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Title: and another thing...
Description: Two rants at once.

Pseudonym - February 3, 2009 12:02 AM (GMT)
I just watched the Hulkv Wolverine and Hulk v Thor movies. Meh, some parts truly pissed me off.

For instance- Loki and woman of unknown name are the primary bad guys. They use a spell to set Hulk lose on asgard to go pound on Thor. Wait, what.

Loki can bind and control the Hulk. Yeah.

Not only that, but they magically separate Banner from the Hulk, leaving Banner lying on the floor crying.

"Ye knows not what ye seeks." (not literally)

This violates the Law of consevation of Matter, which is my favorite law of physics.

The rest of the movie was, as I said, meh.

Wolvie vs Hulk

This was a wreck. (Still part of rant #1)

The Hulk is ripping through Canadian cities, killing people indiscriminately. Why? I dunno.

Weapon X sends Wolverine in to fight the Hulk, why? I dunno. Wolverine had escaped from Weapon X the second he got his claws, so... I dunno.

Wolverine finds banner near a lake.

"You smell toxic." He says and throws Banner at a rock. What the %$&* was that! He could've killed him.

Apparently, he didn't recognize Banner, but he still decides to throw him at a rock.

K, back to the story.

Then the Claw, Tentacles, and mouth team arrives.

Omega red
Lady Deathstrike

They kidnap the fighting duo of Hulk and Wolvie.

Speaking of the fight, Did I mention that Wolverine tore through the Green Giant like Tisue Paper. And the Hulk Bled?!? Whatever.

The pair is taken back to weapon X.

Both are experimented on, but neither comes out even slightly different. why, dunno.

After wolvie breaks out, He goes and gets Banner. He says.

"We're gonna need your green friend right now."

"I can't they drugged me."

"This'll help."

Wolverine then guts banner. Not the Hulk, Banner.

Banner collapses, giving Wolvie about 7 minutes to fight of his attackers.

So Banner bleeds from the stomach for seven minutes and nothing happens. Ok, fine. *grumble.*

So that's it.

And deadpool wasn't funny.


The CBUB. When I joined, it was fine. Now the sheer number of different trash accounts has brought it to a sh!tpile.

I'd rather read Rulk for english class than truly be a part of the CBUB. I'll still watch, but damn it's crap now.

Don't believe me? Doomsday vs Kyuubi.

darkender - February 3, 2009 12:05 AM (GMT)
CBUB has been crap for a long time now.

Ethan - February 3, 2009 02:49 AM (GMT)
............yeah, that movie suked, they blew Wolvie and Hulk out of proportinate.....and um, that woman was Enchantress, Originally, Wolvie was working for Weapon X, the adamintium can pierce Hulk's skin....Hulk can be mind controlled, but not for long as he snaps out of it usually. and Hulk must've been in Savage mode, so he was ticked off long enough to start killing people, I guess, the only question is, why wasn't Wendigo in it...?

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