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Title: Admin Contest Submission
Description: This is where you place your work

Darkender - March 2, 2009 10:24 PM (GMT)
Sorry I'm a day late. Nearly forgot about it, but this is where you put your work. You can post it now or you can wait until the last day(March 20th) after that I'm locking the topic. When the judging is done the winner will be anounced in the sign up topic(Admin Contest). The Due date will be March 20.

Darkender - March 2, 2009 11:05 PM (GMT)
Nearly forgot. No non sense posting. All unneeded posts will be deleted. Post your Work here!!!! Work should be the only thing here!!!

granobulax - March 6, 2009 08:56 AM (GMT)
user posted image Dr. House
user posted image Dougy Howser


user posted image John Kramer (Jigsaw)
user posted image Thrax (Osmosis Jones)

The morning was quite a brisk one to say the least. Riding a motorcycle in the dead of winter was definitely a drawback of looking so cool. Rounding the last icy corner, Dr. Gregory House pulled into the Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital. Dr. Cuddy was already standing outside waiting for him.

“Why are you an hour late and why didn’t you answer my page!?” Cuddy said, clearly with some distain in her voice.

Dr. House pursed up his lips and rolled his eyes, as if mocking her questions and replied, “Had to walk my hooker home. These underage prostitutes these days, they don’t have their driver’s licences yet and...”

“Okay, wrong question.” Cuddy said, quickly cutting House off before he could say another word. “I don’t care why you’re late, just get your butt inside. I’ve got a patient for you”

“Yes mommy.” House said as he passed Cuddy, hobbling on his cane.

The second he entered the front door, Dr. House knew this probably wasn’t going be your average patient. The scene around was utterly chaotic. Police riddled the front lobby and well into the facility. House stopped a moment to assess the situation. Dr. Cuddy walked up behind House and said “Welcome to our little situation.” and walked past House, slapping a thick manila folder in House’s arms on her way by.

House didn’t even bother to look at the folder. He was determined to get it out of Cuddy, not on some folder with paperwork inside it. As fast as his lame leg would take him, he hurried to catch up to his boss. It took a good forty feet or so, but House finally caught up with Cuddy. “Who did you admit, Hannibal Lector?” House mocked, showing signs of becoming winded.

“No, read your file.” She said as she ducked into the stair well.

“Sneaky little...” House’s voice trailed off as peered down to read the name on the folder.

Meanwhile, deep in the brain of the unsuspecting patient, a devious villain of microscopic proportions was just finishing up with yet another job well done. Thrax had only removed the sap’s self regulating capabilities of his hypothalamus two hours ago and everything around him was already falling into total dismay. “The heat’s a’ commin now!” Thrax said, laughing evily as he continued to look for his escape.

The dastardly virus had done this to countless people, and every time had managed to kill his host at a faster time. This time would be no exception. In only a mere 52 hours, this man would be dead. The thought spread a nefarious smile across his mangled teeth.

“Let’s see if he’s made it to the hospital yet.” Thrax spoke to himself with a maniacal laugh. He walked nonchalantly over to the control centre of the brain and viewed out the eyes of his host. “Excellent, he’s already in the hospital. This may not even take fifty-two hours.” With that, Thrax severed the optic nerve, sending his host into blindness...

“I know there’s a lot of fuss going on around here because of John Kramer being in this hospital, but it’s your guys’ job to deal with it. Now I’ve got to go to a press conference. Deal with it and get to your patient.” Dr. Cuddy said promptly and brushed past an astonished Dr. Foreman.

“Who did she just say...” Foreman started.

“Does it matter? We’re here to do our job no matter who our patients are.” House interrupted. Without delay, House started right in. “Our patient is exhibiting a progressing fever, tachycardia, tachypnea, and hypotension. When he got to the hospital, the temp was 99.3. In the next hour, it rose to 101.3 and in the last hour has climbed to 103.3. That’s two degrees an hour people which means we have one hour before he leaves here retarded and two hours to figure things out before this man leaves here in a body bag. Differential diagnosis people.” House said, almost glaring at his team as if to dare them to say anything other than what he wanted to hear.

“Could be infection.” Cameron said.

“No, the temp wouldn’t rise that fast.” Foreman said.

“And there’s no elevated white blood cells.” House noted from the chart in his hand. A silence fell for a few seconds. “Come on people! What could it be?”

Dr. Chase spoke up next. “Tumor. If there’s a tumor of the hypothalamus, it could be the cause of his elevated temperature as well as the other symptoms.”

“Good, get a CT scan with a contrast agent. Go. Any other possible theories?” House probed.

“Neuroleptic malignant syndrome” an unrecognisable voice said from the doorway.

House whirled around and inquisitively peered at the man. “Can I help you?”

“My name is Dougy Howser, but you can call me Dr. Howser. Dr. Cuddy and I are good friends and we just ran into each other in the lobby. I had to see what the big deal was...”

House, growing impatient, sharply interrupted and said, “Is your mommy around? The paediatrics department is down the hall and to the left.”

Undaunted, Dougy continued right where he left off. “ I stopped in. Dr. Cuddy and I talked for a minute or two and she asked if I could help with this case. She already warned me about you and that you’d probably try to kick my out but I’m staying. Like I said, it could be neuroleptic malignant syndrome.”

It took only five minutes for Dr. House to make it down to Cuddy’s office and stormed in. She was behind her desk talking on the phone. “Oh... okay... okay... we’re doing all we can... uh huh... okay, bye.” She hung up the phone and addressed House, “I suppose you’re here because of Dr. Howser.”

House was clearly mad. “I’ve got a case like this and you expect me to baby-sit?”

“You’re wasting your breath, get back up there and solve this case. It’s been chaotic down here. I’ve got an angry mob of people outside threatening to storm the hospital and kill John Kramer so we’re both trying to save a life today.” Cuddy staunchly replied.

“Yes, almost there. He’s a sure goner now. Ha ha! My newest record is so close!” Thrax said with glee.

Hopping out of a pore in the skin, he made his way down to the ground in search of yet another host to kill. Nothing would stop him now. Everything was perfect, except he hadn’t anticipated a janitor washing the floor with an antiviral and antibacterial solution. That would be the end of Thrax. Anticlimactic, I know, but what would become of John Kramer?

It was now three hours since Kramer had showed up to the hospital. House was getting worried that he may not be able to save this patient. The police force within the hospital was enough to make him nervous.

“105.1 and rising. The CT scan is negative for a tumor. If we don’t figure this thing out in the next hour, he’s dead.” House reported to the others.

Over the next hour, the team franticly tried to come up with theories and took countless tests while completely ignoring Dr. Howser’s pleas to listen to him. One hour later, Dr. Foreman walked into Houses office. “He’s gone. Time of death, 12:15 pm.”

House, feeling the cold sting of defeat, sank back in his chair and stared at the ceiling for the rest of the day.

As he walked out the front door of the hospital, he saw Cuddy hurrying to catch up to him. Cuddy stopped him and said, “I’m actually kinda glad that John Kramer died. It was nearly impossible to handle that hospital for even three hours, let alone if this had lasted for weeks in those conditions. So, I’ve been so busy with this mess, how did things go with your patient?”

“He died. Right around the same time Jigsaw did... neuroleptic malignant syndrome.”

nicker - March 8, 2009 10:24 PM (GMT)
Iam back with a new idea!

Ed (Ed Edd Eddy)

Solid Snake.


Cortex (Crash Bandicoot sereis.)


Cortex had been thwarted again and he had enough of Crash beating him.
“Gahh!! That’s it! That bandicoot has been a needle in my stack ever since I first I met him”
Cortex then flashes back to all the times Crash beat him again and again and again. Cortex realized these defeats and started sobbing until he heard someone walk in. Cortex picked up a nearby laser and barked at the person walking in.” Hey stop! Please. Um stop with a cheery on top?” The figure kept walking.
Cortex then let off a shot and then he was shocked to hear the figure’s voice.
“Cortex cmon on! I know you hate me but a laser?! Come on.” Cortex glared at the figure who was N.Brio who was hiding behind a cardboard box “Come out Brio and just tell me why you’re here.”

Brio brushed himself off and spoke. “Well since you asked I shall revel!! Ahem hem cough cough!!”
Twenty hours later….. “Okay I came hear to inform you of two threats to you and me.!”
Cortex who was asleep by now had took off his nightgown which reveled a lab coat under it and responded to N.Brio. “Let me guess is it Crash and that annoying little brat?” Brio simply shook no. Four hours and 10 more suggestions later..

“Um Solid Snake?” Cortex suggested for his last guess. Brio was about to smack Cortex when he realized he had gotten one of them right. “Yes Cortex even though I hate to admit your right! Now the other one is Ed!” Cortex’s jaw dropped to the floor as he fell to the ground laughing . “Hahaha that idiot try and stop me!?!?” Brio then started laughing as well.

Meanwhile in the Cult De Sac Snake had met Ed and had tied the other Eds and put them in a shed.
Snake then took out a radio and spoke to Ocelot. “Hey Ocleot you sure this moron is gonna help me stop Cortex and Brio?”

“Of course Snake! Ocleot out!” Snake then sighed and went back to seeing Ed pick his nose until Cortex came out from the manhole he was hiding in and shot Snake and Ed with paralyzing darts.
Snake and Ed fell to the floor uncounsis. Now back at Cortex’s lair Snake is shown handcuffed and is about to be mutated on when Ed who broke out of his chains a while ago walks in and distracts the Doctors.

“Thanks kid.” Snake said as he undid his handcuffs and put Cortex in a headlock but let him go after Cortex had bit him and Brio and Cortex then cornered Snake and Ed into a corner.

“Any last thing you want to do before you die?! Like have coffee, watch a soap opera, read Super Boy Prime were he punches reality?” Brio said as he was about to shoot Snake when Snake saw Ed turned around with a pissed off expression on his face.

“Huh? What the hells wrong-wait! Ocleot told me he only looks like that when he has a rock in his shoe.!”
Cortex saw Ed turned around and yelled at him to turn around. Ed didn’t move in the slightest. “Grrr. Hey no chin!! I said turn!!” Smack!! Went Cortex’s hand as it smacked Ed’s face.

Ed only turned around to glare at Brio and Cortex and open his mouth. “What is no chin doing?!” Brio stammered as Ed barked at him and Cortex. “Big meanines!!!!!!’ Booshhh!! Went half of the whole room and Cortex and Brio as they both were blow away with the rubble.

Brio was barley awake and Cortex was delusional and spoke these words before slipping into uncounsis.
“Well at least we know that we lost uhh.” Brio then tried getting away but he ran into Snake who grabbed him by the collar and raised a fist to his face.

“Wait Snake cant we just no no no nooo!!” Crack! Went Brio’s nose as Snake gave him a knockout punch.
“Thank god that’s finally over. Well now I got to figure out how to get that rock out.”

Winner:Snake and Ed.

boratz - March 9, 2009 12:24 AM (GMT)
user posted image Castiel and user posted image Hellboy


