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Title: Kyle Reese vs. Aliens

boratz - February 4, 2009 04:10 AM (GMT)
Sitting back against a wall, Kyle gazed down at the picture of Sarah Connor. He could only imagine her thoughts, he could only imagine her there, and then. Kyle then heard a voice transmission of John Connor over the radio. Kyle pushed himself off the wall, and headed over to where John Connor stayed. As Kyle entered John's office, John stood in the center of the room, looking straight at Kyle. Kyle saluted John Connor, and Connor did the same. As they put down their hands, Kyle broke the silence between them.

"You wanted to see me sir" - Kyle Reese

"Yes. There is a base outside of sector 10. It has a large supply of civilians, and children. Hours ago it went dark. I want you to take a team up there to find out what is happening" - John Connor

"Why me sir?" - Kyle Reese

"Are you questioning my orders?" - John Connor

"No sir, but if this big, then why not someone with better experience" - Kyle Reese

"I need to know you can take on something big" - John Connor

"Yes sir, I'll do it" - Kyle Reese

Kyle was given the location of the base, and he then headed for the armory. As he was getting suited up, he started to have memories of his first encounter with John Connor. His thoughts then changed to the picture of Sarh Connor. Why did he give this to me? Is what he kept thinking. Finally Kyle headed toward the exit of the base, and met with the team he was supposed to lead.

The men were all prepared, and equiped with their weapons. Kyle and the team headed toward a helicopter, and left for the base. Landing near the sector 10 base, Kyle jumped out prepared for a fire fight, but nothing happened. The team entered the elevator that headed down into the main levels, and as they entered lights were flashing. Kyle could smell the stench of death in the air, and he saw some kind of substance on the wall. Kyle then noticed a drooling liquid fell from the ceiling. Then all of a sudden something from the darkness.

The battle begins..........

Kyle Reese has a team of skilled Tech-Com soldiers. They equiped with a variety of weapons.

The Aliens have multiplied greatly. There are hundreds, but a queen fully grown.

Can Tech-Com destroy the Aliens, or will they die?

boratz - February 4, 2009 12:37 PM (GMT)
Oh and this is like a test for Kyle Reese. John Connor wants to test him out on fighting terminators, before he is sent back in time. But he didn't know the aliens came around.

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