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Title: Contest Submissions #4
Description: Submit your work

Darkender - February 15, 2009 05:30 PM (GMT)
Okay, this is where you submit your work. I'll make a deadline soon, so you can just come back and check this. It will probably be next Sunday though.

nicker - February 15, 2009 07:20 PM (GMT)
Stewie was making his next invention to kill his annoying mother Lois .
Right when he was about to finish his Loiskiller200 Lois came in and picked him up.
Stewie:No! You vile woman put me down!!NO!!!!
Lois:"Come on Stewie Looney Tunes are on!
Lois then places Stewie in front of the television.
Stewie:Hmm that bird on this show might be useful if I can kill that stupid dog.
The episode ends and the place where the show was made appeared onscreen.

Stewie:"Hmm now to kill that mangy dog."
Stewie then flew on a airplane ,taxi,and walked to the Acme Copration where Wily Coyote and Roadrunner were drinking coffee. Boom!! Stewie walks in and chases after the bird which gets away .
Stewie:I will deal with you later mutt.

Stewie then chased after Road Runner who he manged to trip up.
Stewie then put his laser to RR's face.
Stewie:Any last meeps bird?"
RR used his foot to point to a huge rock which was tipping forward.

SMoosh! RR meeps at the now smashed Stewie Griffin.

Winner: Road Runner.

boratz - February 21, 2009 07:43 PM (GMT)
Sam Winchester vs. Dean Winchester



Dean was talking toward Sam under a bridge.

"I enjoyed it, Sam. they took me off the rack, and I tortured souls, and I liked it. All those years; all that pain. Finally getting to deal some out yourself" - Dean Winchester


Ruby was talking toward Sam, while he was on a hunt

"The whole world's about to be engulfed in hellfire" - Ruby


Sam just got into a vehicle with Ruby

"What changed your mind" - Ruby

"I don't want to be doing this when I'm old" - Sam Winchester


Sam was talking to a bus driver possessed by Dirk McGregor

"I am not evil Dirk" - Sam Winchester


Sam and Dean confronting each other after being infected by the siren.

"The Sam I knew is gone. It's not the demon blood or the psychic crap. It's the little stuff. The lies. The secrets" - Dean Winchester

"You're too weak to go after Lilith, Dean. You're holding me back. You're too busy feeling sorry for yourself, whining about all the souls you tortured in hell. Boo hoo" - Sam Winchester

"I am a better hunter than you, Dean, always have been" - Sam Winchester



Sam and Dean busted through a door to an old rundown apartment building. Dean held his gun up in the air, and saw that it was clear. Sam started to walk down a dark hallway. He opened a door, and saw a man hanging off the ceiling. Sam went over to get him down. Dean walked in, and could smell the stench of the dead. Both Sam and Dean saw a pile of blood on the floor, and body parts off to the side. Sam looked down at the man, who was unconscious. Dean looked around the room, to see if he could find anything that could explain what was happening, what did this. Suddenly they heard a noise echoing through the building. A crying noise that came from the top floor. Dean started to head to the top, while Sam went to take the unconscious man out to their 1967 Black Chevy Impala. As Dean was heading up the stairs, the cries got worse. Dean kicked a door open, and saw nothing. The noises stopped, and Dean started looking in all directions.

Something moved past him in the darkness. Dean couldn't see it, but he knew something was there. It moved to fast for him to see. Dean lifted up his gun,and searched the room for any signs of life. Suddenly something moved past him again, still to fast to see. Dean turned around, and started to grow furious. All of a sudden Dean heard laughter echoing in the room. Dean aiming his gun in all directions, tried to find the source of the noise. He saw a closet door feces instantly in front of him. Dean slowly walked over toward the closet door and opened it. Nothing was in the closet. Dean stepped back, and turned around. He something coming toward him. A creature that knocked Dean back on the ground. Dean got to his feet, and shot the creature twice. The creature staggered back, but then charged back toward Dean. The creature knocked him back out the window. Dean fell out the window, and landed in a trash can. Sam heard the noise, and rushed to see what happened. As he got there, he saw Dean pushing himself out of the trash. Dean was covered in garbage, he even had a banana peel on his head.

"What happened?" - Sam Winchester

"The thing knocked me in the trash" - Dean Winchester

"What was it?" - Sam Winchester

"It looked like a wendigo" - Dean Winchester

"Wendigo? That's impossible. Wendigos only hunt in forests" - Sam Winchester

"Well not this one" - Dean Winchester

"So how did it get in the city" - Sam Winchester

"I don't know, but it has a whole table full of food. Everyone in the city is on its menu" - Dean Winchester

Sam then pointed up at Dean's head.

"You got a little something on your head" - Sam Winchester

Dean felt the top of his head, and took the banana peal off his head. He gazed over it, and then threw it on the ground.