user posted image Blackheart and user posted image Loki

~~~~~~~~~~In the Absence of Light, Darkness Prevails~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Darkness fell over the land of Asgard. Storms raged in, and swept through the land. Armies of evil stood outside the castle of Odin. In the castle, Odin started growing weaker. His power was vanishing, and his life was coming to an end. Loki stood in triumph beside the throne of Odin. He started to gain the power of Odin, as Odin's life was draining away. Suddenly from the other end of the room, by the entrance door, bright blue light started to shine through. The door was blasted open, and the son of Odin himself came through the door. Thor stood with anger and fury running through his body. Loki then stood over the failing body of Odin. Thor without any word, charged over toward Loki. As Thor was coming closer, Loki vanished into thin air. The laughter of Loki echoed through the castle of Odin. Thor knelt down beside his father, and gazed into his eyes. Thor knew he did not have long, until there would be nothing left of him. Thor stood up, and turned around. He saw the face of Loki. Loki swung out his arms, and a fiery bright dragon like form smashed Thor through a wall. Loki gazed over at Thor, as he was getting back up. Loki started to laugh again.

"This power is magnificent. You will not be able to stop me" - Loki

"With all my might, and with the power of Asgard! I will stop you, Loki!" - Thor

"Well this is going to be fun" - Loki

Thor lifted up his hammer, Mjolnir, and pointed it straight at Loki. The room went dark, and Mjolnir started lighting up. A force of bright blue burning energy blasted out. The God Blast came toward Loki. Loki was hit by the blast, and knocked on the ground. Loki got to his knees, and saw Thor standing over him, and the Mjolnir coming toward him. Loki vanished and reappeared behind Thor. Loki flew back toward the wall, and placed both of his hands on the wall. Swords and shields that were on the wall broke off. The swords and shields then were set on fire. Loki stood behind his weapons, and smiled. Thor stood watching every move that came from Loki. Thor clutching the Mjolnir as tight as could, finally threw it at Loki. The Mjolnir broke through the magical burning swords and shields, and collided with Loki. Loki now on the ground, trying to get back up, was smashed across the room by the Mjolnir. Loki got to his knees, and looked up at Thor. Loki started laughing once again. His laughter echoed into the ears of Thor. Loki lifted his hands, and a black shadowy lion looking object came toward Thor. Thor swung out the Mjolnir, and the shadowy creature was vanquished. Loki got up to attack Thor with his sword, which was covered in bright green flames. Thor smashed the sword out of the hands of Loki, with the Mjolnir, and smashed Loki across the face. Loki fell to the ground. He looked up at Thor, and Thor gazed into his eyes. Thor could see the evil within Loki.

"You think you have stopped me, but you have failed!" - Loki

"What do you mean?" - Thor

"Odin is still going to die! His power and the kingdom of Asgard will be mine!" - Loki

"I will not let you fulfill your evil here!" - Thor

"My magic is to powerful for you!" - Loki

Thor lifted up the Mjolnir, and with all his might smashed Loki in the chest. All of a sudden. From all directions, lightning came. Wind blew through the castle, fire filled the sky above. Loki felt as if a fire was burning inside of him. Then everything went dark. A bright lightning like force blew out of Loki's chest, and went into the chest of Odin. Odin rose to his feet, as his strength and power was coming back to him. The lights within the castle of Odin came back shining brightly. The raging storm that fell over Asgard, broke away. The evils that roamed within the land of Asgard, had retreated back to their lands. Odin came into where his son, Thor, and Loki were fighting. Loki rose to his knees. An anger and hatred fell through his body. Loki got to his feet, and waited for his punishment. Odin pointed his finger toward Loki, and a rage came out of him.

"You have betrayed me for the last time!" - Odin

"What are you and Thor going to do about it? Hit my hand, and say no!" - Loki

"Your punishment will be spending eternity in the lair of Mephisto, where you will be tormented and tortured for all time!" - Odin

The floor cracked underneath Loki. The hellfire from Mephisto's lair rose up, engulfing Loki. Loki was then pulled back into hell, into the lair of Mephisto. Chains, hooks, and blades from every direction pierced through Loki's body. Loki was pinned to the ground below him. Fire was burning inside of him. From all around, Loki could hear the screams and moans of tortured souls. Spikes broke out of the ground, and through the legs of Loki. The pain was never ending, and the cries never stopped. Blood rained down on top of him, and the stench of sulfur came from all around. Loki now was in torment.


The stench of sulfur filled the air. Blazing hellfire covered whatever could be seen. The screams of tortured and tormented souls filled the lair of Mephisto, and pain was unleashed on everything there. After being punished by his father, Blackheart is being held in the deepest pitts of hell. The large black-skinned beast with quills on his head. Blackheart's bright fiery blood red eyes shined in the darkest pitts. He waited until he could regain the power he once had, and broke out of his prison. Walking toward the Realm of Mephisto. Skeleton like tormented souls reached out for Blackheart. The tormented souls trembled back, as Blackheart passed by them. Blackheart stood face to face with demons that stood between him, and the Realm of his father. Blackheart lifted his hands. Fiery blood red lights came from his hands. The demons that stood in his way were engulfed in the fiery red flames that came from Blackheart. The demons then became dust, and vanished in the air. As Blackheart broke through his father's gates, the grounds started to shake. The red-skinned beast known as Mephisto, appeared before his son. The grounds shook harder. Hellfire fell from up above, and Mephisto stood in anger from of Blackheart.

"What are you doing here? You dear defy my again?" - Mephisto

"Yes father, and this time you will not prison me" - Blackheart

"I will punish you for your acts against me, and you never defy me again!" - Mephisto

"Not this time father!" - Blackheart

Mephisto put up his hands. The grounds cracked. Fire swept inside the cracks. Blackheart fell through one the cracks of the grounds, but he teleported behind Mephisto. Blackheart stuck his hands on Mephisto, and the Realm stopped shaking. The cries from all the tortured souls stopped all at once. All the hellfire that blazed across hell went out. Then suddenly, all at once a large explosion knocked Mephisto back on the ground. The noises of the cries came back even louder than before. The hellfire blazed brighter than before, and the Realm shook harder than ever before. Mephisto tried to get to his feet, but he was knocked by a blue fiery blast that came from Blackheart. Mephisto growing weak, saw Blackheart coming over toward him. Fire fell from up above, just like hard pouring rain. Blackheart started to laugh in victory over his father, and all of a sudden, Mephisto vanished. Blackheart turned around, and made his way toward another location. During his punishment, Blackheart started planning a plot to rule over all things. A plot to have more power than anyone, or anything possible. Blackheart made his way toward the place that the fallen demigod of mischief, Loki. Standing outside the cell Loki was imprisoned in, were skeleton like demons. Blackheart stood before them.

"Move now, or perish" - Blackheart

"Mephisto gave us orders to guard Loki" - Skeleton Demons

"Oh, well that is a shame" - Blackheart

Blackheart lifted his hands. The skeleton like demons came charging toward him. Blackheart unleashed a power out of his hands, which knocked all the demons on the ground. Their bodies became were engulfed in flames, they started to burn away. Blackheart broke the gates open, and found Loki on the ground. Hooks pierced through his body, and chains wrapped around him. Fire blazing over him. Blackheart put his hand on the chest of Loki. All the hooks, all the chains, and all the fire suddenly vanished in the air. Loki rose to his feet, and looked into the blood red eyes of Blackheart. Loki stood confused, and astonished that he was broken free by the son of Mephisto.

"Why did you do that?" - Loki

"I need your help" - Blackheart

"May, I ask what?" - Loki

"The Kingdom of Asgard as punished you for the last time. Odin has dishonored you, and Thor has become a hatred of yours. I can help you defeat them. I can help you gain control of the Kingdom of Asgard" - Blackheart

"You still have not answered my question" - Loki

"Together we will raise an army on Earth. We will take Earth, and our army will grow stronger. We will then take Asgard, and our armies will grow more massive. We will then take hell, and our army will be more massive than any other army. We will then break through the gates of Heaven, and fight the armies of Heaven" - Blackheart

"Sounds like fun" Loki

Blackheart led his new ally to his father's throne. A dark object was lying in front of the throne of Mephisto. The object enlarged into a door like object. A dark substance started dripping down from it. The dark substance came out latching around both Blackheart and Loki. It spread over them until they were sucked into the object. Blackheart and Loki were teleported to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Snow came down hard, and their evil reign was about to begin.

The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense has just recently learned of a threat to Earth. The threat was located in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, but they didn't know what it was. Grigori Rasputin is the one, who was leading the threat. Sitting in the jet, Hellboy gazed over at the love of his life, Liz Sherman. The jet suddenly hit turbulence, and Hellboy hit his head against the window. He grabbed his head. Hellboy then looked up, and saw Abe coming inside the door. He said that the plane was hitting turbulence, and Hellboy just simply ignored him. Hellboy took out a cigar put it in his mouth, he looked out the window, and saw the powdery snow fall from the skies above. The jet went in for a landing, and the doors behind opened wide. Hellboy went walking outside. The cold wind blew from all around. Snow fell from the sky, and a whistling noise coming from the wind filled the ears of the B.P.R.D. agents. Abe walked out into the open. He took off his dark glove, and raised his hand in the air. Flashes of several different visions came through his head. Abe turned around facing Hellboy.

"They are here, and something terrible is about to happen." - Abe

"That's just perfect. Well lets go be the party poopers." - Hellboy

The team followed Abe, and as they were getting near the location of Rasputin. Things started changing. The snow fell harder. The wind blew faster, it became harder to see as the white powder of snow fell. Suddenly they saw the image of a black door shaped object floating in the air above a large stone. Five bloody heads were floating in front of the object, in the shape of pentagram. As they were getting closer, they saw a black substance dripping off from the object. They saw him standing by the object. He was dressed in a long red silk robe. Rasputin stood chanting out a spell that could release something onto the world, but what? Suddenly lightning busted out of the object, fire came out of it, and the noise of an explosion kept pounding through the lands. Rasputin turned around. He smiled looking down at Hellboy, who was loading up his gun. Rasputin lifted his arm, and pointed at the object. His eyes grew dark, and his smile grew massive.

"My master will be unleashed on this world! He bring an unspeakable force, and you will not be able to stop it!" - Rasputin

"Whatever you say, baldy" - Hellboy

Hellboy pointed his gun at Rasputin, and shot the gun. The force of blast from the gun knocked Rasputin into the object. The black substance then latched onto his body. Flames from hellfire came blazing over his body, and he was taken inside the black substance. Hellboy then asked how do they stop the portal device. Abe started to speak, but something stopped him. The human agents of the team were sliced apart. A dark figure in a gas mask, and a black leather jacket came out of nowhere. Blades swung out, cutting off the heads of the agents. Karl Ruprecht Kroenen ran toward Liz. Liz turned around. Flames covered her hands, but before she could react, she was impaled through the chest.

"No!" - Hellboy

Hellboy jumped through the air, and grabbed Kroenen by the neck; with his stone right hand. Hellboy started to crush the neck of Kroenen, or at least as much as he could. He then picked Kroenen up, and threw him at the object. Kroenen smashed into the stone, causing it to crack. The black substance then came down, and latched onto his arm. The substance pulled him up toward the object. Kroenen tried fighting back, but he could not break out of the substances grasp. His body was then covered in the flames of hellfire as he was pulled inside the object. Hellboy picked up a bag of explosives, and threw it at the portal. As the substance latched onto it, an explosion destroyed the portal. All at once the ground shook underneath them. The sound of the explosion filled the air. The snow fell even harder, and the winds blew faster than before. All of a sudden it all stopped. The snow stopped falling, the wind stopped blowing, and the noises from all arounf stopped at once. Hellboy looked down at the love of his life. A tear ran down his face, as he knelt down beside her. He put his hand over her face.

"Liz. Lizzy. Please stay with me." - Hellboy

Hellboy picked up Liz, and started to run her back to the jet. Abe followed in behind him, and they got on. Hellboy yelled for the pilot to take off, and they headed back to the base. Hellboy sat with Liz on the floor of the jet, and knelt down beside her. He waved his hand through her hair, telling her to stay with him. Abe got out a first aide kit, and started to treat her the best he could. They flew back to base, yet knowing what was released onto the world. As they arrived back at the base, Liz was taken to the medic office. Where she was being treated. The doctors told Hellboy that she was probably not going to make it. Hellboy turned around in rage, and punched the wall. The wall cracked open, and Hellboy fell to his knees. Abe stood over him, and was saddened by the news of his friend.

A blinding light was shining high above the world. A powerful voice shook the grounds below. Glass and windows busted from all around. From high above, a powerful being came down with orders from Heaven. An Angel of the Lord came down, and took a human vessel to fulfill the orders he had received from the Lord. The Angel Castiel had received orders from the Lord to save Earth from an unspeakable doom. Castiel would need help from the Right Hand of Doom himself. Castiel was walking in the world, that he hasn't seen for two thousand years. The world he thought was magnificent, and the world he thought was an artwork of the Lord. He saw human beings walking around, and talking with one another. Amazed by the humans, Castiel sat back on a park bench, and saw small children running around. A little girl went over toward him smiling. She had a flower in her hand, and reached over to give it to Castiel. Castiel put out his hand, and the flower fell into his hand. He looked over at the little girl, and sat amazed by the actions of the generous human being. He sat amazed by the kindness that they brought. Castiel got to his feet. He had to move on. He knew he had to move on to problem at hand. The world and all living things were in danger.

He learned that evil had been released onto Earth by, Rasputin. Castiel knew the plot of this evil, and therefore needed the assistance of the Right Hand of Doom, Hellboy. Castiel turned away from the humans, and started walking away. He vanished into thin air. Castiel made his way toward the base of B.P.R.D. Standing outside the gates, bolts of electricity broke out, as the gate opened up, and Castiel passed through them. A door leading inside the base opened up, which cause explosions of lights all around him. As he was making his way through the building, lights busted and exploded. Security from all around shot out at him, but none of the shots even fazed Castiel. As Castiel went past the security he placed his fingers on their foreheads, which caused them to go unconscious. Castiel made his way toward an elevator door. The doors broke open, and Castiel went inside. As he was going into the lower level, a red alert came on through the base. As the elevator doors opened, security stood outside shooting at the intruder. Castiel passed by them, without being fazed. He simply put his fingers on the security guards, and knocked them unconscious. Making his way toward the location of Hellboy, Castiel walked past red flashing lights. The lights blew up from all around, and suddenly Castiel made his way inside a room. Standing on the other side was the big red demonic beast known as Hellboy. Hellboy had a cigar in his pistol in hand.

"So, what do we have here?" - Hellboy

"My name is Castiel" - Castiel

"Hmm, who cares?" - Hellboy

Hellboy lifted his gun, and hit Castiel in the chest. The shot did not faze Castiel. Hellboy stood in anger. He then threw down his gun, and started charging over toward Castiel. Hellboy grabbed Castiel, and pinned him to a wall. Hellboy started punching with his right stone hand. Finally, Castiel broke out of his grip, and unleashed a series of punches on Hellboy's face. Hellboy staggered back, and Castiel placed his fingers on his forehead. The power of Castiel caused Hellboy to fall to the ground paralyzed for only a few moments. Castiel walked over toward the bed of Liz Sherman. He gazed down at her failing body, and placed his hand on her head. A bright white light started to fill up the room. Hellboy got to his feet crying out for him to stop. Suddenly, it all stopped. Liz Sherman's eyes opened wide, and she took a large gasp of air. Liz sat up, and looked up at the Angel Castiel. Hellboy stood in both surprised and astonished of what just happened. Hellboy ran over toward Liz, pushing Castiel out of the way, and hugged her tightly. Hellboy and Liz turned their attention toward Castiel. Both of them looking into his eyes. Abe came walking in, and stood by his team members.

"Who the hell are you?" - Hellboy

"Castiel." - Castiel

"Well, we know that, but what the hell are you?" - Hellboy

"I'm an Angel of the Lord." - Castiel

"A what?" - Hellboy

"An Angel of the Lord, and we need to talk." - Castiel

"About what." - Hellboy

"The one known as Rasputin released Blackheart onto this world, and a demigod known a Loki." - Castiel

"Who the hell is Blackheart?" - Hellboy

"He is the son of a powerful demon named Mephisto, who is the keeper of hell. He is under the rank of Lucifer himself." - Castiel

"So, let me guess I have to stop the ending of the world. Hmm sounds fun." - Hellboy

"Blackheart is planning on opening the Devil's Gate of Wyoming, which he plans to release an army, and march through Earth. After taking Earth, he plans on marching through the gates of Asgard, and taking down the Asgardians with help of Loki. After gaining control of Asgard he will march toward the gates of Heaven, and the end of things will come. He will gain soldiers from both Earth and Asgard." - Castiel

"What do I have to do?" - Hellboy

"I need you, and only you to help me on the upcoming battle for the Devil's Gate, or it will be the end of all things." - Castiel

