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darkender - January 25, 2009 07:20 PM (GMT)
This is where you place your submission for the contest. Do not flood this topic with randomness, I will delete it.
Also, the winner will be announced here along with a Pm from me. So...start posting!

jailer411 - January 25, 2009 08:30 PM (GMT)
JLA vs. The Avengers ( The crusade to justice part 1)
Boom! Crash! Huge shockwaves were being produced as Superman’s body went through countless amounts of buildings. Darkseid, the ultimate lord of terror was back for vengeance, and he had his newfound secret weapon, Doomsday!.

Superman!, Flash yelled in a panic. Ahhh man! How are we supposed to beat him with that monster backing him up! I don’t know, the Green lantern said, but we have to try with everything we, Bang! He was interrupted as Doomsday took a massive cheap shot to his back. Alright!, Lets go! Yelled Superman as he flew up to doomsday. Not so fast!, Darkseid exclaimed as he shot Omega beams at Superman, just as Wonder woman arose from the pile of rubble she was sent through earlier. I’ll take care of Doomsday while you and Wally get Darkseid! Your plans are pitiful, and shall never succeed, I’ll enjoy finally getting rid of the JLA!, remarked Darksied. Yeah right! Said the Flash, right as he IMP punched him in the back.

Meanwhile in the Marvel universe
One of the most powerful beings in existence, The Beyonder!, was sensing amazing amount of energy coming from a separate universe like his own. Hmmm, This seems to be worth of my time to see, he said as he opened up a portal to view the event. Interesting , these warriors seem to be powerful. Just then an idea flashed through his head. I’ll shall hold a battle between the warriors of theirs and our universes! It will be grand indeed!

The Avengers base of operations
We haven’t been needed for a long time, remarked Captain America. Think of it as a long vacation said Iron man. Possibly, but I’m still suspicious. For what! Just once, Once!, get the idea of saving the day out of your head, take today as it is Cap, Iron man ranted. I can’t, where’s everyone else anyway? Well lets see,… Maybe taking a day off!, yelled Iron man. Drop it! Iro…
Captain America suddenly found himself in a barren waste land with the rest of the Avengers, before he finished his sentence. See Iron man, there’s never a day off…,he retorted under his breath.

Back to the JLA
Diana! Green lantern screamed as he saw her disappear before his very eyes. What just happened said Superman, just as he got uppercutted by Doomsday. He stopped in mid air and speed blitzed Doomsday, sending him through a building. Guys! We have to focus on….. Superman stopped as he was starting to notice that his hand was disappearing. Don’t worry Supes! I’ll be right their Flash said, but even for his speed Superman disappeared before he got their. First Diana, and now Superman! Green lantern said. We have to…. Then right there before he could finish, the JLA were disappearing, one by one, as fast as their hopes of winning their battle were.

All the superheroes, Marvel and DC alike were amazed at what they saw. I am the Beyonder! And you all shall be my entertainment! The losing team of this battle will have their planet destroyed! So fight with every last drop of blood in your body!....

JLA team - The Avengers
-------------------------- ---------------------------------
Superman - Captain America
The Flash - Thor
Green lantern - Iron man
Hawk woman - Spider man
Hawk man - Hulk
Batman - Wolverine
Tornado - Quick Silver
Wonder woman - Luke cage

(Ps. This is my first battle so go easy on me, I'll get better)

(PS. Again, every body is at 100 precent, and hulk is on base mode) - admin edit

boratz - January 29, 2009 12:54 AM (GMT)
***The Following Takes Place Between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.****

***Events Occur in Real Time***

Jack started to gaze down at his daughter, just as the helicopter was taking off. Jack was sitting next to his partner, Chase Edmunds. CTU recently received information about a terrorist weapons trade going on in Los Angeles. As the CTU helicopter flew over the city, Jack looked over Los Angeles, and began to think about Kate Warner. He thought about the danger he puts her through everyday, because of his job at CTU. Jack closed his eyes, and began dreaming of the day he was happy. Jack woke up moments later, as he heard the pilot speaking.