"I am going to kill this thing, and rip its lungs out" - Dean Winchester

"You do that" - Sam Winchester

Sam and Dean took the unconscious man to the hospital, and then went back to their motel room. Both of them tried to find where the wendigo would go, where it would stay and eat. Dean left to get supplies, and Sam stayed back at the motel room. Sam's cell phone started to ring, and he answered. It was Ruby. The two started to talk. Meanwhile, Dean was getting supplies to make his own flamethrowers, as he was getting supplies he even picked up a couple of flare guns. Heading back to the motel, Dean called Bobby to tell him about the wendigo that was loose in New Jersey. Bobby called him crazy, but Dean assured him that it was a wendigo. Dean got back to the motel room. Before he went inside, he could hear Sam talking on the phone. He knew it was Ruby. Dean opened the door, and Sam put the phone down. Dean gazed at him in anger, but Sam asked what he had picked up. Dean put the supplies on the table.

"We can make fire" - Dean Winchester

"Sounds great, and flare guns. Brings back memories" - Sam Winchester

"Yeah it does. Wish I would have picked up a pack of MNM's" - Dean Winchester

The two brothers sat down in chairs, and started to make their own flamethrowers. Sam said there hasn't been any sign of the wendigo, but that there was an old abandoned hotel just a few miles away from the building they last saw it at. As Dean was working on making the flamesthrower, something happened. A flashback came into his head. A flashback from his time in hell. A flashback of him ripping someone apart, the cries echoed in his head. Suddenly he heard something that brought him back to what he was doing, it was Sam's voice asking if he was alright. Dean just said yeah, and continued his work. As they were working on the flamethrowers, Sam's cell phone started to ring. Sam picked it up, to check the number. As he gazed the number, he put the phone down, and got back to working. Dean looked up at Sam, and gazed at him in curiosity.

"So, are you going answer that?" - Dean Winchester

"We have to work, Dean" - Sam Winchester

"Right" - Dean Winchester

The brothers continued to work on their flamethrowers, until they were finished. Sam and Dean headed for the abandoned hotel building, but there was nothing there. Sam and Dean left the building, and heard a woman's cry in the distance. Dean threw Sam the keys, and told him to go look. Dean ran off into the dark night. As he was running toward the direction of the cries, he could see small glimpses of the wendigo jumping across rooftops. Dean kicked a door open to a building. He went to a stair unit, and made his to the roof. As he got up there he could see nothing. He looked around at the top of the roof, but he could see nothing in sight. Dean went down to the first floor, and made his way outside. Dean saw the Impala coming his way, and saw Sam get out of the car. Sam walked over toward Dea, who was leaning on the building. Dean up at Sam, and Sam looked over at Dean.

"It got away" - Dean Winchester

"Crap" - Sam Winchester

"Where do you think it went?" - Dean Winchester

"I don't know" - Sam Winchester

Sam and Dean went back to the motel room. Sam did more research, and found an old underground shelter not to far from the abandoned hotel, and the building they first saw the wendigo. Sam and Dean headed toward the shelter. The brothers gazed at the shelter's entrance, and got out of the Impala. They made their way toward the entrance, and slowly opened the door. As they made their way inside, they saw that the shelter was completely dark. The brothers took out flashlights. They could smell the stench of the dead in the air. They knew it was there. Sam and Dean split up into opposite directions. Sam started heading down a long dark hallway. The brothers both heard noises of someone crying. Dean found a room, and saw a girl hanging from the ceiling. The wendigo was standing next to the girl. Dean came out, but he didn't want to harm the girl. He put down the flamethrower, and walked out in sight.

"Hey stinking! Do you want some fresh white meat!?" - Dean Winchester

The wendigo turned toward Dean, and charged toward him. Dean took out the flare gun, but he wasn't fast enough. The wendigo grabbed Dean, and pinned him to a wall. Dean dropped the flare gun, and could feel the wendigo sniffing his neck. Dean took out a knife, and stabbed the wendigo in the chest. The wendigo dropped Dean, and staggered back. Dean reached for the flare gun, but the wendigo kicked Dean across the room. Dean got to his feet, but the wendigo grabbed him. The wendigo picked him up off the floor, and threw him back. Dean then saw wendigo coming toward him. He looked over at the door, and saw Sam standing there. The wendigo turned around, and saw Sam. Sam shot his flare gun, and hit the wendigo in the face.

Dean kicked the legs out from under the wendigo, and got up to get away from the burning body. Sam and Dean looked down at the wendigo, who was being engulfed in flames. Dean then turned toward the girl hanging off the ceiling, and took her down. The brothers took the girl to the hospital, and both of them headed back to the motel room. Sam took out his cell phone, and saw that he had a missed call. Dean gazed over at the phone, but Sam put it away. As they got back to the motel, Dean went to bed, and played like he was asleep. Sam got out his cell phone, and started speak of an address. Dean heard it, and waited for Sam to leave. As he heard the door close; Dean got out of bed, and went out the door.