Both Blackheart and Loki stood high on a mountaintop in Colorado. Snow was falling past them. Blackheart walked over toward the edge of a cliff, and put his dark black hands in the ground. The Earth started shaking from all around them. The mountain started to crack. The wind blew faster. Snow fell harder from the skies. Suddenly three dark shadows came their way. The shadow formed into humanlike figures. The shadows turned into the three fallen elementals; Abigor the wind demon, Wallow the water demon, and Gressil the Earth demon. Blackheart stood before them, and told them that they have work to do. The three fallen elementals agreed to help their new master Blackheart, and the evils vanished into thin air. Blackheart needed two keys to open the gates of Hell. There was a gun that was being kept by a hunter named Daniel Elkins in Manning, Colorado. The gun was called the Colt. It is said that the Colt can kill anything, including the supernatural beast that walk on the world. Abigor, Willow, and Gressil all stood outside the house of Daniel Elkins. Elkins gazed outside, and saw the faces of the elementals. He knew something was happening. He turned around, and went to his room. He was going to get the Colt. As he entered he saw something. Floating in the air, was the heads of people he could not save during his days as a hunter. People that were killed because of him. He staggered back, and place his hand over his chest. His heart was pounding, and he started coughing. Blood started coming out of his mouth, and he heard something behind him.

"What's wrong old man? Getting to old for this!" - Loki

Elkins turned and saw the heads had vanished. He ran to a safe, and started to unlock it. Elkins took out the Colt, and turned around. In front of him he saw fire floating in the air, in form of a dragon. The dragon came down to attack him, but it vanished before it hit him. Elkins fell to his knees. His chest was hurting more and more. His heart giving out, but he still had strength in him. He lifted up his arm, and pointed the Colt at Loki. Suddenly, from behind him, Blackheart grabbed Elkins head, and snapped his neck. The Colt fell to the ground, and Blackheart dropped the body of Daniel Elkins on the ground. Blackheart and Loki started tearing through the body of Elkins, and splashed his blood on the walls of the house. Blackheart picked up the Colt, and gazed over at Loki. The two walked outside, and the elementals went toward them.

"We got what we need here. We can go." - Blackheart

The five evils disappeared in the darkness. They vanished, and came to the land Wyoming. The evils came into an old cemetery. In the center of the cemetery was a door, that was a doorway to hell itself. Blackheart went over to the doorway, but he couldn't step over the Devil's Trap surrounding the door. He got Loki to come over toward him, and told him to put the end of the Colt inside the first lock. There was another whole, which required a larger key. A harder one to get a hold of. Blackheart got his minions to line up, and Loki stood side by side with the fallen elementals.

"Stay here. I have to go get someone." - Blackheart

Blackheart vanished into thin air, and Loki along with elementals stayed at the Devil's Gate.

Hellboy gazed at Castiel strangely, but after saving Liz Sherman Hellboy agreed to help him. Hellboy was still suspicious though, he still didn't trust Castiel. The two beings made their way through the base. Both of them got onto the elevator, and went to the ground floor. Hellboy took out a cigar, and lit it up. Putting it in his mouth, he tried to study Castiel. The elevator doors opened wide. Both of them walked out, and made their way toward the exit. Security guards from all around, gazed over at Castiel. All of them angered about being put unconscious by the suspicious Angel of the Lord. The doors opened wide in front of them. Hellboy and Castiel made their way toward the gate. Castiel turned and faced Hellboy. Hellboy took a step back, as Castiel put his fingers on Hellboy's forehead, and they vanished into thin air. They appeared outside of a house in Manning, Colorado. Hellboy stood in anger about what Castiel just did, but Castiel said they had work to do there. They made their way through the house. As they entered a room, they saw that blood covered the walls. Bodily organs were laid across the floor. The heart of a human was crushed against the ground. Brain matter was spilled on the ceiling. It was the body parts of Daniel Elkins. Castiel gazed around the room, and knew that it was gone.

"What the hell happened here?" - Hellboy

"They have the Colt." - Castiel

"What?" - Hellboy

"The Colt is a gun made by Sammuel Colt. It is said the Colt can kill anything. It is also one of the two keys that can unlock the doorway to hell." - Castiel

"What's the other key?" - Hellboy

"It is much harder to get ahold of, but we must not let them unlock the door." - Castiel

"Why don't the armies of Heaven just fight back? Huh why doesn't God Almighty come down and stop this army?" - Hellboy

"Because if the gates are open, then Blackheart will gain an unstoppable power. The powers of Lucifer and Mephisto will be his. He will be unstoppable. That is why he must be stopped now." - Castiel

Castiel put his fingers back on Hellboy's forehead. They vanished into thin air, and appeared in Wyoming. The old rundown cemetery that the doorway was located. The land had been quiet. Darkness filled the lands. Suddenly, fire rained down from the sky above. Moments later it all stopped, and it start to rain the blood of the dead. The stench of the sulfurm, and the stench of the dead was to unbearable for Hellboy. Hellboy covered his nose, but he got used to it as they made their way toward the door. Something happened, both Castiel and Hellboy were knocked down. Both Castiel and Hellboy got to their feet, and prepared themselves for what attacked them. They saw their attackers in front of them. The fallen elementals formed into men. Hellboy took out his pistol, but Abigor the wind demon attacked him. Castiel was attacked by both the water elemental Wallow, and the Earth elemental Gressil. Hellboy got to his feet, and gazed up at Abigor, whom transformed into a wind like subtance. Abigor came down, blowing Hellboy back on the ground. Castiel's feet were were caught in water, as Wallow turned into his element, and Gressil jumped over at Castiel. Gressil started laying out punches on Castiel. Castiel grabbed one of Gressil's arms, and knocked him back toward a tombstone. Wallow started moving up Castiel's body, until Castiel could not move a muscle. Gressil came back unloading a series of punches on him.

Hellboy was pinned on the ground by Abigor. Hellboy yelled out, "That's it!". Hellboy started to chant out some Latin words. Words that put Abigor into fear. Castiel still caught in Wallow grasp, started to use his power. Castiel's hands started to light up. Suddenly the water that held him, also started to light up. Wallow screamed as his whole body turned into a bright white burning light. Gressil went to punch Castiel, but Castiel knocked him back on the ground. Gressil got to his knees, but Castiel grabbed him by the throat. Castiel placed his other hand on his forehead, and his body started lighting up from the inside. A burning bright light started shining out of Gressil's eyes and mouth, and suddenly Gressil's lifeless body fell back on the ground. Abigor burned away, and his windy appearance disappeared in a shadowy fire in the ground. Hellboy got up, just after exorcising Abigor, and went over toward Castiel. Suddenly they heard a laughter from behind. The two turned around, and saw the green bodied, and yellow horned appearance of Loki.

"Ah crap." - Hellboy

"So you two dear come, and try to defy the great Loki. Well you will fall." - Loki

"How 'bout I just rip your head off, and then go kill you boss!" - Hellboy

"Stupid little demon thinks he can talk to me like that." - Loki

"Hellboy go and stop Blackheart. I will finish this." - Castiel

"Sounds good to me. Catch ya later Castriel." - Hellboy

"It's Castiel." - Castiel

"Whatever." - Hellboy

Hellboy headed toward the door, and Castiel and Loki stood facing one another. Their battle was about to begin.

The wind blew a cool breeze through the Devil's Gate. The moon was full, and shined brighter than ever before. The whistling of the wind echoed in the land. The ground was completely dry. The stench of sulfur, and death had filled the air from all around. Castiel and Loki stood in the grave yard. Castiel stood gazing at Loki, ready for his every move. Both of them ready to fight, both ready to kill. The smiling coming of the face of Loki, was reflecting off the eyes of Castiel. Loki started to circle around Castiel, and his voice broke out.

"How do you feel Angel. Your are in the presence of a true god." - Loki

"You are no god, for there is only one God." - Castiel

"Well, I guess I will have to educate you on that." - Loki

"Turn around, and walk away." - Castiel

"What will you do if I don't?" - Loki

"I will lay you to waste." - Castiel

"Sounds fun, but I think I will give an Angel a clear look on what hell is like." - Loki

Loki lifted his hands high in the air. The ground started cracking from underneath. Fire started raining down from the sky. Chains and hooks broke through the graves. The bones and skeletons of both men and women buried in the cemetery came breaking up from under the ground, covered in blood. The loud screams of tortured souls echoed through the air. A cold breeze shot through the cemetery. Loki stood smiling, and laughing at Castiel. Castiel glanced around at all of the creations of the trickster. Loki took out a sword, and pointed it over at Castiel. From all around the dark creations that was created by Loki all came toward the Angel. Castiel put his hand in the air. A bright blinding light started to shine through the entire area. All the evil that had been created by Loki vanished away. Loki charged over toward Castiel. Castiel stood in defense, and waited for the trickster's next move. Loki swung out his sword. Castiel jumped back, dodging the attack. Something busted out from the ground. Blood came out, distracting Castiel. Loki kicked Castiel back on the ground. Castiel rolled over to lift himself off the ground. Castiel jumped back up, as the blade from Loki's sword swung through the air. Castiel stood up, and dodged another attack. Castiel threw out a punch, causing Loki to stagger back. Loki jumped forward, and swung his sword again. Castiel dodged the attack once again, and punched him back on the ground.

Loki dropped his sword. As he was laying back on the ground, he glance over at his sword. He put his hand in the air, and his sword started to float over toward him. Loki got to his feet, and tired to get ready for another attack. Castiel charged over toward Loki, and started to unleash punches onto his face. Loki dropped his sword, and started to fall to his knees. Castiel grabbed Loki by the throat. Castiel tried to destroy Loki, as he did with Wallow and Gressil, but Loki put his hand on the ground. Blood started burst from the ground, and knocked Castiel on the ground. Loki got up to his feet, waving his arms in the air. The blood took the form of dragon like object. The blood became a fire, and swept down Castiel. Castiel pointed his hand toward the fiery dragon. His fingers had a bright blinding light come out, and go toward the creation of Loki. The fiery dragon burst in the air. Castiel started to look around, and saw that Loki had vanished. He started to walk, but something came out. A shadow came out, knocking Castiel on his knees. Loki appeared before him, and kicked him in the face. Loki kicked Castiel on the side of the face. Castiel fell on the ground, he was then thrown back by Loki. Loki waved his hands in the air once again, a bright green light blasted Castiel back onto an old wooden cross. Loki walked over, and stood over Castiel. Castiel gazed up at the trickster, who was lifting his sword in the air.

"You said you were going to lay me to waste! Well looks like your were wrong!" - Loki

The sword of Loki had a bright green light surrounding it. Castiel jumped back, as Loki came down to attack. Castiel kicked Loki back, and jumped onto him. Loki punched Castiel back. He pointed his sword at Castiel. A red shining light broke out, and smashed Castiel on the ground. Loki turned into a shadow, and disappeared into the darkness. Castiel got to his feet, gazing around, looking for the trickster. The wind blew a cold breeze through the lands. Shadows started to move from all around. A dark figure appeared behind Castiel. Castiel turned around, punching the figure. The dark figure broke away. Castiel could sense him behind him. He turned around, and saw the face of Loki. Loki swung his sword out at Castiel. Castiel tried to dodge the attack, but part of the sword sliced his arm. A bright white light started shining out of his arm. Castiel grabbed his arm in pain. The sword that Loki had in his possession, was a sword that could kill an Angel. Castiel felt a sense of worry inside of him. He had to fight Loki, without being stabbed by the sword of Loki. Loki could see the fear in his face, and a smile came across his face. Loki flew up into the air, and looked down Castiel. From up above, fire fell down from the sky. Loki disappeared in the sky. Castiel started leaping away from the flames. He leaped over graves, but something broke out from under the ground. Loki busted out of the ground, and sliced one of the legs of Castiel. Castiel grabbed his leg, as the white light started to shine out. His body started to heal over the wound, but Loki did not miss what he had done to the Angel.

"Hmm this is interesting! I will have the privilege of killing an Angel of the Lord!" - Loki

Loki swung out the sword, but Castiel ducked down. Castiel barely dodged the attack. Loki kneed Castiel in the face, and swung his sword out again. Castiel jumped over, just dodging it again. Loki tried to launch another attack, but Castiel punched him in the chin. Loki fell back, and Castiel knocked the sword out of his hands. Castiel found his chance. He ran over, and started to unleash punches on Loki. Loki flew back through a tombstone. He tried to get to his feet, but Castiel knocked him, and threw hin back on the ground. Loki got to his knees, and pointed his hand toward Castiel. A black light blasted out of his hand, but Castiel jumped over to the side. Castiel dodged the attack, and leaped in the air onto Loki. Castiel started punching Loki's face into the ground. Castiel then grabbed Loki by the throat. He put his hand on the forehead of Loki. Loki struggled to break the grip, but he was to weak. The feeling of burning and being electrocuted from the inside passed through the inside of Loki. Loki screamed out, as a white light broke out of his eyes and mouth. Castiel held the lifeless body of Loki in his hands. He gazed over the body, and finally dropped it back on the ground. As Loki's body hit the ground, Castiel got to his feet. He turned toward the doorway to hell, and made his way there. He knew he had to help Hellboy with the battle for the future of all living things.

Hellboy made his way toward the doorway to hell. A cold shiver went down his back. He turned around, glancing back to see the battle between both Castiel and Loki. The epic battle between the two caused the Earth to shake, and fire to fall from the sky. Hellboy turned around, and saw the door. He saw the Colt inside one of the locks. He then saw the other lock. The lock was massive, and was in the shape of his right hand. Now, he knew why he was important to Castiel. He knew why he was important to Heaven. Hellboy felt the wind change in a different direction. He glanced over, and saw a shadow forming beside him. The shadow became a black-skinned creature with shining blood red eyes. Blackheart stood gazing over at the Right Hand of Doom. Hellboy took out his revolver, and pointed it at Blackheart. He saw something that made him stop. He saw the love of his life, in the arms of Blackheart. Liz Sherman was struggling to break the grip of Blackheart, but she was to weak. Hellboy started to lower his revolver, and he whispered to himself, "Liz".

"Now, you know. Now, you know that Heaven wants to keep you from fulfilling your true destiny!" - Blackheart

"I know you better let her go, or I will shove my fist down your throat!" - Hellboy

"Now. Now, Anung un Rama, that is your name isn't it? Why do your have to be so frustrated? I want you to unleash your destiny onto this world." - Blackheart

"You want to know what I will release. I want going to unleash my fist on your face!" - Hellboy

Hellboy lifted his rovolver, and unloaded his shots on him. Liz fell onto the ground, and Blackheart flew back onto a grave. Hellboy went to stand over the body of Blackheart. He gazed down at the massive bullet holes, and smiled. He took out a cigar, and lit it up. Something was happening, Blackheart started regenerating. As he was fully regenerated, Blackheart jumped up, and smacked Hellboy through the air. Hellboy dropped both his cigar and his revolver. He hit the ground, and slowly got to his knees.

"You made me loose my cigar, now I am really going to kill you!" - Hellboy

Hellboy charged toward Blackheart with anger. He grabbed the dark beast, and threw him on the ground. Hellboy started to smashing Blackheart's head in the ground with his stone hand. Blackheart jumped in the air, but Hellboy grabbed his tail. He then swung the beast around and around, and finally threw him into an old rotten dead tree. Blackheart got to his feet. He saw Hellboy coming his way. Blackheart's arm then became blazed with red flames, and he shot it out toward Hellboy. Hellboy was hit back on the ground. He tried to get to his feet, but Hellboy got knocked back on the ground by another blast. Hellboy finally got to his feet, and jumped toward Blackheart. He kicked Blackheart back on the ground, and jumped on top of him. Hellboy grabbed Blackheart's head, and smashed it into the ground. Blackheart kicked him off, but Hellboy came back punching him in the ground. The blood red eyes started piercing into Hellboy's head. Blackheart disappeared into the darkness. Hellboy started to glance all around. He could see nothing, but the face of Liz Sherman. Hellboy ran over toward her, and told her to run. Something happened from behind him. He felt claws digging into his back. Blackheart threw Hellboy through the air. He hit the ground, and looked up at the black-skinned beast. Blackheart turned his hand into a red blazing fire, and punched the ground. The ground shook, and Hellboy was blasted back onto the doorway to hell. Blackheart slowly made his way over toward Hellboy, and finally he vanished into thin air. From every direction, Hellboy could hear his voice. The wind suddenly stopped blowing.

Blackheart suddenly appeared before Hellboy. Hellboy jumped to his feet, and tackled him on the ground. Hellboy started punching Blackheart's face into the ground. Blackheart tried throwing him off, but Hellboy ripped off his arms. Hellboy continued to bust the face Blackheart into the ground, but a blood red fiery light smashed Hellboy back through the air. Hellboy hit the ground, but got to his feet to face Blackheart. Blackheart got to his feet, and started to regenerate. Hellboy then started to charge toward Blackheart with all his fury. Blackheart jumped through the air, and both monsters collided with each other. The noise from the collision could be heard from far off. Blackheart unleashed punches into the chest of Hellboy, and Hellboy start punching Blackheart down to the ground. Both monsters traded colossal punches. Liz Sherman could see Hellboy and Blackheart fighting each other. She knew something had to be done. He hands were then with blue flames. She pointed her hands over toward Hellboy and Blackheart. An explosion knocked both Hellboy and Blackheart on the ground. Blackheart turned into dust, and Hellboy got up to face his opponent. He was gone, but where was he? Hellboy got to his feet, and turned toward Liz. He smiled at her, but a shadowy figured started to form behind her. It was Blackheart. Hellboy roared out "NO!". Suddenly a long sharp claws, went through the body of Liz. She fell to her knees, and blood started to fall from her mouth. Hellboy jumped through the air, and onto Blackheart. Blackheart dug his claws into Hellboy, and threw him back. Blackheart put his hand in the air.

