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Title: Bryan Mills vs. Tony Soprano
Description: Taken Out

boratz - February 1, 2009 11:22 PM (GMT)
Bryan Mills aimed pistol at Anton Chigurh, and fired it. Anton ran behind a wall, and shot at Bryan. Both killers shot at each other, and both were took cover behind objects. Anton then came firing his shotgun, and Bryan jumped behind a door. Anton shot at the door, and Bryan for more cover. Anton kicked the door open, and saw nothing. He then turned around, and saw Bryan across the room pointing his gun at him. Anton jumped behind the wall as Bryan shot.

Anton felt his arm. He saw blood dripping on the floor. Bryan slowly started to make his way toward the door, but he saw Anton coming out firing his shotgun. Bryan jumped on the ground, and fired his pistol. He hit Anton in the shoulder, but Anto still continued to stand. Finally both Anton, and Bryan ran out of ammo. Bryan ran out and charged toward Anton.

Anton grabbed Bryan, and threw him on the ground. Bryan got to his feet, but Anton grabbed him held him in the air. Bryan put his thumb in Anton's gun wound on his shoulder, but it didn't faze him any. Bryan finally took out his kinfe, and stabbed Anton in the arm. Anton dropped Bryan on the ground, and Bryan came up punching Anton in the throat. Anton staggered back, and Bryan came at him swing at his neck and face. Anton finally fell to his knees, and Bryan stabbed him in the face with his knife.

Bryan looked over the dead body of Anto Chirguh, and then rushed upstairs. As he knocked the door open to his daughters room, he saw the dead bodies of his daughter, his ex-wife Lenore, and her husband. Bryan went and knelt down beside his daughter's body. He picked her up, and cried. He cradled her body, and closed his eyes, remebering the days of her childhood. The house became completely silent, and then all of a sudden a cell phone rang from down stairs. Bryan went down stairs, and searched for the phone. Fianllly he saw the phone beside the dead body of the mob boss. Bryan picked the phone up, and pressed talk.

"Is it done" - Tony Soprano

"I don't know who you are, but I will find you. And whoever you work with, and will kill you all" - Bryan Mills

Bryan hung up the phone, and left the house. He headed toward his friends house. His friends that were in the CIA with him. He gave them the cell phone, and they traced the number to a New Jersey number. After more research they found out the man is named Tony Soprano, who is a mob boss over there. Bryan then got a plane ticket, and headed for New Jersey.

As the plane landed, Bryan went to place, and got ahold of a pistol. As Bryan got ahold of the weapon, he then made his way to the Tony's workplace. Standing outside the gate, Bryan gazed inside, and studied the criminals inside. Bryan took out his cell phone, and called Tony's cell phone number. Tony answered the phone.

"Hello" - Tony Soprano

"I told you I would find you, and I would kill, along with the people you work with" - Bryan Mills

"Who the hell is this?" - Tony Soprano

"I was a father" - Bryan Mills

Bryan hung up the van, and got in his car, driving through the gates. The battle soon began.


Bryan Mills is from the movie Taken

Tony Soprano is from the shows the Sopranos

treacherous - February 2, 2009 03:29 AM (GMT)
You guys should really put up polls for these matches. It may spark debate a little better.

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