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Title: Clay Miller vs. Tom Hanniger
Description: Brothers of Supernatural, Are Enemies

boratz - February 16, 2009 12:52 AM (GMT)
If you have not seen My Bloody Valentine, or the new Friday the 13th then you should not read this set-up

**After the events of My Bloody Valentine and Friday the 13th**

Clay ran into the hospital room. He saw his sister screaming in the bed, screaming, and yelling the name Jason Voorhees. Clay tried to calm he down, but he was pushed back by one of the doctors. Clay is sent to the waiting room, where sits and waits. He closes his eyes, and a flash came through his head. It was the man in the hockey mask. He was chasing him with his machete. Clay opened his eyes, and saw one of the doctors coming toward him. The doctor told him that his sister was calm, but she was probably going to be sent to a mental institution. Clay tries to stop them, but he couldn't. Before she was going to be sent away, Clay goes to visit with his sister.

Clay begins to talk with his sister. He talks to he about their mother, but she simply ignores him. She knows what is going to happen to her. Clay finally leaves her alone, and she is taken away. Clay watches as the car she is in drives off, and turns his head away. All that time, all the troubles he went through. Now she was being put in a mental institution. Clay thought he failed his sister. Whitney would no longer be normal. He would no longer be normal. Clay headed off on the road back to his home.

Sitting in the back of a car, Whitney felt helpless. She felt scared. Every time her eyes closed, she felt she was back in the tunnels with Jason. Suddenly the driver of the car lost control, and hit a tree. The people in the front seat got out of the car, and then got Whitney out. Whitney leaned up against the car, and one of the men transporting her to the instition stood right beside her. The driver was trying to radio in for some help. Something happened. The man standing beside Whitney looked over, and saw a pickaxe, inside his partner. Whitney fell to her knees crying out the name Jason. The man looked over at her, and told her it was not Jason.

The man turned around, and saw a man dressed up in a miner suit. The lifted his gun, but the miner had the pickaxe in his hands, and stabbed him in the face. Whitney got up, and turned around to run. The miner saw her, and ran to catch her. As he caught her, she turned and kicked him back on the ground. Whitney ran into the forest, and just ran as fast as she could. She found a nearby town, and made her in the town. Suddenly the town stopped in front of her. Axel Palmer the town sheriff, got out, and told her to freeze. Whitney stopped, and Axel took her the jail. At the sheriff station, Sarah Palmer, Axel's wife came in. She went over to Axel in anger.

"You know this girl didn't do anything! You know it was Tom!" - Sarah Palmer

"Yeah, but I have no proof. She was running through the city covered in blood" - Axel Palmer

"Maybe she saw Tom kill someone, and she got away from him" - Sarah Palmer

"We just found a car on the highway. It crashed into a tree. Two people were dead. We found a file with her picture on it. She was being transported to a mental institution" - Axel Palmer

"I still think it's Tom" - Sarah Palmer

"I do to, but with the evidence we have to hold her" - Axel Palmer

Axel made a call to her brother Clay. After Clay got the call from Axel, he left for the town her brother was in. Axel sat back in his chair, Sarah sat beside him. They finally went over toward Whitney, and asked her what happened. She told them about Jason Voorhees, and why she was sent to the mental institution. She finally got to the part where she was attacked by the miner. Both Axel and Sarah whispered out "Tom". The lights start to flicker, and then a loud noise busted out. Axel got up lifting up his gun, but he was impaled by a pickaxe. Sarah went down to reach the gun, but she was tackled back on the ground. Sarah kicked Tom back, but Tom took out the pickaxe from Axel's head. She grabbed the gun, but the pickaxe impaled her through the chest.

Tom Hanniger stood up, and looked back over at Whitney. Whitney crawled into the corner of the jail cell. Tom went to open the jail cell, and started to walk over toward Whitney. As he lifted up the pickaxe, Whitney ran and tackled Tom back. She then ran off. Tom got to his feet, and followed her. As got outside, he could see no one around. Whitney hid in the darkness. The next day the bodies of both Axel and Sarah Palmer were found. Whitney was still hiding. Clay Miller rode into town, and found that his sister was involved the investigation of the deaths of the two people transporting her to the institution, the three towns people, and the sheriff.

Clay started his own search for his sister, which led him to the recently shutdown mines. Clay started to walk down lower into the mines, and saw no trace of his sister. He heard something in the distance. It was a cry. It was his sister's cry. Clay went to his motorcycle, and got out a knife. He went back in the mine, and ran inside. As he was searching the mine, he saw he chained to a wall. She was crying. She yelled for him to look out. Clay turned around, and saw with the corner of his eyes a pickaxe coming his way. Clay ducked down, and tackled Tom Hanniger on the ground. He got to his feet, and saw the man dressed in a miner's uniform. Clay had his knife, and Tom had his pickaxe. The battle begins.....

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