"Stop. Please. I can give you everything you want." - Blackheart

Blackheart waved his hands through the air. Images started to appear before Hellboy. Images of Professor Trevor Bruttenholm. "Father" is what Hellboy whispered to himself. Images of Liz Sherman laughing. Images of what made Hellboy happy. "Liz" is what he whispered, as his eyes had tears came down his cheeks.

"You know what you have to do. You can be happy, and have a great powerful life. All you have to do is open the lock, and release true power." - Blackheart

"Don't listen to him!" - Castiel

Castiel came up from behind Hellboy. Hellboy turned toward Castiel, with a tear running down his face.

"I'm sorry, but this is my life!" - Hellboy

"But what about the lives of the billions of people on this Earth. They need you right now." - Castiel

"This pathetic life form doesn't want you to fulfill your true destiny. You are Anung un Rama. You are the key to the future." - Blackheart

"You can make your own destiny. You can make your own future with your love." - Castiel

"No! You can't Anung un Rama! You have a destiny!" - Blackheart

"Now, that's it! My name is Hellboy!" - Hellboy

Hellboy jumped through the air, and smashed Blackheart on the ground. Hellboy smashed his face back, and picked Blackheart up throwing him back onto a grave. Blackheart jumped up to his feet, and both monsters collided with each other. Both monsters started trading punches and kicks, and both monster never stopped fighting. Hellboy threw out a punch with his right stoned hand, but Blackheart dodged the punch. As Blackheart saw the stone hand moving through the air, he grabbed Hellboy by the chest. His claws dug inside Hellboy, and he threw Hellboy through the air. Hellboy hit the doorway to hell, and fell to the ground. Blackheart started to shout out to Hellboy "Open the lock!". Something stopped him from yelling at Hellboy. Castiel started punching Blackheart back on the ground. Blackheart got up, but Castiel knocked him back. Castiel grabbed Blackheart, and threw him back on the ground. Blackheart rapped his tail around Castiel's leg, and tripped him on the ground. Blackheart was about to jumped on top of Castiel, but Castiel kicked him back. Castiel got to his feet, along with Blackheart. Castiel started punching Blackheart in the face. As he punched Blackheart in the chin, Blackheart staggered back. Castiel grabbed him by the neck, and put his hand on his forehead. Trying to destroy him as he did with his opponents, Castiel could not destroy Blackheart. Blackheart started laughing, and his laugh echoed through the ears of Castiel.

"Sorry, but your to weak to take me on!" - Blackheart

Blackheart turned his hand into a bright red color. He knocked Castiel back on the ground. Blackheart grabbed him, and gazed into his eyes. Blackheart then started to recite a dark spell. The spell sent Castiel into fear, it made his body shake. Blackheart's shining blood red eyes were shining off the eyes of Castiel. All of a sudden the wind stopped blowing. The only sound was the spell being recited. Something happened, Hellboy came out of nowhere, and grabbed Blackheart. Hellboy smashed Blackheart's head into the ground, and put something over his head. The Colt, Hellboy put the end of the Colt directly over the head of Blackheart. He put his thumb over the trigger, and pulled it back. The bullet fired off into Blackheart's head. Blackheart's body started to light up, and his screams filled the lands. Suddenly, the body of Blackheart started decaying away. The battle was finally over.

As the body of Blackheart completely burned away, Hellboy ran over toward Liz's body. He grabbed her in his arms, and tears ran down his face. He cried for her to come back, but nothing was happening. The wind whistled, and the stars were shining high above them. Castiel went over toward Hellboy.

"Bring her back! Please bring her back!" - Hellboy

The tears ran harder down Hellboy's face as time past by.

"I don't know if I can." - Castiel

"Please!" - Hellboy

"I will try." - Castiel

"Thank you." - Hellboy

"Give her some room, please." - Castiel

Hellboy hugged her tightly, and laid her down. Castiel then walked over toward her. He placed his hand on her shoulder, and from all around the lands started to shake. Bright, blinding lights came out from the sky. All the graves, and tombstones shattered to pieces. Trees broke down, and Hellboy fell back. The only thing left standing was the doorway to hell. Hellboy got to his feet, and saw Liz breathing heavily. There handprint burned into her shoulder, from where Castiel had grabbed her. She was alright. Castiel stood by her side, and Hellboy ran over to hug her. His tears of sorrow became tears of joy. As the two lovers kissed each other, and hugged each other, something else happened. Another earthquake started shake the land. The grounds cracked, and a pool of blood started to rise up in the air. The blood formed the monstrous demon Mephisto. Mephisto gazed at Castiel, Hellboy, and Liz Sherman. He turned his attention to where his son was killed. He then turned his attention back to the three.

"You killed my son!" - Mephisto

"Well looks like I did, so what are you going to do about, nasty?" - Hellboy

"Sooner or later, I will bring the end onto this world of yours. Everything living thing will be in torment for all times!" - Mephisto

"Well stinky, I won't let that happen, because I am going to kill you." - Hellboy

"I will make you pay dearly for this. I will make the Angel pay, and everyone on this Earth will be destroyed!" - Mephisto

The body of Mephisto turned into a pool of blood, and soaked back into the ground. Hellboy smiled, looking into Liz's eyes.

"Hey, thanks Cas............." - Hellboy

Hellboy turned toward Castiel, but he had vanished. Hellboy started looking in every direction, but there was no sign of the Angel. Hellboy then looked back at Liz. The two got to their feet, and started to walk through the broken down cemetery.

"What do you think is going to happen?" - Liz Sherman

"Well if big red stinky ever comes back, then he'll be sorry." - Hellboy

"That sounds nice." - Liz Sherman

"Lets get outta here." - Hellboy

Hellboy and Liz started walking off in the distance. The sun was about to rise. The raze of the sun started to light up the entire area. The two lovers started their long journey back home. This battle was over, but there was another battle about to begin...........

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Grom Hellscream
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Dr Doom
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Also: Please check this out:
There's a shout out to a few of the members in the story; see if you can spot them.



Kilowog remembered a day, a long time ago, when Hal Jordan had told him that space was the final frontier. The sincerity and enthusiasm fused in the young man’s voice had almost led Kilowog to believe that it were true.

It wasn’t.

Space was by no means the final frontier.

Hell was.


Chapter 1 – Encounters

“No, old friend…...”

Light filtered through the orc’s tightly shut eyes, waking him from a dark dream that left his thoughts a moment later. Panic threatened to overwhelm him for a moment as the complete loss of memory that comes with awakening washed over him.

“…….… you’ve freed us all!”

The words echoed for a moment in the air, as recollection slowly dawned on Grom’s mind and body. A well trained reflex took his hand automatically to his side, and he smiled as he found Gorehowl waiting for the next blood to be spilt. His large double headed axe was a familiar presence and instantly soothed any worries he may have had.

“Thrall!” he thought to himself, remembering the fight with Mannoroth the Destructor and flinched as he recalled the Hellfire raging over his skin. Then he smiled. He had died a noble death, of that he had no doubt, and in doing so had freed his clan from the demon’s evil taint.

Grom stood up, brushing himself off carefully. He was unscarred, and indeed his clothes and skin looked healthy and clean. He glanced about wearily, taking in his surroundings for the first time.

It was a desert. North, the white sands stretched far into the distance where beyond, Grom could see tall mountains reaching to the sky. He turned to the West and saw what seemed like a huge rug that covered the horizon. Squinting his eyes he saw that it was in fact a series of dense forests or jungles. South he saw the glittering of diamonds which he instantly recognised as the Sea. West brought nothing but the endless doom of the desert.

Grom Hellcream turned towards the South and decided to make his way towards the sea.

Suddenly, a voice was heard from above. “Hey poozer, I’m not sure you want to be heading that way!”


Kilowog stared at the new arrival and felt almost an initial kinship. But then he took in the orc’s axe and armour, the brutish scars and the red gleam in his eye.

He landed next to Grom, his ring at the ready in case. “The Southern Sea ain’t the place you wanna be orc. There’re some dangerous creatures that would eat ya the moment you even looked at their water. In fact, better not even think about drinking that water or you’ll be spending a lot of time squatting if you get my drift.”

The sudden appearance of the creature and the disarming manner in which it spoke had immediately put Grom on the defensive. Slowly he crouched, his hand slowly reaching to Gorehowl.

“You don’t wanna be doing that orc” said the creature, and a green light flared up from a ring on his finger.

Sorcery! Grom sprang forward only to be buffeted aside by a huge fist of solid light. He flew through the air but came to rest in a battle crouch. He pounced again and this time the fist was on him immediately, pounding him into the ground.

But not before he had time to let fly with Gorehowl. The axe flew through the air and hit the Green Lantern’s hand hilt first. He cried in pain and immediately the light disappeared.

Both combatants surged towards each other, fists raised. A couple of punches later and they were locked in a wrestling stance. Pushing and pulling, the two shifted back and forth in the clear white sand beneath them.

At the same time, they both heaved and went for their respective weapons, now lying next to each other. They pounded each other as they ran, then snatched up their weapons and faced each other again.


“Wait!” said Kilowog, holding up his hands in a gesture of peace. “Why are we fighting?”

There was a pause and Grom replied warily: “I do not know. Where is this place?”

“Well you aren’t in Kansas anymore my friend!”

Grom just stared at him.

“You’re in Hell, the place where guys like us who did some bad things in life end up when we’ve bitten the bullet. It’s not that bad to be honest, but the locals can be pretty inhospitable.”

Kilowog threw his head back and laughed, then turned away from the orc.

“Come with me friend, I’ll show you how to make a living in Hell.”


Chapter 2 – The Visit

It is said that the roads to Hell are paved with good intentions. Well, that may be, but the roads in Hell are paved with demon excrement, dead bodies, and tortured souls. It’s not a pretty place.

Grom felt at home as he strode past a large human strung up to a rock. The rock was glowing red with heat and the man screamed in agony. The orc smiled happily. Maybe this wouldn’t be too bad after all.

If Kilowog noticed the grin on the other’s face, he did not comment on it. Instead he kept up a running commentary of where they were and where they were going. It was obvious that Kilowog knew his way around Hell, and the locals knew better than to get in his way.

“And this is the Netherworld of Flesh, otherwise known as Nesh, where those who have caused paid through cheating and dishonesty end up. See those sexy dancing demons? These poor souls have to endure an eternity of being, excuse the pun, horny as hell, yet always unfulfilled by neither love nor release.”

“A truly horrible existence” said the orc, staring at the tortured faces of the men and woman, writhing in torment. Then he turned to Kilowog,

“I am Grom Hellscream, old chieftain of the Warsong Clan, and I died freeing my tribe from an evil demon’s taint.”

Kilowog stretched out his hand and they clasped each others wrists in a warrior’s greeting.

“I am Kilowog of Bolovax Vik. I am a Green Lantern and died at the hand of my best pupil when he gained the power of a god.”

A deeper understanding passed between the two warriors. They had died for what was right, and despite some bad past, they were better than the other denizens that inhabited this despotic realm.

They turned to carry on through Nesh, watching a man eyeing a beautiful she-demon who was performing some lewd acts with a huge cucumber. They stopped for a moment, each lost in their thoughts and the thoroughly erotic show, when suddenly the sky overhead darkened.

Black clouds permeated with red covered the red sun, and the world went dark. Lightning crashed and rain started pouring. The two warriors looked up and both knew in a moment that the rain was in fact blood.

Red and thick, it poured on them and seeped through to the skin.


Chapter 3 – Freedom of the Damned

Amidst the pouring blood, a figure appeared. Floating effortlessly through the air, it’s skin untouched by the rain, it landed in the middle of Nesh. The damned watched this new turn of events warily, whilst the demons gathered together with bared fangs.

Dr Doom surveyed the waiting spectators and when he spoke, thunder rang to the sound of his words.

“Souls of Hell!” he proclaimed in a loud voice. “Your time has come. No longer shall you endure the torment inflicted upon you… no more chains and cages…. Take what is rightfully yours and enjoy your afterlife!”

With those words, lightning arced from his hands into each and every shackle that held the damned souls in place. They stood up uncertainly, looking about them and not daring to believe that this wasn’t another hellish game.

“Oh oh…” said Kilowog.

“I believe this means battle..” returned Grom, hefting his axe.

And within seconds they were fighting for their lives as every damned soul tore into the demons and any passing victim. Demons were grabbed and subjected to sudden and violent tortures, whilst others were quickly despatched in terrible ways. Huge robotic demons known as Guardians tried to restore peace, but there were simply too many of the damned. The Guardians of Nesh were quickly brought down and torn apart.

Grom ducked as a man swung wildly at him with his bare hands. Gorehowl tore his head from his shoulders a moment later, and in the same swing buried itself into the next victim. Kilowog was in the air, taking down men and women with a huge green gun.

But there were just too many and the sheer numbers threatened to overwhelm them. Scooping the orc up in a bubble, Kilowog flew through the streets faster than the eye could see.

“Come on poozer, this day out has just gotten a bit too wild, even for Hell.”

Behind them the masses cried and howled as the prisoners became the captives and evil men and women stalked free through the streets of Hell.

As they fled, they heard the thunderous voice of Doom:



“That was one hell of a fight. Boom boom.” said Kilowog when they finally came to a stop.

Grom did not laugh, busying himself instead with cleaning his axe. Both warriors were panting hard from their exertion, but both were composed and calm, neither a stranger to battles.

“You’re a miserable bastard aren’t you Grom” exclaimed Kilowog, before checking the power level of his ring. It was still nearly full, but he wanted to recharge it nonetheless.

“We must prepare ourselves for the battle to come Lantern” came the abrupt reply of an orcish warlord.

Then suddenly the sky went dark…..


Another anecdote that Kilowog remembered fondly from his favourite Earth film was: “In space, no one can hear you scream.”

He had soon found out that in Hell, everyone could hear you scream, but they didn’t give a damn.


Chapter 4 – The Beginning of the End

Demons were screaming in hell. They were found wherever they hid and torn apart by the bloodthirsty and endless mob of damned souls. Makeshift arrows and rocks brought them down out of the sky, if they were lucky. If they weren’t then Doom’s lightning pierced their skin, leaving them charred, smoking and helpless as they plummeted to the raging hordes below.

Some of the major demons came out and stood their ground. The largest amongst these were the Jailors. 411 of these eight hundred-foot behemoths usually found guarding the gates of hell came storming in, crushing damned souls beneath their massive horned hooves.

And for the first time since the conflict began, it became a war rather than a slaughter. Leading the Jailors, the Hellspawn and the other major demons was Violator, right hand demon to Satan and in charge of his Hellspawn. They charged over the mountains and valleys of Hell, and the battle was joined!

Damned met demon in the gory plains of Hell, and there was no end to the suffering and slaughter. Millions of beings died within moments and more blood than had ever seen before covered Hell’s ground.

Like bloody freaks, the damned threw themselves into battle over and over again, not caring who got hurt or even thinking of strategy. Theirs was a torment that had lasted forever, and they had nothing to lose.


“He’s treacherous” said Grom.

“Who is?” retorted Kilowog.

The two warriors were on a high mountain, peering down over the scenes of chaotic battle below.

“The one you named as Violator.”

“What makes you say that?” Kilowog turned to his pensive friend, seeking understanding.

“Look at the battle formations. He is using every possible trick not to hurt the enemy, but to kill as many of his own troops as possible. See over there..”

Grom pointed.

“… there is a wedge of the damned threatening to overwhelm the north-western flank. What does Violator do? He sends just one Jailor to meet the threat, knowing full well that on its own, the Jailor will be brought down whereas two could plug the breach and repel any opposition.”

“Maybe he’s just being cautious?”

Grom turned to his newfound friend.

“Caution is possible, but why then has he amassed all the other Jailors on the Eastern flank, where there is little danger of being overwhelmed?”

Kilowog looked again and in that instant knew it to be true.

“Damn! You are right poozer, he must be working with that Doom! If Hell is taken over by the damned, word will eventually spread and evil will run free in all worlds!”

“You have to marvel at the man’s cunning, getting a demon to lead its own army to defeat” said Grom, staring intently at the battle below.

“You can marvel at him all you want poozer, I can’t say I’m a big fan. If this isn’t stopped here, everything we know could come to an end.”

They both looked at each other in that instant and knew what needed to be done.


Chapter 5 – Final Confrontation

There’s a hill in Hell called Corine’s Mound. People think that this must have been some disreputable demon that through her evil doings managed to impress Satan enough that he named the place after her. In fact, Corine was the only human that the devil ever loved, a good and kind person who actually managed to touch the heart of evil.

Doom and Violator stood atop the hill and surveyed the carnage below. The demons were falling back slowly, forced by the crushing numbers of the damned. Soon, the first major demon would flee and be followed by his brothers. Then the war would turn into a massacre as damned found demon and tore him to shreds.

Doom took a sip of cool blue liquid from a crystal glass and laughed out loud. Everything had got according to plan and once the demons were destroyed, he would be the undisputed master of Hell.

