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Title: Bryan Mills vs. Anton Chigurh
Description: No Country Has Ever Been Taken

boratz - February 1, 2009 03:13 AM (GMT)
It has been a year since his daughter was kidnapped. It was one year since he stopped fighting. Bryan Mills now has a watchful eye on his daughter at all times. He doesn't want anything else to happen to her. Now she is in college. He is still protecting her, still watching out for her, but he also gives her space. As summer came around, Bryan's daughter Kim came home from college. Bryan went down to his ex-wife's, Lenore, and her husband, Stuart's house.

After a great family get together, Bryan went back to his house. He hugged Kim, and left her with Lenore and Stuart. As Bryan got back to his house, he sat in his bed, and started to flip through the pages of his daughter's scrap book. All those years he never had time to spent iwth her, he had finally gotten back. Bryan got up off the bed, and walked over toward the mirror. He gazed at himself, and saw something new. He saw happiness in his life.

Bryan went to the window, and looked out at the world. Suddenly his cell phone rang, and he went to answer it. As he answered it, he heard Kim crying on the other end.

"Honey what is it?" - Bryan Mills

"Daddy there are some people who just broke into the house!" - Kim Mills

"What?" - Bryan Mills

"The electricity has been shut off" - Kim Mills

"Where is your mother and where is Stuart?" - Bryan Mills

"They got them" - Kim Mills

"'I want you to do what happened last time. Go in the next room, and hide under the bed. Scream out everything you see" - Bryan Mills

"Yes daddy" - Kim Mills

"I'll get over there as fast as I can" - Bryan Mills

Bryan ran outside to his car, and started to go to Stuart's house. He heard his daughter crying over the phone, and then he heard a scream. She was taken. He heard he yelling of tattoos on the neck, and long black in pony tails. Suddenly someone else answered the phone.

"Mr. Mills, you may not know me, but you messed up my bussiness. A year ago you destroyed my friends, and co-workers. Did you really think we would let you go" - Mob Boss

"I don't know who you are either, but will tell you this. If let my daughter go, and her mom and step dad, I will let you live. But if you don't I will kill you. Like I killed your friends" - Bryan Mills

"Good luck" - Mob Boss


It has been two years since Anton's last job. He has been growing bored, and restless. He was sitting in a chair waiting, but he didn't know what for. He put his hands in his pocket as he turned on the television, and took out a coin. Anton started to flip the coin through the air, as he watched the news about a European mob boss coming into LA. Anton then heard his phone ring. Anton reached over to answer it.

"Hello" - Anton Chigurh

"Hello, Mr. Chigurh. I have a job I would like you to help me with" - Uknown Mafia Boss

"Who is this?" - Anton Chigurh

"It's better we not give away names" - Mafia Boss

"What would you like?" - Anton Chigurh

"A mob boss has recently come to LA. I have his location, but I want you to kill him, and his crew. He made a mistake a year ago, and hasn't cleaned up his mistake. I want you to tie up loose ends" - Mafia Boss

"Where?" - Anton Chigurh

"I want you to go to a supermarket on westside central called Hasty's. There will be a breifcase that will contain his location. Also dispatch of any eye witnesses" - Mafia Boss

"Okay friendo" - Anton Chigurh


"How'd you know he'll come" - Mob Thug #1

"He came to France for his daughter once, I don't think coming to his ex-wife's would be any different" - Mob Boss

"So what do we do?" - Thug #5

"Kill him" - Mob Boss

"He destroyed a major part of your operation in France. You really we can take him now" - Thug #3

"We have leverage" - Mob Boss

"Leverage?" - Thug #4

"His daughter, his ex-wife, his ex-wife's husband. He will to busy trying to be a hero" - Mob Boss

"And then we kill him" - Thug #2

"Excatly" - Mob Boss

Suddenly lights flashed through the windows. The mob boss went out to look, and saw a dark truck outside.

"He's here" - Mob Boss


The door was blasted open. Gun shots rang out. Mob thugs fell to the floor, and Anton Chigurh came rushing in. Anton had his shot gun with silencer attached, and started to shoot through the mob thugs. The mob boss saw him, and ran up stairs. Anton followed him, and finally shot his legs out from under him. The mob boss fell down the stairs, and Anton put the shot in his face.

"Who are you?" - Mob Boss

"You made some people mad" - Anton Chigurh

"I said I would clean up the mess, and I am" - Mob Boss

"To late friendo" - Anton Chigurh


Bryan drove up the driveway. He had a pistol in his hand. As he got out of the car, he scanned the house. He went to the doorway, and looked inside. He saw a man standing over another man, with a shotgun. Bryan stayed back until the shot was fired. Bryan then walked inside, and lifted the pistol up.

"Put down the gun" - Bryan Mills

"How 'bout no" - Anton Chigurh

"Then I will kill you" - Bryan Mills

"How 'bout I let you play a game. I have a coin. If you get heads you can live, and walk away with the greatest gift ever. The gistof living. If you lose I will kill you" - Anton Chigurh

"If you don't put down your weapon, I will kill you now" - Bryan Mills

"Back call friendo" - Anton Chigurh

Anton jumped for cover. Bryan did the same. Now the battle begins.


Bryan Mills is from the movie Taken

Anton Chigurh is from No Country for Old Men

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