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Title: Castiel vs. Davy Jones
Description: The Seven Seas of Evil

boratz - January 31, 2009 10:32 PM (GMT)
Castiel was walking through the gym, as he saw Carrie White staning on the stage. Blood covered her body, and angered ran through her veins. Castiel gazed around at all the dead bodies of high school students laying on the floor, that were victims of Carrie's power. Castiel finally stood in front of Carrie, and looked up into he eyes.

"I am sorry, but you have to be stopped" - Castiel

"I don't want to die! And I won't let you kill me!" - Carrie White

"I am sorry" - Castiel

Carrie lifted her hands, and Castiel off his feet, and back onto the a table. Castiel got to his knee, and looked up at Carrie. Carrie was now walking his way, she moved her hand through the air, and the started to crack from underneath him. The ceiling to started to crack as well. All of a sudden the building started to shake. Castiel got to his feet, but he was blown back onto the wall. Carrie then made her way toward him. Castiel finally grabbed Carrie's arms, and looked deep into her eyes.

"Please stop this, now" - Castiel

Carrie had a tear come down her face. She closed her eyes, and fell to her knees. Castiel caughter her, and held her. Carrie opened her eyes, and looked up at Castiel.

"I can't" - Carrie White

The whole building started to shake. The walls start crack, and the building collasped on itself. A fire broke loose, and all the rubble caught fire. Hours past, and as the smoke cleared, Castiel started to walk away with Carrie in his arms. Her body crushed to death. Castiel finally laid down her body, and vanished into thin air.

Castiel went to receive his new orders. He learned of a new seal that could be broken, but not directly by Lilith' but by a monster that has had control of the oceans for hundreds of years. Castiel has found out that if the seas are lost to the demons, then would be a seal lost. The one trying to break the seal, trying to rule the high seas forever is Davy Jones.

Castiel then came a new a place down Louisiana. Castiel looked out at the ocean, and saw just a quiet place. He knew something was going to happen. He knew evil had come to take over the ocean. Castiel saw dark clouds coming his way. Castiel turned around, and saw humans taking cover. He some taking their children away for protection. He liked that, he liked how some humans could care one another. Castiel then saw it coming. A ship that haunted the oceans for hundreds of years. the Flying Dutchmen. Castiel then felt someone touch him on the shoulder.

"Hey buudy, I don't know who you are, but you need to get out of here now! There's a storm coming!" - Town Local

"I know" - Castiel

Castiel placed his hand on the man's forehead,a nd knocked him unconsiouss. Castiel then lifted him up, and took him to a building to hide him. Castiel then went outside, and saw something him front of him. A shark looking creature, who smiled and charged toward him. Castiel lifted his hand, and placed his fingers on the monsters head. The fell to the ground, and Castiel running footsteps from behind.

Castiel turned, and saw monsters of all kind coming toward him. Castiel lifted his hand, and a birght white light flashed throught he air. The creatures stopped, and ran trhough them knocking them down. Castiel then saw the ship, and saw Davy Jones steering down at him. Castiel knew that he could not get on land, but Castiel had to stop. Castiel teleported through the air, and appeared right behind Davy Jones.

"Well looks like we have an Angel" - Davy Jones

"I am sorry, but I have to stop you" - Castiel

"Stop me! Ha, who said anything about stopping me!" - Davy Jones

Davy Jones spun around,a nd knocked Castiel back. Castiel looked at him, and the battle begins.

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