Violator grabbed one of the damned that passed by, a human woman of no more than thirty. Without hesitation he tore her arm off, spraying blood in a glittering arc, then proceeded to munch on the fingers as an afternoon snack. Blood dripped down the side of his face and the crunching noises he made were vile beyond belief.

Doom shuddered. He had never met anyone as nauseatingly disgusting as Violator, but it had been the demon’s connections that had allowed him to trick Satan and secure domination of Hell.

Doom ran his fingers lovingly over the studded jewel in his hands. If he looked closely enough, he could almost see the Lord of Hell raging and punching the walls, desperately trying to break out.

“Never going to happen” thought Doom happily.

Suddenly a cry went up from the battle below.


"In brightest day, in blackest night,"

Doom saw a large army appear over the mountains of Hell. They flew through the air with green power at their beck and call, and they could not be stopped.

"No evil shall escape my sight,"

Like angels so out of place in Hell, came the Green Lanterns. Strong and courageous, these were the souls that had come to hell because of some misdeed in their life. This was the chance to show all that the Green Lantern oath stood forever. This was a chance for redemption.

"Let those who worship evil's might,"

Then came the orcs of Hell. An army nurtured in battle from birth. Beneath the glowing figures of the Lanterns, they roared. Strong and wild, shouting various battle cries and brandishing axes, swords, pikes and spears. In Hell because of their savage nature, the orcs had come to do battle.

"Beware our power... Green Lantern's light!"

The combined forces of the orc clans and Green Lanterns crashed into the damned like and unstoppable wave and thousands died within seconds. Spurred on by the sudden change, the demons renewed their attack and soon the damned were on the defensive.


“What the %£$*!” screamed Violator, staring down at the battle.

But Doom wasn’t even looking. He had turned to face the newcomers who had come out of the dark.

“And who the %&* are you?” shouted Violator, seeing the two.

Kilowog and Grom stepped out of the shadows, ring and axe held at the ready.

“We know of your plans Doom. And we can’t let it happen.” Kilowog’s voice was low and menacing,

Suddenly, Violator growled and launched himself at Kilowog, claws and fangs reaching out to tear at his flesh. But instead he was hit from the side and thrown ten feet away, Gorehowl embedded in his shoulder.

“Aarrrrrrggghh” he howled in pain. Then laughed. Slowly he stood up and faced the orc chieftain then wincing only slightly, pulled out the axe. “You can’t hurt me orc, my powers in Hell are monstrous!”

“Your face is monstrous demon, do you need a hand Grom?” asked Kilowog, still staring straight at Doom.

“I’ll be fine Lantern. Let’s get this over with.”

And in a flash of movement Grom and Violator were rolling around on the floor each trying to get the upper hand. Violator had the strength advantage, but Grom had been reared for battle.

During this, Doom and Kilowog had not looked away from each other.

“Green Lanterns. I have heard of you, galactic policemen, didn’t you all die out?” said Doom pensively.

“Not quite Doom. There’re still enough of us to matter, and certainly enough here to bring you down.”

Suddenly Doom brought his fist up and lightning shot out, forking wildly and hitting Kilowog with a loud BOOM. Dust flew up in the air and obscured everything for a moment, but when it cleared Doom saw Kilowog smiling from behind a protective green bubble.

“Gonna have to better than that poozer.”

“Better?” raged Doom. “Oh you’ll see better.” And with those words he launched himself into the air. Energy crackled all over his body, and the grey clouds above turned black.

Mystic lightning bolts flashed again and again, and Kilowog could do nothing but defend. Sweat poured down his face as he felt his defences caving.


Grom and Violator ignored the battle behind them, focused solely on each other. Grom had managed to retrieve Gorehowl but was bleeding from number of wounds. Violator’s arm was hanging limply at his side, nearly severed off completely. Both demon and orc were breathing heavily.

“You’re going to die here orc, then be my plaything for the rest of eternity” Said Violator savagely, flexing his claws.

Grom wiped some blood out of his face, then hefted his axe.

“Ready Lantern?” he called over his shoulder.

“Ready orc!” came the reply and suddenly the two sprung into action.

Kilowog moved to the left and a green bubble encased Grom. Grom was picked up and flung through the air, and in the same movement green bolts of pure energy slammed into Violator’s body as Kilowog launched a devastating attack. Violator convulsed as green light slammed into him from every side, severing his arms then his legs and finally his head. He screamed all the while.

Doom’s attacks were focused solely on penetrating the Green Lantern’s protective bubble, and when the change came he was too slow to react.

One moment he was directing all his energy on breaking through the Lantern’s protecting, the next he was facing an enraged orc flying through the air straight at him.

Doom tried to bring his lightning about to face this new threat but he was too slow. Grom’s axe buried itself into Doom’s chest and he howled in pain. They fell to the floor, Grom trying to free his axe whilst Doom summoned deadly lightning to kill the orc.

Then suddenly there was another presence there with them; powerful, ancient and immensely evil. Satan had returned.

Doom looked down to his chest and saw that when the axe had struck him, it had severed the imprisoning jewel neatly in two.

“Nooooooo!!!” he shrieked as a huge fist closed about him.

There was an evil chuckle and Doom felt the fist squeezing. Blood rushed to his head and his metal body started cracking.

“Arrrggghh” he screamed before his whole body imploded.


Satan turned to Kilowog and Grom and when he spoke his voice was like thunder coupled with distant screams.

“It has been a long time since I have had to thank mortals in my realm. But you have my gratitude. Hell is a prison for the wicked and if the damned were allowed to rule, then the world as we know it would be unbalanced. You have done a brave thing.”

Satan looked at the battle below and waved his hands. In an instant the damned were once again in shackles and the demons laughed gleefully as they prepared to have their revenge.

“Orcs and Lanterns! What you have done here today is a brave thing and as such I am awarding you a realm of your own. Your penance may not be over yet, but for a while at least I accord you some respite.”

In the plains below orcs and Lanterns smiled happily as they disappeared in flashes of light.

Then Satan turned back to Grom and Kilowog.

“You have ended this dark night of Hell, and from here on will be known as the Dark Enders. You have expunged your souls of past evils and I am according you the right to leave Hell to Heaven.”

Grom and Kilowog glanced at each other.
“Are there battles and bloodshed in Heaven?” asked Grom casually.

“Uh, no.” replied Satan.

“Well poozer, doesn’t sound like our cup of tea. If you’re happy with it, we’d like to stay here” said Kilowog.

There was a pause and suddenly Satan bellowed with laughter.

“Very well, but for God’s sake, just keep out of trouble or I’ll have to banish you to Heaven!”

And for the first time in a long time, laughter rang out in Hell.


Marvel Man - March 20, 2009 06:51 AM (GMT)
The Power of 7

An imaginary tale.
A story based off imagination.

If it is, indeed, fake, and nothing but a fluke, then why? Why does it inspire such feelings within people. Is it human nature? Is it our nature to imagine a better world. A world where we are safe, and shielded.

Or, more likely, there are works of fiction, which have transcended to another plane of existence. They are no longer limited by their original creators. They have become more than ideas. They have escaped the bond of material pages.

They live elsewhere.

They live in the minds and hearts of millions. They have moved on to modern mythology. But what will happen, when fiction is shaken up? What shall happen, when it's most horrible creation is freed? What will happen, when 7 gather.....
Inhuman King Black Bolt
Jedi Knight, Obi Wan Kenobi
Apokalips' Ruler, Darkseid
The Narnian dictator, the White Witch
Chapter One: The Silent King...

Black Bolt couldn't believe how helpless he was. Even he, with his awsome power, had no power over the terrible disease. Yes, it had started as a cough, but now, a full on plague raged throughout Attilan. Inhumans everywhere, were falling to the deadly disease.

A few, such as himself, hadn't gotten the illness, but those who did, never recovered.

Even now, the coughs from the room next door only made Black Bolt feel more desperate. But then, as the coughs turned to violent wheezes, Black Bolt could stand it no longer.

Brushing aside aides and doctors, the Inhuman King walked towards his wife. He had not been allowed to see her for some time, but now, he hardly recognize her. Her once vibrant hair, hung limply, at her side.

Upon seeing her husband, she attempted to talk to him with their sign language. Yet, she only managed to form a few words, before her hand fell. She shook violently, then fell silent.

Black Bolt watched helpless, as doctors and surgeons rushed in and out, but ultimetly failed.

The Inhiman city was covered in white, the color of the afterlife. The entire royal family mourned, but none like the King.

For weeks, he King remained locked up in his palace. But, as time progressed, the plague continued to spread. Soon, other members of the Royal Family began to fall ill. And, as the Inhuman's top doctors and scientists failed, Black Bolt decided to go to someone else.

Reed Richards.

Taking samples of the disease, Black Bolt took the Inhuman's Top Ship, and headed for Earth.

But, as he flew, he noticed something. It was glowing... An orb... A ball...

Black Bolt set the auto pilot, and reached for the sphere. It was a purple orb, on it, two stars glew.


The orb glew brighter and brighter, and Black Bolt allowed himself to scream. Energy swirled. Dimensions were ripped. There was one last flash...then nothing....
Chapter Two: The Dark Night

"Give me, the money..."

Robert's hands shook. Beads of sweat formed on his brow. This was his first robbery.

The middle aged store owner quickly handed over the money. He had no idea it was Robert's first time. For all he knew, he could be some bloody freak.

Robert grabbed the cash, and quickly ran out. He was glad he didn't have to use the gun. He hated guns.

Suddenly, Robert heard a *clang*. He looked up, and saw a boomerang, in the shape of a bat. The thing hit his hand, causing him to drop the weapon.

Robert reached for the gun, but a figure suddenly flew by. The creature ran up to him, and delivered a powerful punch. It was his first time, and he hadn't thought about Gotham's own hero....
A few hours later, Batman was almost done with his nightly patrol. Aside from a few crooks, things had been quiet. Too quiet.

Batman leaped left, then right. His steps, sure and confident. This was his city. He knew every crack, and ever corner. Nothing could hide from him. Yet, even now, he felt a strange prescence. The night, had several surprises in store.


The flash of energy shook the entire city. Space and time mixed, and split, as the barriers from two Universes fell.

Batman slowly got up. His eyes narrowed. What was that?

"Leave us alone. This is madness!"

Batman quickly rushed toward the sound. Something had happened, but what? Leaping from rooftop to rooftop, Batman finally came upon the source. He wasn't easily surprised, but he was this time.

Below him, on the streets, several near naked men, wearing only animal skins, surrounded a group of gangsters. Upon closer inspection, Batman noticed that they were holding large bronze shields, and curved blades.

The one at the lead, walked to the gangsters and shouted," Madness?! This. Is. SPARTA!!!!"

The men around him shouted with him. They began to bang their shields together, like drums.

The gangsters lifted chains, and pipes, and rushed forward.

Batman narrowed his eyes. The soldiers were Spartans, powerful warriors. Still, he couldn't allow them to kill. Leaping down, Batman threw several Batarangs.

The batarangs took out a few Spartans, but there were several more to take their place. One of them, upon seeing him, yelled, "Leonidis, a demon! The Persians send the spawns of Hell upon us!!"

King Leonidis lifted a spear, and replied," Demons?! They cower beneath us, let us send them back to the pits of Hades!!"

Batman knew that things were bad. He was almost out of supplies, and he was up against several hundred Spartans. There was no choice, but flee.

While Batman thought of his options, the Spartans quickly formed a perimeter around the area. The demon would not escape.

Batman quickly jumped from rooftop to rooftop, heading to Wayne Manor.


The spear flew too fast. It hit Batman from behind. A clean shot.

The dark knight dropped several stories, falling in a dumster. Blood was already flowing from the wound. Yet, Batman knew that he couldn't stay there. Forcing himself up, Batman crawled out.

To his dismay, three Spartans were already there.

The first, charged, his sword high. Batman caught his arm, and flipped him, slamming him into the side of the dumster.

The second, charged with his shield. Batman jumped onto it, and punched the guy in the face. The guy dropped the shield, but stayed up.

"Is that all you got, Demon!", he muttered. Again, he came, this time, with his fists.

Batman dodged, and delivered a shot to the gut. Then to the face, and finally, a kick to his knee. Then, the Spartan fell.

Behind him, the last one had also decided to engage him in hand to hand combat. Coming up, he had managed to give Bats a good hit, but Batman had rolled with the punched, and delivered a spin kick. The Spartan flew into the dumster as well, slightly dazed.

Not waiting for more, Batman rushed out of the alley...

Only to run into another group of Spartans, at the head, King Leonidis. "Demon, you've led a good chase, but now, you shall send us back, or die!"

"How about, neither.", Batman replied.


King Leonidis turned to the sound. Suddenly, the Batmobile rushed towards them.

The Spartans quickly scattered, a few threw some spears, but the distraction allowed Batman to leap in. "Wayne Manor...", he replied, weakly.

The Batmobile roared, as it sped forward. Behind him, the Spartans shouted in rage.

Batman bent to get his medical kit, but found something else. An orb. Purple. With three stars on it... The orb began to glow.

Batman quickly searched the orb, but failed to stop it. The thing continued to glow. It glew brighter and brighter.

There was a flash, and then nothing...
Chapter Three: The Titan

"Oh, will you look at that!!"

The crowd went wild, as two martial artists went at it. Yes, that's what they were there for. At the side, the announcer commented on the fight.

"9! 10!! It's over!! Oh, who's next?"
"I don't like that guy..."

Piccolo, nodded, "Me neither."

It was the World's Martial Arts Tournament, and Goku had been given another day on Earth. In his honor, all the Z fighters had joined the Tournament. But there was a new fighter, with incredible power. He had finished off his opponents with a cold brutality. And now, it was Krillin's turn to fight him.

"Good luck, Krillin.", said Goku. Krillin only nodded and walked out to the ring. From the stands, his wife and daughter cheered.

His opponent was covered in a shroud, his face, hidden. In a cool voice, he said,"What's the prize again?"

The Announcer shouted out," The Prize, is this special Dragon Ball!!"

Lifting his hand, several men brought out a Purple Orb. One Star, on it.

"Out of my way...", muttered the man. He headed for the orb, pushing Krillin out of the way.

"Hey, this is my match, and you're going down!", shouted Krillin. There was no way he was looking bad in front of his family.

Charging up, Krillin flew straight towards the man, and delivered a stunning punch. The Man easily caught it, and delivered a punch of his own.

Krillin went flying.

Above, Android 18, and her daughter watched helplessly, as the man walked towards the orb. It was already glowing.

18, holding their baby, flew towards him, angered. "No one does that! No one!", she shouted.

"Fools, you can't stop me.", he responded. He caught her punch, and backhanded her. Her baby, dropped out of her arms.

"A baby? A hostage?", muttered the man. He grabbed the small child, as well as the orb, then laughed, as he was teleported away.

The fellow warriors, rushed forward, realizing too late, that they were gone...
Chapter Four: The Jedi


Darth Vader's voice was cold, and angry. It wasn't the voice Obi Wan knew. Even now, as he plummeted to a hostile planet, Kenobi knew that he could not give up baby Luke.

"Anakin, stop.", he pleaded. But he knew it was hopeless..
A Few Hours Later:

Obi Wan Kenobi, famous Jedi Master, and General, changed some diapers. Yes, even here, on a hostile planet, after their ship was shoot down, the small infant still did what he would normally do. Luke had no idea the danger they were in.

Obi Wan continued to explore to area, searching for a way off, before Darth Vader, a powerful Sith, could find them.

"Gaggaa..", blurted out Luke.

"Sshhh...", responded Obi Wan. They had to be quiet.

As the Jedi progressed, he began to see a glowing object. Puzzled, he continued forward. To his suprise, he found an orb. On it, four stars glew. The orb continued to glow, and before he could turn, it flashed. And then, he was gone...
Chapter Five: The Doctor

"Go, Charizard!!"

Ash, Misty, and Brock stood side by side. Their pokemon, ready for battle.

"I'm truly sorry, children..."', muttered Dr. Strange.

The Mystic Master, lifted his hands, and chanted a few words.

Charizard was turned to stone, and fell to floor, crumbling on impact.
Squirtle was transported to the center of the sun.
Onyx, turned into a patch of grass.
Pikachu, dragged to the pits of the afterlife, by vengeful ghosts.

And soon, all of their Pokemon were crushed. They never really stood a chance.

"Now, give me the orb."


"Then perish."

Dr. Strange turned away, as he sealed their souls. A pity, he thought. But he knew that he needed the orb, it was the fifth star. After getting it, he turned and transported back home.
Chapter Six: Eternity

"Stephen Strange, the time has come."

Dr. Strange bowed, as the powerful entity called Eternity, appeared before him.

"Strange, did you aquire the orb?"

"Yes. But, what are they?"

"They are 7 powerful orbs. Inside them, a piece of a terrible monster, lays within. If all 7 are gathered, the being shall be released."

"If it's so powerful, then why are they being gathered?"

"That, is still a mystery. Even to myself. The monster also grants a wish, to those that free it..."

"So, could it be that they wish power?"

"Perhaps. But enough guessing. I need you to form a team, and then, you must get the remaining orbs."

"Do you need this one?"

"No. Keep it. You shall need it... Now, I must go."

And with that, Eternity was gone. Not waiting, Dr. Strange chanted a magical spell, and the Defenders were soon there.

With the Silver Surfer, the Incredible Hulk, and the Submariner, Namor, he opened a portal. Together, they rushed forward, on the greatest adventure....
Chapter Seven: The Man with Three Faces

Eternity appeared, and so, the meeting finally began. Yes, a meeting, of the highest of cosmics. The Living Tribunal, Aslan, the Wizard Shazam, and many others waited.

The Living Tribunal spoke, and all listened," THE ORBS ARE BEING GATHERED. WE MUST STOP THIS."

"But how? The orbs' power is too strong!", cried out a Watcher.

"We must find more orbs, then we shall defeat them.", The Spectre said.

All agreed. Then, they each traveled back to their own dimension, searching for their orbs. All but one... There was one Watcher, who would betray them all...
Chapter Eight: The Fallen

"They know nothing."