Sam was walking into the darkness, and Dean went to the Impala, to get Ruby's knife, and a pistol. Dean started to make his way to the address, Sam went to. Dean watched Sam walk into an old rundown building. He gazed inside the building, and saw Sam and Ruby. Dean opened up the door to the building, and walked inside. Ruby and Sam looked at him. Dean stood frustrated at Sam. Ruby was just about to say something, but Dean charged toward her. Sam ran in the middle blocked him from attacking Ruby. Sam yelled out for Ruby to get out of there, and Ruby ran out the door. Sam pushed Dean back, and both of the brothers steered directly at each other's eyes.

"So you still do this? You still go out, and use that power that demon gave you?" - Dean Winchester

"I am doing it to stop Lilith. I am doing this to save the world" - Sam Winchester

"Your using the curse, Azazel gave you! The curse mom, dad, and even our grandparents died because of the demon blood!" - Dean Winchester

"Dean, I am not letting it take control. I am not letting it get to far" - Sam Winchester

"How far is to far Sam!? Huh. Tell me, please!" - Dean Winchester

"I can stop Lilith" - Sam Winchester

"We can stop Lilith together!"- Dean Winchester

"You know what Dean, your weak! I fight demons that you can't even handle! That you can't even touch! I save people! I am way better hunter than you could ever dream of being!" - Sam Winchester

"Really? Is that because is you and your little demon girl friend is training you to use your magical Harry Potter power" - Dean Winchester

"Dean, I don't want to be hunting when I am old! I don't want to fight demons when I am old!" - Sam Winchester

"No you just want to sleep with them!" - Dean Winchester

"Shut up!" - Sam Winchester

"No Sam! I won't shut up! There is always going to be something evil in the world! You kill Lilith, and one more big bad boss demon arises. Then what? You kill that demon. You will do it until that blood takes you over. Azazel has an endgame! You let that blood inside you take you over, than Azazel's endgame will come out" - Dean Winchester

"What endgame!? Those Angels don't even know! Your just afraid that I am a better hunter than you! Your afraid to admit it!" - Sam Winchester

Dean put the dagger, and his pistol on a table beside them. He looked over at Sam in anger. Both brothers gazed at each other, and silence filled the room.

"So your a better hunter than me. Huh is that right. Tell you what, how 'bout you go on with Ruby. Only one thing I am not going to let you leave without a fight"- Dean Winchester

"I am not going to fight you, Dean" - Sam Winchester

"Just a second ago, you were a better hunter. Now you are afraid to fight" - Dean Winchester

"I am not fighting" - Sam Winchester

"I will let you go with Ruby if you beat me, but just know this if you go; you are not coming back. If I win you stop this" - Dean Winchester

"No" - Sam Winchester

"Come on Vagina, give me your best shot" - Dean Winchester

Sam threw out a punch, and knocked Dean back. Dean looked at him, and a fight erupted between the two. Dean charged and tackled Sam through the door. Sam pushed Dean off of him, and came back up, punching Dean across the face. Sam threw out a left hook, but Dean blocked it, and threw an uppercut toward his chin. Sam staggered back, and Dean came back punching Sam across the face. Sam grabbed Dean's head, and kneed him in the face. He then grabbed Dean, and threw him back in the building. Sam went to look over Dean's body.

"Looks like I win" - Sam Winchester

Sam turned around, and started to walk away. Dean rolled over on his chest, and pushed himself off the ground. He ran as fast as he could, and tackled Sam on the ground. Sam elbowed Dean in the face, and Dean staggered back. Sam spun around, but Dean kicked him on the ground. Sam got to his feet, and threw out a right hook at Dean. Dean dodged the attack, and punched Sam across the face. Sam fell back, and Dean jumped onto him. Dean then unleashed many punches on his face. Sam threw Dean off of him again, but Dean came back up. Dean punch Sam back on the ground. Sam got to his knees, and tried getting up. As he came up he threw out a punch. Dean grabbed his arm, and uppercutted him. Sam fell back on the ground. His face covered with blood. Sam looked up at Dean, who's face was also covered with blood.

"Looks like this is over Sammy! You need to stop this. Not just for me, or for dad, or mom, or our freaking grandparents.... But for yourself, and every innocent person in this world! Every person those evil demons kill, and every person that will die because of Azazel's endgame!" - Dean Winchester

"Dean, what am I suppose to do? I have a curse!" - Sam Winchester

"Why should other people die because of that curse! Why can't beat this demon blood!? Why can't you beat the curse!?" - Dean Winchester

"I can't!" - Sam Winchester

"So other people going to die because you are to weak!" - Dean Winchester

"I am saving people! I am not hurting anyone!" - Sam Winchester

"What about the bigger picture!? What about the endgame!?" - Dean Winchester


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