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Title: Leon Kennedy vs. Doom Creatures
Description: Hell Breaks Loose

boratz - January 29, 2009 02:35 AM (GMT)
***********Alternate Reality***********

****43 Years After the Events of Doom 3****

The Union Aerospace Corporation martian facility has re-built its operations on Mars, and began developing scientific research. On Mars the scientific archealogist team has begun digging deep within the planet, and found martian artifacts. One artifact that they found was labeled U1, or often called the Soul Cube. The research team was ordered to study the origins of the cube, and what the abilities are within the cube.

The archeologist team has also recovered many object left by the marines, and scientist 43 years ago. The archeologist team has also found the machines used for telportation. As the machines were brought up the research labs, countless test put on them. The researchers, who study the machines, had something come through. Evils filled their heads, and fear took them over. The researcher started to experience nightmares, and see things that were not there. They finally decided to end the project, but the leading scientist ordered them not to.

Meanwhile on the Mars facility, the weapons developments have expanded greatly. Marines units were sent to the planet for training, and career obbortunities. The marines have been given own base connected to the main UAC facility, and every connection to the armory and experimental weapons. The marines are spread out through the UAC facility for protection purposes. The marine in charge is a Master Sergeant.

The researchers on the teleportion device has uncovered something dark. The research team used the teleportion device, and teleported themselves to a place of evil. They escaped, but something came back with them. The evil that came back wuth them started chaning people. Creature arose from the darkness, scientist turned into zombies, marines turned into monsters, and evil swept through the facility. The marines tried to fight back, but the power of this evil engulfed them. A distress signal was sent back to Earth. As the UAC facility on Earth retreived the message it was already to late. The UAC Mars facility was completely lost, but UAC still had something they wanted.


Leon Kennedy sat back on in the chair. After having just saved the President's daughter from the outbreak of the T-Virus, he gets a call to help with something else. Leon gazed out the window of the jet he was in, ans saw rain pouring down on the ground. Leon then fell back, and closed his eyes. Finally the jet landed, and Leon rose to his feet, and made his way to the front of the jet. A couple men led him into a building, and Leon was put in a room.

Leon sat down in a chair, and waited for 10 minutes until he saw someone come into the room. He saw an older woman, who had a disk in her hands. She put the disk in a computer, and a the screen came on to show the soulcube. Leon then looked over toward the woman.

"I know what this is. You want me to retreive your little object" - Leon Kennedy

"Yes" - Dr. Elizabeth McNeil

"Where is it?" - Leon Kennedy

"The UAC facility on Mars" - Dr. McNeil

"Mars... Sounds like a job for those marines up there" - Leon Kennedy

"Those are dead, and so are the scientist. We don't know how, but we thought with your experience you c......." - Dr. McNeil

"Could retreive it for you. Sorry lady, but I just got finish taking care of a job. I didn't want this, but..." - Leon Kennedy

"I could make it worth your while. Anything amount of money or anything"- Dr. McNeil

"Anything... Okay I guess I could help you. When do I leave" - Leon Kennedy

"I'll have a dispatch ship take you there, but you have to be ready to fight" - Dr. McNeil

"Okay. Will I be provided weapons from your little corporation, or do I have to get my own" - Leon Kennedy

"There is a armory on the third floor, you can get any weapons you want" - Dr. McNeil

"Sounds like the problem you have is big, if I can get any weapon I want" - Leon Kennedy

"Yes, this something we haven't experienced in a longtime" - Dr. McNeil

Leon got equiped with a machine gun, and two pistols. He went to the ship, and got inside. He gazed out the window, and was blasted off into space. Days past, and Leon waited to see what he had to face. Finally the ship landed on UAC Mars landing docks. Leon got out, and saw nothing. The place was completely quiet. Leon got out, and headed for the research facility, as he got there, he waled through a research lab. He saw a dead body laying on a research table. He glanced over at it, and walked on. The body suddenly awoke, and head over toward Leon quietly. Leon looked up, and saw its reflection. He spun around firing his gun. The zombie kept coming toward him, finally Leon shot him in the face. The zombie fell to the ground. Leon looked down at the body, and started to have flashbacks of the T-Virus outbreak on Racoon City. Then the intercom erupted, and a voice filled the air.

"Hello there. I don't know who you are, or what you have been sent to do here, but you will die. Just like Earth" - Dr. Malcom Betruger

Leon heard something from outside the lab. He gazed outside, and saw three imps coming his way. Now deep within side the martian facility the battle begins.


*Leon Kennedy

*All doom creatures including Malcom Betruger form Doom 3 Ressurection

*Blood War

The Ripper - January 29, 2009 10:44 PM (GMT)
If my memory of the Doom 3 creatures serve well, they'll win. The Soul Cube is the only thing that'll kill the Cyberdemon.

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