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Title: Aaron Ritter vs. John Carpenter's The Thing
Description: Blood Will Fall

boratz - March 7, 2009 03:47 AM (GMT)
In the winter of 1982. An American Antartic research station has something gone wrong. The research station was put under quarantine. United States military rescue teams went to search for any survivors. There were no survivors, and the military rescue teams were all dead. Three years later a group from the special forces went down to search for more clues to what might have cause all the carnage. They found a speciman frozen in ice. The teams brought the speciman back to the states, frozen for future studies. Test were put onto it, but nothing came up. Scientist are still studying the thing that killed so many people back in 1982.


Present Day....

Aaron Ritter, an ex-scientist, and now soldier. He was put on the project to study th alien life form, but something went wrong. The thing broke loose, and killed the scientist. The thing got out. Since then, Aaron got a team of mercenaries to take on the threat. To take the thing that broke loose. Ever since the first attack on his science research team, more blood was spilt. Aaron took his team across the country. They stopped most of the spreading from the creature, but they could destroy the source.

Their search for the source led them to Dallas, Texas. A train station in the worst parts of town. Aaron got tickets to get on a train, along with his team. Aaron sat back, guns stashed away in his jacket. He gazed over at Caine, whom was ready to fight. Sterling sat at the front of the train. She was breathing heavily, as she saw more passengers getting on. Passengers that were either part of a gang, or looking waiting for trouble to find them. Logan stood in the center of the train. He had a camera out, and a gun in his jacket. Spooky sat in front of Ritter, and waited for the scent of the creature.

Something got Spooky to move. Something made him afraid. The creature was there. It was on the train. Something happened, lights starts flashing on and off. Aaron got up, and yelled out for his team to get ready. Gang members took out pistols, and defensivly yelled back at Ritter. Caine took out his shotgun, and blew a few of them back. As the train stopped, people ran off screaming. Gang members shot back at Caine. Caine was hit, but nothing to serious. Caine fell back on the ground, and killed three gang members, causing them to ran off. Ritter saw the source of the creatures run off the train. Ritter ran off chasing it. Sterling, and Logan did the same. Spooky was knocked back on the ground, and knocked out cold.

Chasing through the city of Dallas, the creature broke into a building. The building was an aquarime. The Dallas World Aquarime, was what it was called. Ritter, Sterling, and Logan stood outside the building. They gazed at it, and looked at each other.

"Ready" - Aaron Ritter

"Yeah" - Sterling

"Yeah, I'm ready" - Logan

The three went inside, and looked around. They split up in different directions. The noises of animals echoed the building. Logan walked around, and went down into the shark aquarime. Something moved from deep inside. He gazed round. As he went inside, a creature ran over toward him, and knocked him back. Logan fell down, but reached for his gun. He aimed it at the incomming creature, and shot out. He missed and hit the glass. The glass started to crack directly above him, and all around. Water started shooting out.

"Ah crap" - Logan

The glass busted, and the pressure of the water coming in killed Logan. The thing got away, and headed for its next victim. Sterling was walking around. She gazed everywhere, but couldn't find anything. Something came out, and threw her against a wall. She got up, but was knocked back down.

"Hey! Back here!" - Aaron Ritter

The thing turned around, and Aaron stood with his pistol aiming at the thing. The battle begins..........

Aaron Ritter is from Alien Raiders

Thing is from John Carpenter's The Thing

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