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Title: Bob Lee Swagger vs. Max Cady

boratz - February 9, 2009 05:23 AM (GMT)
GySgt. Bob Lee Swagger and LCpl. Donnie Fenn were sent on a peace-keeping operation in Ethiopia. Swagger shot down a few hostile trucks, but more hostiles came than expected. Swagger and Fenn took down as many as they could, but hostile air support arrived. Donnie and Swagger got to their knees to fire at the chopper, but Donnie was shot down. Swagger looked down at his friend's dead body, and then all of a sudden he woke up. It was a nightmare. Swagger sat up, he just woke up from having bullet wounds stitched up by Sarah; Donnie Fenn's wife. Swagger was trying to remember who did this to him, who made him the most wanted man in America.

Days Before........ Swagger lives in his isolated mountain home. He lives his dog Sam, and still mourns of his friend's death three years earlier. Everyday goes out shooting his rifles, and just goes back in his house. His dog brings him a beer from the fridge, and everyday he keeps away from the government. Something happened one day. A group of men came to his house. One man by the name of Isaac Johnson. Johnson told Swagger an assassination plot on the president's life, and was in need of Swagger's help. At first Swagger told him no, but later he changed his mind. Why did I do that, is what he thought. Swagger then saw Sarah Fenn walk into the room.

"Thank you" - Bob Lee Swagger

"No problem, so what are you going to do?" - Sarah Fenn

"I am going to burn their place house down" - Bob Lee Swagger

"Oh, I am sorry about your dog" - Sarah Fenn

"What?" - Bob Lee Swagger

"Your dog, he was shot" - Sarah Fenn

"Damn, I raised that dog since he was a pup" - Bob Lee Swagger

"So what's going to happen?" - Sarah Fenn

"I don't know, but there will a lot of death in the air" - Bob Lee Swagger

Swagger got up, and started his way toward the door. He gave a glance back at Sarah. He told her thank you one last time, and also said he may need her help in the future. Swagger walked out the door, and got into a truck. He left the house, and started to drive somewhere, but where. Swagger then tracked a rookie FBI agent, Nick Memphis, to a warehouse, where he was about to be murdered. Swagger saved him, and made him an ally. Bob Lee Swagger and Nick Memphis, then travels to Athens, Tennessee. He was there to meet with an expert. Meeting with old expert, Swagger learned of an assassin, who was thought to be dead. An assassin who was probably responsible for the assassination plot against the African archbishop. An assassin, that Swagger knew he saw before, and knew his location.

Bob Lee Swagger and Nick Memphis, then traveled to Lynchburg, Virginia. They got equipped with sniper rifles, and pistols. They made homemade explosives, and homemade smoke bombs. Memphis was a lookout for Swagger, as he made his way into the house. He killed four guards getting there, and found the man responsible for killing the archbishop. The assassin told Swagger what had happened in Africa. Why the archbishop had to be murdered. Why a village was wiped out, because of an oil pipeline. The assassin then commit suicide, and Swagger recorded what he said. Swagger turned around, and was about to leave. Someone tackled him on the ground.


Max Cady was waiting, for his visitor to come. After brutally killing his former lawyer, and his family years and years ago, Cady was suppose to be in prison for life. He never thought he would ever get a visitor. He saw the man coming in. He was a black man with a business suit on. Cady sat back, and wondered why this guy come for him.

"So what the Sexual Intercourse do you want to talk to me for?" - Max Cady

"Hello Mr. Cady. My name is Isaac Johnson" - Isaac Johnson

"So who gives a feces, I asked you a question" - Max Cady

"Well Mr. Cady, how would you like to get out of prison?" - Isaac Johnson

"I would having sexual intercourse love it" - Max Cady

"I have opportunity for you" - Isaac Johnson

"What is it?" - Max Cady

"Freedom" - Isaac Johnson

Max Cady was sitting in the back of a car. He was pardoned for his crimes. He didn't know why. He went to a warehouse outside of the city, and was escorted inside. He saw the man Isaac Johnson sitting in a chair by a table. Isaac signaled for him to take a seat. Cady went to sit down, and looked over at Isaac.

"How the Sexual Intercourse did you get out of prison?" - Max Cady

"I have resources. Resources that would like to give you a job" - Isaac Johnson

"Why should I work for the fuckin government? Huh what have they ever done for me?" - Max Cady

"Who said anything about the government" - Isaac Johnson

"I was pardoned" - Max Cady

"Yes you were, but you won't be working directly for them. You will be doing what you do best, murder" - Isaac Johnson

"Why not hire a fuckin assassin? Why did you want me?" - Max Cady

"To keep these pansy ass government official from looking down our shoulder" - Isaac Johnson

"Hmm, well what would you like me to do" - Max Cady

"There is a man, who knows way to much. I want you to kill him, make it dirty. I can get you in without being seen, but you have to get out on your own. Oh I have a bonus to"- Isaac Johnson

"What is it?" - Max Cady

"There may be another man there. He is the man who failed the presidential assassination attempt, Bob Lee Swagger. If you kill him I will give you freedom, and benefits to that freedom" - Isaac Johnson

"Swagger?" - Max Cady

"Yes, here is a picture of both men" - Isaac Johnson

Max Cady took the picture, and gazed over them. He was taken to a house in Lynchburg, Virginia. Cady went inside the house, and heard a voice from the other room. He glanced inside, and saw both of his targets. Swagger was carrying a gun, so Cady went for cover. He heard a gun shot, and hid in the shadows. He waited for Swagger to stand in front of him. Cady ran out, and tackled Swagger on the ground.


Swagger got to his feet, and saw Cady standing in front of him. Swagger dropped his weapon, and Cady dropped a knife on the ground. Suddenly a battle erupted between the two men.

Bob Lee Swagger dropped his pistol, but he can get any weapon he can find.

Max Cady has a knife, and any weapon he can get his hands on.


*Bob Lee Swagger

*Max Cady

*Bloody Days

Darkender - February 9, 2009 11:35 AM (GMT)
:lol: I keep on wanting to say something on your matches, but I never know the people.

boratz - February 9, 2009 01:17 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Darkender @ Feb 9 2009, 11:35 AM)
:lol: I keep on wanting to say something on your matches, but I never know the people.

Yeah well. Bob Lee Swagger is from a movie called Shooter. Awesome movie about a marine sniper, who gets framed for killing an African archbishop.

IonKidMax - February 9, 2009 05:45 PM (GMT)
Really good one!:)!!!

Ethan - February 9, 2009 09:12 PM (GMT)
.....Swagger, friggin geniius he is.

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