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Title: Tony Almeida vs. Max Cady

boratz - February 6, 2009 04:36 AM (GMT)
*****Tying up loose end: Part 2 of 3*****

Tony sat in the back of the van. Getting the AK-47 ready for battle, he gazed up ahead to look out the window. The streets were shining brightly, and no one was outside. The area was quite, and the only noise was the van moving ahead. Tony grabbed a black ski mask, and put over his face. The vehicle came to a stop, and Tony open the door. Tony jumped out along with his men. Tony gazed at the house, and knew something was wrong. Suddenly Tony saw something at the windows of the house. Frank Booth was waiting for them. Tony and his men took cover behind the van, and waited for their chance to fight.

Tony aimed his AK-47 at one of Frank Booth's henchmen. He squeezed the trigger, and shot the man down. Masters ran to the other side of the van, and shot down one of the men at the door of the house. Tony aimed his gun back at the house, and saw a man standing on the roof. Tony shot the man down off the roof, and finally saw a small clearing. He told his men to cover him, while he went in to fight. Tony ran, and behind a fence. He shot at one of the men hiding behind the door, and saw the man fall down. Tony then shot at the men hiding in the windows. He signaled for the rest of his men to follow him, and they kicked through the door.

Gun shots rang out. Tony shot down a few men, just enough for him to have a clearing to get cover behind a wall. Tony and his men took down all the men in the room. As Tony scanned all the bodies, he realized none of them were Frank Booth. Tony looked upstairs, and signaled for a few of his men to go looking around the first story, while he and masters search for Booth. As Tony and Masters headed upstairs, they could smell the stench of drugs and alcohol. Tony started to kick doors open, and look inside to see if he could find Booth.

Tony then started to head down a hallway. Suddenly a man dressed in a red shirt came firing a shotgun. Tony took cover, and Masters did the same. The man started to shout out cuss words, and finally Tony saw got the chance to fire. Tony shot the man in the legs, and Masters came out, and shot him in the face. Tony and Masters continued down the hall. They saw a door. Tony shot at the door, until he had no more ammo in his AK-47. He the gun down, and took out his 9mm. Masters went over to kick the door open, and all of a sudden more shots fired out.

Tony took cover, and waited for the gun shots to stop. He charged in just as it finished, and shot the holding the gun in the head. Tony saw another man with a medical oxygen mask over his face. He gave Tony the finger, and took out a pistol Tony lifted his pistol, and shot him in the face. The man fell to the ground, and Tony gazed over his body. It was Frank Booth. Tony took out a cell phone, and called David Emerson.

"This is Emerson" - David Emerson

"Yeah, it's done" - Tony Almeida

"Good you can head on back. I have your paycheck" - - David Emerson

Tony sat back in his plane seat. He tried to close his eyes, but every time he did, his memories shifted to Michelle. Tony tried to forget, but his memories would not quite coming back to him. As the plane landed, Tony headed back to Emerson's house. As he arrived at Emerson's house, Emerson was standing out giving Tony a case of money. Tony took the case, and then looked up at Emerson. Tony turned around, and went to his room. Turning out the lights, his memories of Michelle started to get worse. Tony left his room, and Emerson walked over to him.

"Are you okay Tony?" - David Emerson

"Yeah" - Tony Almeida

"No your not. I hear you scream in the middle of the nights. You always sit in the dark, and You always look depressed" - David Emerson

"I don't know what it is?" - Tony Almeida

"You can talk to me. I can be your friend, your brother" - David Emerson

"There is a pain I feel all the time, I wish I couldn't remember. I wish this pain would go away" - Tony Almeida

"You still want to remember. The happiness is everlasting, but what happen is also everlasting. The people that did it, the government that did it, should be stopped" - David Emerson

"Okay" - Tony Almeida

Months past... Tony started talking with Emerson more. He started to become friends with Emerson. Tony hasn't done a job for months. He growing impatient, he started to grow more angry with the federal government. Finally Emerson got a job ready. Tony walked into the room, and he saw Masters standing in the corner of the room. Tony went up to Emerson, who was holding a document in his hand. Tony was told to sit down. As Tony sat down, Emerson began to speak.

"We have another job" - David Emerson

"What is it?" - Tony Almeida

"Another tying up loose end job" - David Emerson

"What's the job?" - Masters

"There is a man, we used as an assassin. His name is Max Cady. He is low life criminal, escape from prison. Killed his former lawyers, and that's when we found him. That's when we sued him" - David Emerson

"Why used scum bags like Cady?" - Tony Almeida

"Because it will keep the government from suspecting something big. If you have a man with military record who hates the federal government, and has a reason. Then people will suspect of something, but low lives like Cady and Booth are anonymous" - David Emerson

"Okay how is this going to be done?" - Masters

"My friends last saw him in a place called Cape Fear. It is where he murdered his lawyer, and his lawyer's family. It is where you are going kill him" - David Emerson

"When are we going?" - Masters

"You will be leaving now. This document will contain everything you need. When you get there, you will meet a man, who will assist you. Tony you are in charge of this job. Are you ready?" - David Emerson

"Yeah" - Tony Almeida

Tony took the document, and he and Masters headed toward the location they were told to go. Tony and Masters rode silver car, and headed toward an apartment building. They went to the third floor, and went inside to see a man sitting in a chair. He had a cigarette in his mouth, and looked up at Tony and Masters.

"You Emerson's men" - Shane

"Yeah" - Tony Almeida

"Cady is trying to escape on Cape Fear River. I guess we're suppose to stop that" - Shane

"Yeah" - Tony Almeida

"Good I have the equipment ready, Cady is trying to escape midnight, you know trying not to be seen. I heard it was Tony's job" - Shane

"Yeah it is. We go before he leaves, and stop him" - Tony Almeida

"Okay sounds good" - Shane

As darkness fell over the land; Tony, Masters, and Shane made their way to Cape Fear. As they arrived they saw a cabin. Masters went to give a glance inside the cabin, while Tony and Shane searched the area. Masters came out to see Tony and Shane. He told them that there was a dead body in there. Tony then saw a boat on the dock. He signaled for them to search the boat. The three men got on the boat, and started to search around it. Suddenly it was untied from the dock, and the boat started drifting off. Tony and Masters went into the lower levels, and Shane went to the top of the boat. A gun shot echoed in the air, and the sound of a body dropping on the ground came along. Tony and Masters ran up, and found Shane's body on the floor of the boat. Tony looked up, but could see only darkness. Tony told Masters to stay there, while Tony would go to the front of the boat. Masters heard a noise on the side of the boat, and went to look. He saw nothing he then turned around, and saw Max Cady behind.

"Hello" - Max Cady

Max Cady smiled, as he knocked Masters out with his revolver. He looked over his body, and then pointed his gun at Masters' head. Then Cady heard a noise, and saw Tony coming from the front of the boat. Cady took cover, and waited for Tony to come. Tony could hardly see Cady as he took cover, but he knew who it was. Tony slowly made his way for cover, and watched as the battle was about to begin.

"Your out of luck!" - Max Cady
Tony Almeida has a pistol, and two clips.

Max Cady has a revolver.

Tony Almeida

Max Cady

Tying Loose Ends Part 2

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