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Title: Clay Miller vs. Ghostface
Description: His Sister, His Fight

boratz - February 16, 2009 05:23 PM (GMT)
Clay Miller tackled Tom Hanniger on the ground. Tom pushed him off of him, and got to his feet. Clay got up, and took out his knife. Tom swung his pickaxe, but Clay dodged it, and tackled him into the wall. Clay sliced Tom's arm, which caused Tom to drop the pickaxe. Tom punched Clay back, and kicked his legs out from under him. Clay looked up at Tom, who was reaching down for the pickaxe. Clay kicked Tom back, and got to his feet, and charged into Tom. Clay grabbed his knife, and stabbed Tom in the chest. Clay looked down Tom, and picked up the pickaxe. He went over to Whitney, and broke her out of the chains.

Whitney looked into her brother's eyes, but then saw Tom behind him. She pushed him out of the way, and jumped on the ground. Clay came up, and ran into Tom. He pinned him into the wall, and Tom grabbed Clay. Tom threw him on thr ground. Clay yelled out for Whitney to run off, and get help. Clay was pinned on the ground, and Tom was trying to push the knife into his head. Clay finally pushed Tom off of him, and punched him back on the ground. Tom got to his feet, and gazed into Clay's eyes. Tom had Clay's knife in his hands, and smiled. Clay was thinking. Thinking of how he could stop Tom.

Tom swung out the knife, and Clay dodged it, and grabbed Tom's arm. Clay uppercutted Tom in the chin, and tackled him back on a few fuel tanks. Tom dropped the knife, and Clay was over him. Clay started unloading punches his face. Tom grabbed Clay's shoulders, and threw him off. Tom went over to get the knife, but Clay kicked him in the face. Tom got to his feet, and Clay ran over toward him. Tom ran over toward Clay, and the two collided with each other.

Tom pinned Clay against a wall, and started punching him in the side. Clay put his thumb in Tom's shoulder, where Clay stabbed him. Tom staggered back, and Clay kicked him back on the ground. Clay jumped on the ground, while Tom picked up the knife. Tom turned around, to see Clay with the pickaxe. Clay stabbed Tom on the top of the head, and Tom stated to stagger back, and his body fell down into a deep pit.

Clay fell against the wall, and reached down to pick up his knife. Suddenly lights were flashing out at him, Clay put the knife down, and went to his knees. Police surrounded the area, and took Clay to the sheriff station. Clay saw his sister in a chair. The next day, they were released, but Whitney still at to go to the institution. The authorities found the body of Tom Hanniger in the lower parts of the mine. Clay watched as his sister was got in the car, and he watched as she drove away.

Clay got on his motorcycle, and started to follow the car. This time he was going to make sure nothing was going to happen to her. The car stopped at Pinehurst halfway house, and Whitney got out. She studied her surroundings, and she turned to see Clay. She went over to Clay, and hugged him. She told him everything was going to be alright. Whitney turned around, and was greeted by the staff of halfway house. Clay watched as she went inside, and went to leave on the motorcycle.

Whitney watched as her brother rode off once again. She turned around, and was led into the house. When she went inside, she was introduced to all of the patients there. One of whom, was Sidney Prescott. As Whitney got to know all of the people in the Pinehurst halfway house. As time past in the halfway house, Whitney didn't experience as many nightmares as she did before. The memory of Jason started to slip away. She was given the priveledge to call her brother every now and then, and could go out walking. As more time past, one of the staff received a strange call. The staff member was in her house, and watching TV. It was raining outside, when she received the call. A strange voice was on the other end.

"Hello" - Lisa - Staff Member

"What's your favorite scary movie?" - Ghostface

"I don't have any. I get scarred to easy. Is this Peter?" - Lisa

"That's a shame" - Ghostface

"Why?" - Lisa

"Because now I will have to kill you" - Ghostface

"What are you talking about?" - Lisa

"If you can answer at least one question, I may let you live" - Ghostface

"What is the question?" - Lisa

"What movie is Freddy Kreuger in?" - Ghostface

"I don't know!" - Lisa

"Tick tock, tick tock. If you want to live answer my question! - Ghostface

"Halloween!" - Lisa

"Hmmmm, sorry no" - Ghostface

Suddenly a door busted open. Lisa got up to see what it was. She saw Ghostface coming toward her. Lisa turned around, and ran into the kitchen. She took out a kitchen knife, and spun around to see Ghostface running inside. As Ghostface saw the kitchen knife in her hands, he stopped, and started laughing. Lisa screamed for Ghostface to leave, but Ghostface just kept on laughing. He slowly walked over toward her, and Lisa swung out the knife. Ghostface dodged it, and sliced Lisa's arm. Lisa scream as she dropped her knife, and grabbed her arm. Ghostface then swung out, and sliced Lisa's shoulder. Lisa staggered back, but she kicked Ghostface back. She started to run out of her house.

As Lisa was running into the rain, Ghostface watched her. He lifted up his arm, and threw his knife. Ghostface threw the knife, and impaled Lisa in the back. Lisa fell to the ground, but she was still alive. She tried to crawl away. but Ghostface caught up with her. Ghostace put his foot on top of the knife, and put all of his weight on it. Lisa cried out, as the knife dug deeper into her. Lisa tried to fight back, but Ghostfast grabbed the knife, and took it out of her back. He then rolled Lisa over one her back, and started stabbing her in the chest. Ghostface then looked into the lifeless body of Lisa, and stabbed her throat.

The next day, Lisa's body was found on her lawn. The halfway house got word of it, and Whitney grew terrified. She called her brother, and told him of what happened. She told him of her fear. Sidney Prescott heard of the murder, and grew scarred. All of her friends were dead because of her, and now she was here. She couldn't do anything to stop it. The Pinehurst halfway house started to receive threatening phone calls after that. Sidney grew more scarred. Whitney finally called her brother, and told him to come. Clay got on his bike, and rode on. He knew he had to protect his younger sister, he had to.

Days past since Whitney called her brother. It was dark outside. Whitney sat in her room. She heard a sudden scream, and walked out to see what happened. Lights were flashing the house. Whitney saw blood on the floor, and turned to run upstairs. She ran into to Sidney Prescott, who was trying to hide. Sidney told about what happened to her. The two girls tried to find a way out of the house. The girls started to see dead bodies of other patients, and staff. Suddenly a door busted open. Ghostface came out, and threw his knife through the air. The knife impaled Sidney in the chest, and her lifeless body fell on the ground. Whitney screamed, and she turned to run away.

As Whitney made it downstairs, she ran into the arms of her brother. Clay tried to calm her down, but they both heard the voice of Ghostface from upstairs. Clay took out a knife he had, and he told his sister to run. Clay waited for the killer to come, he waited for another run in with another slasher. As Ghostface came downstairs,, Clay stood ready to fight. The battle erupted.............

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