Randal, the Betrayer, a rogue Watcher, appeared before the villains. His news, caused the massive assembly of villains, to fall into chaos.

"I saw Magneto looking for it!", the Joker shouted.

"Arrogant fool! It was Darkseid.", another shouted.

"The Shredder!"

"Michael Jackson!"

"Britney Spears!"

"George Bush!"

"The FDA!"

"Silence! This is getting stupid.", Parallax finally said. His eyes searching. He knew that one of them had the orb, but he couldn't allow the meeting to fall into dissarray.

"Who would get it? The orbs are too dangerous!", said the Anti Monitor.

Several members agreed. Suddenly, a man in a shroud appeared. "I have one.", he boldy stated.

Throwing his cloak in the air, the room grew silent as they recognized the Mad Titan, Thanos.

"And you, are all cowards.", he continued.

He quickly drew the orb from his pocket, and unleashed its power. One blast was all it took.


The mighty Anti Monitor let out a final cry, as dark energy blasted a hole through his chest. Around him, all the villains gasped.

"Yes, now, you are all to help me!", Thanos continued.

"How about no.", Parallax said. From his own pocket, emerged the sixth orb. It also glew. Before Thanos could counter, a blast knocked him down. The orb, falling from his grasp.

"Now, you die.", Parallax said. He moved in closer, his orb glowing. Below, Thanos merely laughed.

"Did you think I acted alone?", he finally said.

To Parallax's surprise, over half of the villains quickly moved to Thanos's side. The Reverse Flash came, and took the orb lying on the floor. He handed it to Thanos.

"Fools! If you gather all 7, we shall all die!", Parallax protested. The other part of the group moved to his side.

"Well, only one of us, is gonna live through this...", replied Thanos. Lifting his hand, his army of villains charged. On the other side, Parallax's side charged to meet them.

And so, one of the greatest battles, occurred.

Parallax and Thanos slammed into each other, their orbs clashing. Around them, the villains began to split up. It was pure chaos.

Brolly delivered a powerful punch to Darkseid's face, but was soon attacked from behind by Doomsday. Meanwhile, the Shredder effortlessly defeated Team Rocket, while Skeletor fought with Mephisto.

Dr. Doom's doombots clashed with Terminators, and Bizzarro battled the Void. Lex Luthor dodged pumpkin bombs, while Venom attacked Battle Droids. To the far right, Count Dooku engaged Scorpion in Mortal Kombat. To the left, Cell struggled with Annihilus, as Doctor Octopus was killed by Raditz.

The Marvel Zombies attacked a few Stormtroopers, while George Bush faced Joseph Stalin. Overall, it was pretty even.

But then, above, Thanos's duel grew even more intense, causing all to stop and look in awe. The battle was impressive, but in the end, Parallax fell.

Thanos's side cheered, while the others began to flee.

"Cowards! I shall spare you, but only, if you bow to me.", proclaimed Thanos.

All around, the villains bowed. But then, to Thsnos's surprise, the Joker rushed out. He ran past him, and grabbed the 6th Orb from Parallax's body.

"See ya later, Titan!", he blurted out. Behind him, a few more villains joined.

"Traitors!", Thanos accused.

Dr. Doom spoke for the rebels," Traitors? You are truly mad! This Omniverse, is ours!"

And with that, the rogue villains dissapeared.

Thanos was shaking with rage. They had stolen the orb from under his nose. He must find the last one. Turning to the group, he said," Go! And find the last orb!"

The Villains roared in approval, and began to leave the nexus. The Titan smiled. Soon... It would all be over...
Chapter Nine: Rush Hour


"Lee! Hang on!"

Detective Carter, and Agent Lee were hanging on for dear life. They were on the side of a car, in the middle of a high speed car chase. In front of them, a group of thugs were attempting to get away.

"Hey boss, we got hitchhikers!", one yelled.

The head of the group merely waved his hand. The thugs knew what that meant. Turning, they grabbed their guns.

"Goodbye Lee!", Carter said. His grip was slacking.


There was a flash, and a car, suddenly appeared. To be exact, it was the Batmobile. The car slammed into the stolen vehicle, head on. Both cars were terribly smashed.

The Batmobile flipped over twice, while the stolen car went off road, and rolled to halt, after slamming into a tree.

"Lee, we ain't dead...", Carter muttered. Both detectives walked up, dazed. They had been screaming for their lives minutes before, and were now safe. All thanks to this mystery car.

Running to the side, Carter and Lee saved the man inside. To their surprise, he was clutching an orb and wearing a funny costume.

The man tried to get up, but had a bad spear wound. He said something, then fell unconscious.
The Predator pulled out his wristblades.

The hunt, was about to begin.

The Yautja had been surprised when a car just happened to appear, and he was even more shocked by the orb the humans had pulled from the wreckage. It had large energy readings, unlike anything he'd previously seen.

Now, he was going to get it...

Moving in, he activated his stealth mode, becoming invisible. Listening in, he heard them talking.

Guy in suit: "Thank you for the medical help."

Tall Loud Talking man: "No it's cool. Do you want a donut, some coffee, explination! How the &@#* did you appear?!

Calm short man: "Carter please, he's still resting."

The Predator let out a sigh. He understood none of these beings' words. It was all nonsense to him. Still, they would prove an interesting hunt.

Switching to infrared, the Predator busted through the police station's window. His wristblades, fully extended.

But then, something happened.

There was a flash, someone said," HULK SMASH!", a fist came at him, then nothing....
Chapter Ten: The Defenders

"What the &$@#^ is that thing?", Detective Carter asked. His gun, aimed at the now dead Predator.

Everyone ignored him.

Dr. Strange was more worried on the 3rd Star Orb which Batman had. "Hand that over.", he asked. His voice, sure.

"No. I can tell it's too powerful to fall in the wrong hands...and I'm unsure about you.", Batman replied. The orb slowly began to glow.

"Give Hulk Ball, or Hulk will Smash!", the Hulk threatened.

"That's it!", Detective Carter yelled. Taking out his gun, he began firing on Hulk. Hulk roared, and rushed forward.

"No Hulk! Calm down." Namor yelled. But it was too late. Batman used the distraction. He teleported away...

"Curses. Alright, let's go...", muttered Strange. Waving his hand, the Defenders vanished, leaving Carter and Lee dazed and confused...
Chapter Eleven: The Rise of Machines

Black Bolt awoke. His body, felt strange.

Looking around, he saw he was on an Apocaliptic wasteland. Puzzled, he grabbed the orb that layed nearby, and began to search the area.

He found nothing. Just as he was going to stop his search, he heard a distant cry. It slowly began to grow louder and louder. It was the stomping of an army.

This metallic army, was made up of gun wielding robots. Upon seeing him, they cried out: Lifeform Detected! Lifeform Detected!

They quickly began to open fire on him.

Now, Black Bolt was completely confused. But, he knew one thing. When robots shoot you, you shoot back. And so, despite not knowing where he was, or how he got there, Black Bolt decided to battle. And so, he spoke.


A large wave of energy was unleashed, as waves of sound traveled through the atmosphere. The ground shook, as the wave flew by.

Robot parts and weapons flew into the air, as the mighty voice destroyed an army.

Soon, it was over. Yet Black Bolt, was just as confused as he started....
Chapter Twelve: Indiana

Obi Wan awoke. His body, sore. But then, he heard it. Crying. A baby. A baby was crying. Luke.

Springing up, Obi Wan looked around, but failed to see Luke. Running toward the sound, he came upon a large snake. Larger than any he had previously seen.

In its coils, Luke.

Angered, Obi Wan drew his saber, and flew foward. Slashing, hacking, etc. Pretty soon, it was all over. The baby, safe.

"That was some nice fighting."

A voice spoke. Behind him, a man, with a whip, emerged from the woods. Behind this man, a guy with spiky hair came out.

"I'm Indiana Jones. And this is...Hugo?"


"Right....well. Stranger, where did you come from?"

Obi Wan, confused on how he got there, replied," I'm not sure."

Jones smiled and nodded. "Yeah, Jailer just popped up too."

"Yugi. My name is Yugi.", the guy said. A bit annoyed.

Suddenly, there was another flash, and the Defenders emerged.

"Hulk Smash!", Hulk yelled. Raising his fists, Hulk charged forward.

"No, Hulk!", said Dr. Strange. But it was too late. Hulk rushed towards the group, who, upon seeing Hulk charge them, prepared to battle.

"Yu-Gi-Oh!!", Yugi shouted. His hair grew even spikier.

The Hulk, not really caring who he fought first, punched at Yugi. The young teen went flying. His body hitting a tree. The sound of his bones breaking, painfully obvious.

"Jimmy!!", Indiana cried out. Turning to Hulk, he pulled out his whip, and slapped Hulk. After that, he narrowly dodged a punch.


Dr. Strange stepped in, his energy separating the two. "I just want that orb."

But Obi Wan no longer trusted the Defenders. He sensed the orbs power, and new he couldn't let it go to him. Grabbing Indiana, he willed to be elsewhere, and the orb granted it....

He vanished.

Angered, Dr. Strange turned to Hulk. "Bruce, control yourself."

After that, the group teleported away...
Chapter Thirteen: The Resistence

Obi Wan, Baby Luke, and Indiana Jones dropped from the sky. They landed right on top of Black Bolt.

Black Bolt got them off, and was surprised to see that Obi Wan had an orb similar to his.

Suddenly, a band of resistence members came out. "Silent Man, John wants to talk to you."

The group fell quiet upon seeing Black Bolt's new friends. Together, they all went to meet with John Conner. There, they learned the greusome fate of this Earth.

Deciding to help, the group agrees to lead an attack on a Terminator factory.
Obi Wan sighed. These Terminators reminded him of the droids. He hated the droids.


The signal. Upon hearing it, the group rushed out. At it's head, Obi Wan, and Black Bolt.

Far to the front, a large army of Terminators awaited. And so began humanity's fight for survival....
Chapter Fourteen: The Fall of the Toons

"Have mercy!"

Minny Mouse let out one final scream, as she was erased from existence.

"Boy, did I love cartoons.", the Joker said. He then began to fall over with laughter. Around him, the villains stayed silent.

"No, but seriously, where's the orb?", Lex Luthor asked.

"Here it is!", shouted another voice.

Turning around, Bugs Bunny and several more cartoon characters walked out. At the head, Batman stood. The orb, in his hands.

"Oh, this is too much!", The Joker laughed some more. But, at Batman's signal, the remaining cartoon characters, charged forward.

Explosives were summoned, gravity was reversed, and many other crazy (yet funny) effects, occurred. Had it not been for the orb, they would have perished.

But with it, the villains shrugged off the blows. Finally, Darkseid said," Enough. Eat Omega Beams B***!!!"

And with that, he lifted the orb, and wiped them from existence. Only Batman remained.

And so, the Dark Knight faced them. But even he, could be beaten. And he was. In the massive duel that occurred, the orb slipped from his hand, and he was killed.

The villains raised the orb in triumph. Now, they had the 6th, and 3rd. After that, they continued their search....
Chapter Fiftheen: The Last Orb

"Susan, look."

Peter, high King of Narnia, picked up the last orb. On it, seven stars glew.

"Wow. Let's take it to Aslan."

And they did. For, in the land of Narnia, all bowed before Aslan. The holy lion. The emperor from accross the sea.

And Aslan, upon seeing the orb, called out to all his allies. It was the last orb, and he knew that he would need help defending it. For even now, the White Witch's spies were telling her of the orb. And she too, was calling for help.

And so, on the first day, no blood was shed. No, both sides waited for reinforcements. And reinforcements would come....
Chapter Sixteen: The Second Day

Yes. It was early in the dawn, when the White Witch decided that enough villains had gathered to take the orb. Strangely, Thanos, their leader, hadn't arrived. Still, she commanded that the attack would still take place.

And meanwhile, in Aslan's camp, an assortment of animals had gathered, as well as the Teenage Mutant Turtles, the X-Men, and a few more heroes. Still, they were lacking power. Yet, they would fight bravely.

And so, the battle began, both sides met on a grassy.

Ben 10 met the Juggernaut. The Turtles faced the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, while the Narnians were slaughtered by the Marvel Zombies. It was brutal.

The battle raged on, with the villains slowly getting an upperhand. Finally, Aslan realized that he would have to retreat. But then, there was a flash from above....
"Get my baby!", yelled Krillin.

Thanks to Bulma, the Z fighters had been able to travel through the Multiverse, searching for Krillin's baby.

After arriving, the fighters looked down, and saw an intense battle was taking place. They all charged forward.

"Special...Beam....Cannon!!!", shouted Piccolo.

His blast shot forward, hitting the Juggernaut in the chest, sending him to the floor. To the left, Vegeta was engaging Cell in hand to hand combat.

"Destructo Disk!"

Krillin lifted his hand, and fired his deadly disk. The thing flew through the air, cutting the Firelord, in half.

Upon seeing the Z fighters, the villains quickly turned, and ran to the White Witch's castle. Meanwhile the heroes began to crowd the Z-fighters. Without them, they would have surely perished.

And so, the second day ended in victory...
Chapter Seventeen: The Return of the Jedi

"We're almost there!"

Robotic parts flew left and right, as the Terminator factory was overwhelmed. It's own supply of Terminators, were being mowed down by previosly unseen threats. The factory realized its chances of surviving, were 100:1....

Meanwhile, the Resistence, thanks to their new allies, were delivering the crucial blow to Skynet, that would eventually allow them to win their war.


Obi Wan sliced open the main door, throwing the remains with the force. Besides him, human freedom fighters rushed into the room. Inside, the factory's central computer had summoned the final Terminators.

The robots unleashed heavy fire, slaughtering the first troops. Obi Wan held his lightsaber closer, as he prepared to go in. To his surprise, a hand stopped him. Turning around, he saw Black Bolt, his face grim.

Allowing him to pass, Black Bolt rushed in, and said,"Leave."

And just like the last time, waves of power, unlike anything seen or heard, came upon them. The Terminators were ripped apart, as was the floor, and everything in a five mile radious.

That night, the Resistence celebrated. And, as victors, Indiana Jones, Black Bolt, and Obi Wan were honored.

But, as they ate, the orbs, which they had put aside, began to glow. They glew brighter and brighter, and, before any could react, they were transported away...
Chapter Eighteen: A Dark Hope?

Back at Aslan's base, the Z-Fighters, upon seeing

This is not done.

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Lord Loss
Number 88 by Rhekarid

“Listen Deadpool,” The leader of Weapon X ordered. “There is a problem that we must handle, and someone that can help you do it.”

Deadpool was reclined in a large black chair, looking at the Weapon X boss. His red costume seemed dimmed in the strange orange light that illuminated the Weapon X office. Deadpool’s boss sat across from him, wearing a white suit, a rust colored tie, and a commanding face.

“No prob, big dog.” Deadpool announced. “Who ya gonna call?” Deadpool eagerly leaned forward over the glass topped table hoping his boss would finish the phrase for him.

“We know only that he goes by the name Dante.” The boss watched Deadpool shrink disappointedly back into his seat. He and handed Deadpool a piece of paper.

“This is where he will be.” The boss explained.

“How do you know these things?” Deadpool asked. “Do you know the author? Are you good friends, can you introduce me to him?”

“Go” The boss ordered.

“Aye, Aye Cap’n” Deadpool saluted and was gone in a flash of teleportation.


Purple light rained down through the high stained glass windows. Deadpool teleported in and looked around for his escort, “Dante” wasn’t there. So Deadpool sat on a pew and relaxed.

The church was all still. Deadpool lay snoozing in the front row. Light filtering through the windows threw holy designs onto the purple rug coloring the floor. At the head of the church, the pulpit presided over the rows of empty pews. There was a wooden door off to the left with the word “EXIT” In big, stoplight red.

A noise from behind that door woke Deadpool. He stood up, gun pointed at the door. A man in a flowing red coat jumped through wielding two pistols and one big sword.

Dante saw Deadpool, hit the floor, and came up, guns pointing. Deadpool already had his pistols trained on Dante’s head.

“Dante?” Deadpool asked. Deadpool’s aim didn’t waver. His gun was trained directly at the perfectly smooth anime forehead framed by that perfectly silky anime hair

“Only my father calls me that.” Dante growled. He pulled the trigger on Ebony, his black pistol. Deadpool fired. Both fell to the ground, one more theatrically than the other.

“Urrrgh, owww, you got me man!” Deadpool complained. Blood dripped from his forehead, painting the stone floor red. “I’m dying but, at least I took you out with me.” Deadpool collapsed next to Dante on the cold floor.

Both men lay next to each other for a while, wondering whether the other had died. They might have lain there forever, but both started at a sound. Both heard footsteps from the corridor whence Dante entered. The footsteps were so eerily human, though both knew that nobody could have made it so far alive.

Both men in red lay silently, waiting for their next visitor. A man walked into the room a perfectly normal guy wearing a pair of tattered jeans and a T-shirt depicting Goofy. Both Dante and Deadpool sprung up, guns trained on him. On the shoulder of the T-shirt, a small insignia caught Dante’s attention.

“This is a servant of my father, Sparda” Dante said. The man continued advancing, silently.

Dante fired. Two bursts of demonic energy, one after another from his pistols. The bullets lodged themselves in the man’s cheekbone. Still, silently he approached; the duo began to back up.

“Let’s go for the arms.” Dante suggested. Dante and Deadpool both drew their swords which flashed purple in the stained glass light. They rushed their target, swords held out to the sides.

Dante reached him first. He shoved his sword into the midsection of the man. Rather than stop, the man pushed forward. Organs squirmed around the sword as the blood dirtied the church floor. There was a hissing noise as the acidic blood melted through the floor and Dante’s sword.

“Halt!” A voice commanded
A bright orange portal opened from the source of the voice and a man stepped out into the air above the pulpit. Lord Loss floated into the church.

Lord Loss’s skin seemed to be a mesh of scars reopening and quickly healing themselves as his face moved. In his chest, where his heart should be, a dark black hole hissed in writhed, full of snakes. The snakes struck out at Dante and Deadpool, mouth’s open, fangs dripping with green poison.

Lord Loss approached. As the leader of the Demonata floated toward Deadpool, the merc noticed Lord Loss was missing feet. Rather, two strips of bloodied flesh hung from his knees. That wasn’t a problem though because Lord Loss hovered over the stone floor at the same height as he would be if he had feet.

Deadpool had nothing to say.

Number 88 is one of my children, and I should be very upset if you were to maim him.”

Number 88 threw Dante against a pew. The sword was completely gone.

“88, would you kindly kill that man.” Lord Loss asked. Deadpool rushed to Dante’s aid.

