, when you make a poll, press the enter button between selections to distinguish between the two or more characters you want to add to the poll.

Thanks for the help Grano.

darthsketch - March 13, 2009 08:59 AM (GMT)
Red Skull. The guy is basically an evil Captain America.

Honestly...he's probably the most despicable, unredeemable villain in the Marvel U.


videogameman - March 13, 2009 09:36 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (darthsketch @ Mar 13 2009, 08:59 AM)
Red Skull. The guy is basically an evil Captain America.

Honestly...he's probably the most despicable, unredeemable villain in the Marvel U.



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