“Back off” he warned. He opened fire, lodging bullets deep within 88’s skull. 88 didn’t flinch. He continued to approach Dante, red eyes trained on his prey.

Wordlessly, magically, Lord Loss pulled Deadpool around to meet his gaze. Deadpool was actually afraid. His lips were sealed under his mask as he was pulled towards Lord Loss’s chest. As he approached he noticed the Lord Loss had many undeveloped arms growing out of his stomach. About ten all hands clasped together.

Deadpool screamed as the hands grabbed him. “Shhh,” Lord Loss commanded “Hush child. I won’t kill you.” Deadpool was held tight in Lord Loss’s grasp.

Another portal opened and a baby stepped out. This portal was at the other side of the church, near the big doors.

“Introducing, my familiar Artery” Lord Loss smiled maliciously. The baby walked down between the rows of pews, head up and proud of himself as the pastor would on Sundays.

Deadpool watched Artery approach. He cried under his mask. Artery got closer and closer, ignoring the pair struggling in the third pew as he passed. Then Deadpool noticed, Artery was no ordinary baby.

Artery had no eyes, balls of fire instead danced inside his skull. The skin on the head was tinted a sick, dead green. Artery reached out to accept his new toy, Deadpool. There were mouths on his hands.

First Artery broke Deadpool’s arms; he was surprisingly strong for a demon his size. He moved on to Deadpool’s legs when Deadpool’s arms began to knit up again.

“Well, that’s no fun.” Lord Loss closed his eyes as though in deep concentration. Deadpool screamed as his bones twisted and squirmed and melted. He doubled over and vomited them out onto the church floor. Artery grabbed the body and began tossing it around. Deadpool was powerless to stop him.

Where Dante fought Number 88, the battle was going in Number 88’s favor. Without a sword, Dante fought hand to hand. He was too close to pull out his pistols and shoot. Number 88 was relentless in his assault. He’d already broken Dante’s left arm five times, but it healed quickly.

“Who are you?” Dante asked. He looked at the insignia blazoned on Number 88’s shoulder. Number 88 wordlessly kept grabbing at Dante’s limbs, wrenching sharply from left to right.

“Let’s see how strong you are.” Dante suggested. The noise of a machine powering down shot through the air as Dante’s skin blackened and wings sprouted from his back. Blue lightning crackled around him, deep blue streaks burned Number 88’s skin red.

Lord Loss floated at the front of the church, watching wordlessly obviously amused by the smile of his face. His cheek opened then, blood sluggishly crawled down his face. “You seem to be stronger than …” He turned toward Deadpool. Artery opened a portal and carried his toy elsewhere, into the demonata’s plane.

“Damn straight.” Dante responded. His arms shot out latching onto Number 88’s wrists. “Let’s see how you like it.” He calmly said. He pulled to the left, shooting Number 88’s bones through his arms. There was no cry of pain; Number 88 continued reaching for Dante with his broken arms.

Dante adjusted his grip and grabbed on the shiny, white bone protruding from Number 88’s grayed flesh. He wrenched and the bone slipped out, bringing with it a spurt of blood and muscle. Number 88’s advance didn’t stop. Even missing a bone in his right arm, Number 88 continued to reach for Dante.

“Stop it, damn you!” Dante screamed. He tossed the bone away and threw a punch at Number 88’s head. Number 88 shot across the church into another pew. Lord Loss continued to watch.

“Let’s make this more interesting- not to say that you’re uninteresting- this is fun.” Lord Loss quipped. Without a semblance of concentration from the leader of the Demonata, the pews all burst into flames. Neither Dante nor Number 88 paid any attention as the smoke filled the church.

Lord Loss’s maniacal laughter mingled with Dante’s battle cry as the smoke obscured the battle from his view. Number 88 was losing to the son of Sparda. “Do what you will.” Lord Loss called over the sounds of the battle. “I’ve lost interest in him anyway.”

“Just what I was waiting for.” Dante responded. Bones and tendons were twisted and disfigured as Dante released the bulk of his devilish power on Number 88. Number 88’s head flew through the smoke and fire into Lord Loss’s snake-pit of a heart. The snakes hissed bit at the eyes.

“Now,” Dante called from the smoking pews. “Are you gonna let me walk outta here? Or am I gonna have to kill you and feed you to your own damn snakes?”

“Me? Artery will kill you.” Lord Loss responded. A portal opened above Dante, suspended in midair, hanging from something unseen in the demon plane, and upside down baby appeared, and reached for Dante.

Dante quickly pulled out a gun and shot up. Artery fell, a hole lay smoking in his head.

“Then Vein shall kill you.” Lord Loss said. A blue portal opened next to Dante. A crocodile’s head peeked out, followed by the body of a dog. Dante fired. Vein fell dead, a hole lay smoking in his head.

“Then you may go.” Lord Loss smiled. “It was a pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise,” Dante responded. “Talk to you later.”

Dante walked out the front door, ready to find Sparda.

Solomon - March 21, 2009 03:33 AM (GMT)
Oroku Saki (Shredder) and Jin Kazama


Uncle and Splinter

Lei leaned back on his chair, and let out something of a cross between a groan, and a yawn. He had spent a good bit of the day going through paperwork, which he loathed more than when a suspect trail went cold.
His office wasn’t the most attractive sight in Hong Kong. The floors were always covered in thick amounts of dust, the only window had a sizeable hole in it, and the walls were riddled with dents, and cracks. All of this, was nothing compared to the scorching heat which plagued his workspace. The HPD hadn’t given any thought to buying air conditioning, or even fans. Not that they would do any good. The room was dead, in a sense. Any breeze that found it’s way into the room, immediately ceased, and any hope of being temporarily cooled off died with it.
Running a hand through his long black hair Lei closed his eyes, and let out a long sigh. This was what his nights had been like for the past 3 or 4 months. With the conclusion of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 the crime rate in Honk Kong had dropped considerably. It was always like this. The tournament always seemed to foster in a new onslaught of criminal activity. Lei didn’t really mind though. It kept him busy…it kept him from thinking about the life that he had turned his back on.
His thoughts were interrupted by a deafening explosion that blasted his eardrums, and rattled his brain within his skull. Instinctively Lei crouched behind his desk, and upholstered his pistol. His muscles tensed, as his heart pounded with anticipation. Lei felt a lone bead of sweat run down the side of his face before hanging on to the tip of his chin. The drop of perspiration hung there for a moment before falling to the floor below. As if it were a signal of some kind the police department suddenly erupted into a chaotic frenzy. Screams threatened to split his ears open. Controlled by an epic bombardment of gunshots the screams, like a candle in the wind. were silenced.
Lei Wulong froze for a moment, hoping to hear something…anything. The devilish voice of silence was the only reply. A wave of disbelief came over him, as he slowly came to terms with what had happened. With each passing moment he felt a heavier weight being placed on to his shoulders. For what seemed like an eternity, but was really little more than a few seconds Lei sat there starring wide eyed at something only he could see, oblivious to the sound of his conscious mind yearning him to retreat.
It started deep within his soul, a quick flutter of his being rekindled his spirit, as he slowly made his way to the door. All thoughts of reason were obliterated from his senses. A voice deep within him cried out for him to escape, but that voice was overshadowed by the wails of pain that he had left imprisoned for so long. Blasting through the old office door, his blood boiled in his veins…death was near.
A wall of fire shielded him from his destination. The orange flames licked the walls of Lei’s determination leaving black scars among his soul. The heat intensified peeling away the last bits of rationality from his conscious. Surging with hate-fueled energy Lei Wulong burst through the wall of ember. The deathly red flames ripped through his skin, as crimson blood poured through the yellowish blisters infesting in skin. Pain would not have a final word in this battle however, Lei’s rampages had laid doormat for far too long.
On the other side of the fiery barrier, the devil had ascended to the earth, and the Hong Kong Police department was his first victim. Pools of intense red blood flowed from dozens of mutilated corpses. Raging embers melted their flesh, as their eyes dripped from their sockets. A few had been decapitated beyond description. Limbs had been ripped away senselessly; organs were torn out of from their bodies crushed into oblivion. Satan laughed within the man known as, Jin Kazama.
The sweet untainted soul of Jun Kazama had been completely destroyed from within Jin. No longer was he that caring young boy, destined to end the violence that had plagued the Mishima bloodline. Now…now he was nothing short of a monster. His lust for blood was uncontrollable, his rages unprovoked, and his greed…his hunger could not be satisfied. Jin Kazama was no longer, there was only devil Jin.
No cunning words, or gestures were exchanged between the two of them. There was no need to. The feelings were being transposed internally as part of the soul. With a leap that seemed to defy the earthly restraints bestowed upon normal humans, Jin leapt to the air, his beating wings keeping him afloat in the sea of the air. His glowed with the passion of murder as darted towards his attacker.
In a desperate attempt to evade the coming onslaught, Lei Wulong leapt to the air. Their eyes meet, but only for a second. Suddenly Lei turned and unleashed a brutal back kick right to Jin’s chest causing him to soar across the desolate workplace, and slam into a nearby desk. There was no indication of pain, or frustration emulating from Jin, as he shot a pair of crimson lasers out of his eyes. Lei was unable to dodge the trajectory, and the laser ripped into his chest. His skin began to catalyze bubbling up on itself before erupting in a volcano of blood. The kung fu master dropped down to his knees, maroon liquid poured from his chest, and his now completely visible ribs began to falter under the continued onslaught of the full power of Jin Kazama.

* * * *

Deep below the heart of New York City, where the sewers ran wild in a mass tangle of mazes an aged master sat. The bitter scenery of the underground trenches were obscured by the darkness that was forever a part of the tunnel of the underground. A lone candle flickered amongst the darkness, washing away a small section of the eternal darkness. For a moment the world seemed to have peace for the aging master. He felt a certain tranquil aura emulating from the burning candle, as he breathed in union with the flame. He breathed in deeply when the candle grew, and let his breath out slightly as it shrunk.
Master Splinter had sat in front of this simple wonder for the better part of the day. No traces of emotion cam across his face, but deep within a calming sense of relief had completely washed over him. They had finally been able to achieve a goal that had long been a burden on their life. Yesterday the five of accomplished something that every creature yearns to realize. They had ended the struggle with a great evil. Yesterday they had defeated, the Shredder.
No more would The Shredder darken the doorstep of everything he, and his sons fought for. No longer would Oroku Saki twists the minds of the youth to his desired form. For that Splinter was relieved of a great burden that had handicapped him physically, and mentally for so long. Despite this increasing sense of erupting joy, a quiet voice whispered deep within his conscious. It was a dark, and sinister voice, slithering around his own soul, spreading a tale of destruction throughout his joyous heart.
For hours the Ninjitsu master sat before that candle, as his initial feelings of joy, and relief were being replaced with the agony of anxiety, and bewilderment. With each passing moment, Master Splinter hoped to make sense of the blackened whisper that had snuffed out the candle within him. Still, no matter how hard he pondered, no matter how much he tried to make sense of the shadowy slur within him Splinter could fathom what was trying to be said. So, the darkness within him grew, and grew until it had completely extinguished the glow of his soul.
Perhaps it was merely an after effect of finally achieving a goal that’s eluded him for so long. Could there still be some piece of this dream left untouched? Was this really the end of his troubles? A smile crept across Splinters face as he how his master, Hamato Yoshi, would have reacted to his paranoid anxiety. With a slight chuckle the ninjitsu master slowly opened his eyes. With a renewed sense of relief washing over him, Splinter blew out the flame, and the sewers were plunged into darkness once more,

* * * *

“Whoa Jackie look at this!” exclaimed Jade as she playfully tossed an elegant vase into the air. “Jade! Don’t touch that,” Jackie shouted, scrambling for the antique before it came crashing to the floor. With his fingers outstretched Jackie was barely able to grasp the artifact. “Jade, How many time do I have to tell you…” His final words were cut off, as the Vases’ display pillar had rocked back and forth several times, before crashing to the floor. Jackie looked around anxiously, as a bead of sweat ran down his face. “Jade, help me clean this up before…” Jackie stuttered over the words as quickly as he could, but it was not fast enough. A skinny old man with wild gray hair was rushing toward them “JACKIEEE YOU DESTROY UNCLES SHOP!” “Sorry Uncle,” said Jackie as he put his head down in shame. “Clean up this mess!” yelled uncle. “Yes uncle” whispered Jackie quietly, as he began to gather the broken pieces.
Jackie hurriedly grabbed the broken pieces, and threw them into an empty trash bag. However his work was interrupted by a sharp strike on his head. “Ouch! What was that for?” shouted Jackie as he looked up at Uncle. “You forgot to make Uncle tea,” replied Uncle simply. Jackie thought for a moment before replying with a laugh, “Oh yeah, you have a friend coming… I forgot.” Satisfied with that final statement Uncle turned, and walked away.
A few moments later Jackie was in the small the kitchen, which barely had enough room to accommodate him. A steaming teapot sat atop the rickety stove letting out a muffled Pssshhhhh. No sooner had Jackie began to concoct the liquid remedy when he felt yet another wrap to his head. “Yeoww!” Jackie shouted as he looked up just time to see Uncle glaring at him. “You no add enough Sugar to Uncles tea!” uncle screeched. “It’s not…”
“One more thing! Give Uncle cookies!”
“Ok, but…”
“One more thing! You take to long!”
“But I just…”
“One more thing! “
However the next comment was drowned out by a quiet knock on the door. The two of them ceased their bickering, and slowly turned to the door awaiting their long awaited guest.
* * * *

Jin Kazama slammed his fist down on his mahogany throne sending a low thud echoing throughout the grand hall. The frightened messenger took a step back, bracing himself for Jin’s next move. The head of the Mishima Zaibatzu looked around the darkened throne room as he pondered thoughts not of a man but of a demon. The massive room was empty save for the cowering messenger, and a pair of guards too disciplined to make any sort of interaction, and to stubborn to act on their own accord.
After what seemed like an hour, Jin finally arose from his throne, “So, Lei Wulong was not the carrier of the Hazakal.”
“No sir… I’m afraid not,” replied the messenger depressingly. Jin smiled, and took a step forward “Which means that you led us into a pointless objective, that has undoubtedly caused all of China to desire a bounty on my head,” said Jin. “Well I…”
Jin quickly held up a hand to silence him, “ You’ve cut the thread of the Zaibatzu in half, and nearly caused me to die,” whispered the young fighter. The man didn’t speak; instead he just straightened up, and focused on the wall. It seemed that he was concentrating intently on something only he could see.
Jin took yet another step forward, his boots clicking off the hard marble floor. Then he smiled, not a smile of joy or laughter though, but a smile of deception, and chaos. His eyes turned a bright fiery red, and 12-foot wings of the night sprouted from his back, and markings appeared almost instantly around his back and shoulders. The terrified messenger fell back on his backside as sweat poured down his face, and his heart threatened to burst out of his chest. The devil clutched his throat, his claws puncturing the sides of his victim’s neck. “ Feel the wrath of god,” whispered Jin before blasting through his head with a power blast. Devil Jin picked up the lifeless body, and held it high above his head. His skull had been blasted wide open, his brain had been hollowed all the way through, and chunks of muscle lay on the throne room floor, swimming in a pool of blood.
Jin’s blood lusted rage was halted by the sound of footsteps coming toward him. A man in a business suit bowed low before him, doing everything he could from looking at the decapitated corpse, “We’ve found it… we’ve found the source of the Hazakal.” Jin dropped the carcass, and smiled, “Good” he replied deviously.

* * * *

Uncle chuckled as he set down his teacup. In between laughs he said, “Ah, Splinter it has been such a long time since Uncle has seen you.” The ninjitsu master nodded in agreement, as he took a sip from his own cup. They had been reminiscing about past times for hours. Jackie, Toru, and Jade had all gone to the movies leaving the two friends to catch up with each other. The two talked of their ventures, their enemies, but mostly they simply talked about nothing at all.
“I don’t mean to sound impatient, but…” Splinter leaned forward, and looked to either side of him before continuing, “do you have the vase,” finished Splinter quietly. Uncle closed his eyes understandingly, “Wait here” he said simply before exiting the room.
Splinter took a deep breath, and settled back into his small bamboo chair, as he surveyed the small kitchen. It wasn’t much to look at it based solely on size, but it was a wonder based on content. Here Uncle created the remedies that caused the demise of more than a few demons. Splinter never much cared for disorderly, but the random ideologies of Uncle’s kitchen seemed to please him. Perhaps it was just a retreat from the usual bindings of who he had become.
Uncle’s footsteps interrupted Splinter’s brief meditation, as he entered the room carrying a beautiful vase. The old Kung fu master set the vase down, in the middle of the little wooden table. It was an object of magnificence; an intricate floral pattern covered the sapphire blue background. The vase sparkled in the light of the kitchen leaving beautiful patterns of light flowing throughout the room.
Splinter reached out, and touched the mystifying object he had waited so long for. “Is this it?” asked Uncle without taking the eyes off the beauty of the vase within. “Yes,” replied Uncle smiling. Splinter laughed as well, and continued, “Finally, I’ll be able to see my Master, Hamato Yoshi again. The Hazukal hidden within this…wonderful object,” Splinter paused to wipe away a lone tear cascading down his face before continuing, “ Finally I will be able to have the best of the present, and the past.”
A crash interrupted Splinters joys. The two friends jumped at the sudden disturbance, to see a figure standing over the broken door. The blurry outline of man slowly came into view. There standing in the entrance to Uncles small home was none other than Oroku Saki. He was without the armor of the Shredder, but he still possessed the same intimidating stature. Splinter rose from his seat quickly as he grasped his cane, holding it forward threateningly. No words were spoken between the enemies. No comments of this past. Nothing…with silence as his only witness Oroku Saki attacked.
The three of them fought, their movements swirling together in a form of frenzied yet somehow romantic combat. There was no clear winner, and none of them seemed to posses enough skill to best the other. Each attack was met with an equally powerful maneuver that the sent the aged masters into a sequence of chaotic movements that appeared to shift the tides of battle, but only for a moment. So they continued their personal war, but their weapons were not tanks, guns, or planes. Their weapons were their bodies, and the knowledge, which was honed within them.
Suddenly the ceiling was smashed from above, and the devil eclipsed the silvery moon from view. Jin Kazama flew above the perplexed martial artist, and growled, “ I’ve come for the Hazukal. Give it to me!” Unphased, Uncle retorted, “ You break Uncles roof!” Uncle took a step forward, “One more thing! You destroy Uncles shop!” Jin Kazama threw his head back, and let out a maniacal laugh, and sneered, “Don’t make me laugh old man.” Jin’s eyes began to glow, and fired the red lightning streak that had claimed so many. However, it’s path was halted by a small salamander, and Uncles chanting, “Jui mo1 gwai2 gwaai3 faai3 dei6 zau2, At first it seemed to have no effect on the impeding attack, but gradually the laser began to retreat. Eventually the attack was completely diminished.
Oroku Saki seized the momentary distraction, and landed a flying jump kick to Splinter’s jaw. Sensing an easy victory, Oroku raised his hand, and formed it into knife. Seconds before the killing blow was struck Uncle dove for the Foot Clan master, forcing him off his life long friend. Without notice Jin bolted towards Uncle, and slammed him into a nearby wall leaving a small crack in the concrete. He then whirled around, and aimed a quick blast right at Splinter’s heart. Splinter easily dodged the blow, using his cane as a support to lower himself as low as his protesting body would allow. At the exact instant Splinter positioned himself upright, Oroku swept his feet put from under him, and caused the father of the turtles to land flat on his back. Saki raised his foot high above his head, and prepared an axe kick that would seal Splinters fate. It was not to be. Splinter used his cane to strike a pressure on the back of Oroku’s knee, and he lost his balance, but only for an instant. An instant was all Splinter needed however. He sprung out both his legs, and landed a powerful hit that almost cracked Saki’s ribs.
Meanwhile, Jin Kazama had completely forgotten about his newfound ally, and instead, inspected the object that housed the powers of the Hazukal. He moved it slowly, examining it at numerous angels, and smiling when a certain position seemed to spark a deeper thought within him. His thoughts were halted by a sharp strike on the top of his head. Jin twisted around attempting to back fist Uncle, but he was too quick. The old Kung Fu master lashed out his attacker, landing a sequence of frenzied strikes that hit the most vital pressure points. Devil Jin tried to regain composure, but he barely had enough control to block half of Uncle’s attacks. The onslaught continued, pain welled up inside him as he forced to his knees, gasping for breath. Jin looked up one last time, to see Uncles crazed face lingering over him…
Splinter, and Oroku Saki had used every technique they had known on each other, and applied nearly every philosophical strategy they could muster, but neither could gain the upper hand. Bright red blood dripped from Oroku’s Jaw as he clutched his chest. Splinter was not much better, he moved with an extreme limp, and his right hand was clearly broken. Uncle quickly took his placed beside his friend, and offered his shoulder for support. With rage growing within him Oroku bolted toward his enemies. His attack was faster than lightning; he used a complex aerial kick to slam his foot into Uncles temple, Splinter’s solar plexus, and back to Uncles left Knee. The two swayed for a moment before toppling backwards. Never had they been struck so quickly, and so leathally.
Oroku Saki stood over his victims, and without a thought he turned and walked away.

treacherous - March 21, 2009 11:01 PM (GMT)
Post Crisis Darkseid/Boba Fett vs. Savage Hulk/Samus Aran (Metroid)

In a throne-room on the humongous, downtrodden planet of Apokolips…

As is customary on the planet of Apokolips, Desaad, the master torturer and follower of Darkseid, throws himself at the mercy of his intolerant master. Ruthless and rarely wavering, the gigantic tyrant looms in contempt over Desaad, listening to his pleas of forgiveness. Desaad desperately tries to explain why his recent attempts to capture Supergirl had failed as his efforts fall on deaf ears. Darkseid prepares to make judgment.

Darkseid: Intolerable worm. Enough of your squealing. I have heard your pleas and they sicken me. How many times must you fail me?

Desaad: But sire, hear me out…

Darkseid: Why! Why should I listen to anymore of your pathetic fiascos?

Desaad: Sire, I have discovered something on my excursion. When the Boom Tube failed, it sent our crew to another world. It was a world similar to the planet Earth, with its own heroes and powered individuals just as its alter ego.

Darkseid: More heroes to rise against Darkseid. Why would this interest me?

Desaad: It was not the heroes that astonished the old eyes of Desaad, master. It was something else; a monster of incalculable strength. Our malfunctioning boom tube landed us in a desert region where a local military force tried desperately to stop the beast. No matter what they threw at it, the beast stood. Its mind was lost to insanity and rage and its strength grew with every attack. Our equipment monitored its rise in potency…

Darkseid: and

Desaad: Sire, at the peak of the fight, the beast’s strength rivaled that of Superman’s.

Darkseid: Indeed. Continue.

Desaad: This is what led to the defeat of your most valued Para demons, master. After the beast demolished the local army, I sent in your Para demon strike force. The beast annihilated them. Nothing could stop it. Not Sonics, firepower or Para demon could even dent the creature. I venture we could use a creature such as this as a living weapon. A bomb of sorts to drop on unsuspecting enemies via Boom Tube.

Darkseid: And I do not see this creature in our midst, so tell me how you have not failed me.

Desaad: M’lord, you sent a strike force to capture Supergirl and we found something much greater. My suggestion is hiring someone much more skilled in these matters. Not fighters, but hunters: Bounty hunters. With your permission sire, I would like to send an all points broadcast for bounty hunters that would seek and capture this beast for your needs.

Darkseid: On your feet, Desaad. You have spared your life (for the time being). Send this broadcast and bring me the best bounty hunters you can find…and they had better be good.

Desaad: Yes, m’lord.

Darkseid: And Desaad.

Desaad: Yes, m’lord.

Darkseid: Not Lobo. If that half wit Czarnian is anywhere near this operation, I will let Granny Goodness and her Furies have their way with you.

Desaad: Yes, m’lord.

Without hesitation, Desaad leaves the throne room of Darkseid to complete his task.

Meanwhile across worlds in another realm far away, a battle clad, young woman stands before a mighty council…

Galactic Federation Council (GFC): Thank you for joining us Samus Aran. Your presence is always a delight for the council. Pleasantries aside, it is with grave supplication that we once again call upon your expertise.

Samus: I am at your command.

(GFC): I am afraid you won’t be so ready after hearing this request, young Aran. Recently, many of the mystics, clairvoyants and seers of the galaxy have foretold of a great travesty set to occur in our quadrant and to the entire realm. This is unprecedented. Never before have all of them been in sync with the same vision. Many of the weaker have even fell comatose. They speak of a beast not of this world. It is said to be coming this way. They are calling him the World Breaker. Nothing is known of this beast, except that he is supposedly preordained to appear with a gigantic booming sound, which will herald the beginning of the end of us all.

Samus: What would you have of me?

(GFC): This must not occur, Samus. That beast cannot set foot in our galaxy. Samus, all transports have been acquired to send you to the beast. We will give you the best equipment at our disposal, but we need you to defeat and destroy that monster. Whatever you need is yours.

Samus: I will not fail.

(GFC): You cannot fail or all that we know and love is doomed.

Much later on the world of Apokolips a group of bounty hunters hailing from all points of the universe stands at the ready before mighty Darkseid. Briefed on the mission by lackey Desaad, the men and women await their next instruction.

Darkseid: Welcome to the world of Apokolips. This is my world. Before I send anyone out on this undertaking, I must test your might and valor in battle. I will not tolerate failure, I will not tolerate you testing my intelligence or patience and I will definitely not pay a group of twenty bounty hunters for one mission. Only one of you will go on this mission; the one of you that can defeat my son. Meet, Kalibak...

Suddenly a door opens across the room and the terror that is Kalibak sprints forward like a runaway train crushing many hunters in his path. The remaining bounty hunters disperse in every direction as the son of Darkseid unleashes a torrent of high-powered blast from his Beta-Club. Within seconds, at least five of the bounty hunters are down. Pulling a high tech cross bow, Kalibak sends a stream of powerful energy nets. Five more down. The bounty hunters are caught off guard and only the most wily and cunning have survived thus far. Finally, they begin an offensive.

Knocking over a table, a four armed hunter returns fire with three different types of guns. With ice, laser and nerve beams, he strikes at Kalibak. Two more hunters join him and send a hale of bullets at the man-monster. From behind an equally large bounty hunter grabs Kalibak and picks him up. The son of Darkseid is hit repeatedly with the firepower of the hunters as he is lifted from the ground at the rear.

All shots stop suddenly as a sound fills the room. Kalibak’s laughter. As his blood lightly drips, none of the armament has any real effect on his person. With a forceful thrust, Kalibak breaks the hold of the lumbering hunter behind him. Palming the giant by the head, he thrust his face into a wall. The cracking sound of his skull echoes across the room. Grabbing the giant and hoisting him high, Kalibak throws him across the room and into the overturned table hiding the remaining hunters. Two are crushed immediately. The four armed hunter leaps and sticks to the wall and fires a new weapon. The weapon seems to have an effect on the man-monster. He begins to fire a stream at Kalibak that slows the monster’s forward motion. Suddenly, the remaining hunters fire trap weapons in an attempt to bring the beast to his knees for the kill. It works. Kalibak falls to one knee. Then another.

Out of nowhere, an amazing blast incinerates the area and with it the remaining hunters. Kalibak trapped within many webs, nets and adhesive bonds struggles for freedom. From above a silently hovering bounty hunter shoots unerringly at the quivering remains of the hunters, assuring defeat. Finally, he turns his attention to Kalibak who is nearly free. Hovering forward, a large fine-bore missile appears from his jetpack. Additionally, a small armed ship drifts into view from above. Appearing in a window within Darkseid’s hall. The ship aims two huge seeker missiles at Kalibak. With an impressive roar, Kalibak jumps to his feet, finally breaking his confines. All at once, he is hit with multiple heavy damaging missiles. Also, he fires a missile that sends a heavy sleep agent in to the air.

Darkseid minions run in all directions as the entire building crumbles from the force of the attack. The bounty hunter nimbly uses his jetpack to escape to his awaiting vehicle. As the roof comes down, he adds insult to injury by adding another assault of blast from a pair of small Kuat systems cannons on either side of the hull. Kalibak’s body flails as it is splattered about the wreckage until it lie motionless. When the smoke clears, the hunter exits the vehicle and walks across the debris towards Darkseid who never moved from his spot.

Boba Fett: Boba Fett, at your service.

Desaad: You are under arrest! This is an outrage! You have destroyed his majesties throne room! This will not be tolerated! We will hang your head from a wall! We will…

Darkseid: QUIET DESAAD! Before I take back my offer to extend your life. Now, come forward bounty hunter. I am impressed; impressed by your audacity, impressed by your flair and impressed by your ability to get the job done. It is no small task to defeat my son.

Boba Fett: Thank you, sir.

Darkseid: You may call me master.

Boba Fett: Boba Fett has no master.

Darkseid: I see. Impressive. Join me, let’s discuss your arrangements.

Days later, Samus arrives on Earth in search of the World Breaker.

Samus: Come in F-Base 1. This is Samus, reporting.

F-Base 1: F-Base 1 here. Report team leader, Samus.

Samus: Sorry to report, the World Breaker is not here. Repeat, the World Breaker is not here. It seems that the beast has been transported off planet somehow, possibly a similar dimensional traveling system such as ours. There are strong traces of Positronic residue and some strange form of mutated Gamma radiation. We are recording the findings now.

F-Base 1: Very well, team leader, Samus. We will contact the psychics and get you new coordinates soon.

Samus: Alright, Samus out.

F-Base 1: F-Base out.

Elsewhere on the planet of Apokolips…

Darkseid: You see Desaad. This is how you get the job done. Finally, a reliable service is done in the name of Darkseid. To think beneath that great beast was a weak pathetic man. If you had had patience, Desaad, like Boba here, you too could have captured the beast.

Boba Fett: It was just a matter of waiting him out and spotting any weakness in his design. It took him nearly two days to finally sleep, but once he did the transformation was all the weakness we needed.

Desaad: But master, I…

Darkseid: Do not speak Desaad. Listen and learn or die. Now, when the…

Suddenly, a thunderous roaring is heard across the throne land followed by a rumble that quakes the ground. It is followed by the sound of firepower and explosions.

Desaad: M’lord, it is coming from the laboratories where the creature is being held. Surely, he hasn’t awakened.

Darkseid: See to it now, Desaad. This is my planet and I will not tolerate foolish mistakes. Boba Fett, would you like to earn my respect even more.

Boba Fett: I would rather earn your money.

Darkseid: Indeed.

In the laboratory fields, Desaad tries to gather troops and fire power against the other worldly being known as the HULK. With the female furies defeated Granny Goodness dead only the massive hoards of Para demon stand to face the green goliath. Para demon after Para demon is sent flying or crushed as continues wave after wave come crashing in. Suddenly the skies open and a cracking noise is heard. A young armored warrior falls to the ground. “World Breaker.” She says upon seeing her target. Samus wastes no time surveying the scene. She has only one mission: destroy the HULK.

Unnoticed by the dueling groups, Samus charges her beam cannon to its maximum level. With a flash, she discharges a shot to the goliaths head. Flinching as one would a slap to the face; the giant barely glances in her direction. Figuring her for another cursed Apokoliptian warrior, the Hulk continues to crush those before him. Undaunted, Samus tries another tactic when suddenly she is attacked from the rear. “Interloper!” Boba Fett pronounces. Boba Fett’s experienced eyes realize a rogue bounty hunter when he see them and he will not allow another to take his win. He fires a volley of pistol shots.

With ease, Samus uncannily dodges the attack and returns a rapid multi shot from her blaster rifles. Boba cuts the power to his jet pack and falls effortlessly beneath the shots. As he falls, he raises his arm and shoots a fibercord bolo whip that wraps around Samus’ leg. The heavy weight of the plummeting Fett drags her down and throws off her balance. In his grasp, Boba targets Samus with a heatseaking scope and fires a miniature flame projector. Samus’ suit protects her, but she can feel the heat increasing. She must break the cord or her fall will kill her.

Meanwhile an infuriated Darkseid fumes as he notices his obligated bounty hunter distracted by another affair as his armies are decimated. “Enough!” He speaks as his eyes smolder and glow red, “I will not tolerate anymore.” The air crackles as he sends a lethal dose of the Omega Effect hurling at the Incredible Hulk. The flare zigs and zags through the landscape avoiding Para demons and geography alike to finds its target. With an enormous ruby flash, Para demons are cremated instantly. The Hulk bellows in pain and falls to one knee. “Amazing.” Desaad whispers as the emerald creature rise back to his feet. Through a psionic link to Darkseid, Desaad speaks, “M’lord, according to my readings his adrenaline levels are spiking. He is getting angry. Your blast did not faze him.”

Suddenly another blast showers the air, vanquishing Desaad where he stood. “Fool.” Darkseid pronounces. Unrepentantly, the ground trembles greatly. To his displeasure the Hulk has vanished. Darkseid’s minions survey the land to find the beast when abruptly, the clouds break. From the sky, the giant beast plunges towards Darkseid screaming in rage. Darkseid hails wave after wave of light Omega Effect blasts to no avail. Sweat, mucus and tears stream from the beast as he bawls in pain and pure unadulterated fury. The dark god cannot believe what he is seeing. With no other choice, Darkseid prepares to fire a lethal disintegrating blast at the Hulk. However, it is too late. The planet sinks beneath the feet and fist of the World Breaker after his decent from the heavens. Like a hundred nuclear blast, the beast’s unchecked fury obliterates the scenery. Tectonic plates shift. Volcanoes erupt. The world quivers and…the world of Apokolips breaks. The Hulk’s attack sends him crushing the tons and tons of earth deep into the planet, completely destroying everything in his path.

Even in the air, Samus and Boba are sent colliding across the world from the impact. While Boba Fett calls upon his space ship to exit the demolished planet, Samus lets loose a Crystal Flash bomb. The devastating power bomb attacks catches Boba off guard, destroying his ship with him in it.

Meanwhile, Darkseid contemplates from a satellite in space above the planet having teleported long ago. His planet blisters and burns as it is slowly destroyed by the earth shaking attack of the Hulk, he surveys the scene in dismay.

Darkseid: Another time beast. Another time. Crew leader, set coordinates to the beasts planet. We will see who is the real World Breaker. Prepare for Apokolips 2.

As well, Samus returns via teleportation to his space going ship and then returns to the Galactic Federation.

Samus: The creature is defeated. I am again at your service.

(GFC): I am afraid you are wrong mighty, Samus. The World Breaker lives. Please look to the view screen at the recordings from your mission.

Samus gazes at the screen to see that the Hulk had leapt from Apokolips and traversed along with Samus’ vessel to the home planet of the Federation.

(GFC): We are doomed Samus. You have brought the World Breaker to us…and he is angry.

They all watch the screen as the Hulk rampages through the city to the Federation capitol.

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