"We're almost there, sir" - Pilot James Franklins

"Okay, good" - Jack Bauer

The helicopter landed on a clear spot. Jack and Chase got out, and headed over toward a CTU vehicle. One of the CTU field agent from the vehicle came over to him, and handed him a few blueprints of the building that weapons trade was occuring in. Jack glanced over the blueprints, and then back at the CTU field agent.

"Do you have all the exits blocked off?" - Jack Bauer

"Yes, sir. I have snipers on the roof of surrounding building. No one can get in, and no one can get out" - Agent Castle

Jack looked over at the building, and Chase came up beside him.

"What are we going to do?" - Chase Edmunds

"We're going to blind them with smoke bombs, and charge in there" - Jack Bauer

Jack gave the order to the surrounding field agents, and then headed over toward the back of a CTU van. Jack grabbed a HK MP7A1 PMW automatic machine gun, and Chase grabbed a Mossberg 590 pump action shotgun. As the smoke bombs busted through the windows of the building, the field teams kicked the doors opened, and charged inside. Only a few of the weapons traders surrendered, but all the people showing signs of resistance were killed. Jack was heading toward the basement, where the deal was going to take place. Suddenly, a man in a dark suit busted out of the closet. Jack lifted his gun, and fired at the man. Another man in a ski mask jumped out from behind a corner, but he was shot down by Chase. As Jack and Chase entered the room, they saw dead bodies on the ground. Jack saw a laptop on a table, and ran over to it. He looked at the screen, and saw files were being deleted. Jack tried to stop this from happening, but most of the data was deleted.

Jack saw something on the screen that made him pause for a moment. He saw a picture of the Vice President, James Prescott, and his house in Los Angeles. Jack scrolled down the page, and gazed at files about times and dates of where Prescott would be. The dates were of speeches the Vice President speaking across Los Angeles, and when he would stay at his house. Jack looked over at Chase, who stood stunned. Jack then took out his cell phone, and called Chloe O' Brian.

"Hello, this is O' Brian" - Chloe O' Brian

"Chloe this is Jack! I am sending you some data from a laptop computer!" - Jack Bauer

"Okay, Jack" - Chloe O' Brian

"Most the information has been deleted, but I saved a few before the deletion was complete" - Jack Bauer

As Chloe scanned the files, she saw it. She called Jack right after she was done scanning the data.

"Jack there is an assassination attempt on James Prescott's life!" - Chloe O' Brian

"Chloe! Can you get Tony!" - Jack Bauer

"Right away" - Chloe O' Brian

Chloe headed over toward Tony's office, and opened his door. Tony was sitting in his chair, and gazing over at his computer screen. Tony then looked up at Chloe.

"What is it?" - Tony Almeida

"It's Jack. He needs to speak with you right away" - Chloe O' Brain

"Okay" - Tony Almeida

Chloe handed the phone to Tony.

"Yeah, this is Tony" - Tony Almeida

"Tony, I think there is an assassination attempt on Vice President Prescott" - Jack Bauer

"Do you have any proof of this?" - Tony Almeida

"I'll send the files to your computer" - Chloe O' Brian

Chloe left Tony's office, and head over to her computer. She sent the files, and Tony read through them.

"Jack, did any of the weapons traders or terrorist get out of there alive?" - Tony Almeida

"There are a few survivors, but only one of them was involved with the terrorist, that know of. I have sent him to CTU medical, he has been shot in the shoulder, and chest. The others are arms dealers" - Jack Bauer

Chloe came walking through the door, and Tony looked up at her.

"Chloe can you trace these files?" - Tony Almeida

"I don't know maybe" - Chloe O' Brian

"Do it" - Tony Almeida

Jack hung up the phone, and headed back to CTU with Chase.

***The Following Takes Place Between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.***

As Jack and Chase arrived at CTU, Jack headed over toward Tony.

"Jack, the man you sent over here has regained consciousness. He is free lance, but we don't know anymore than that" - Tony Almeida

"Let me talk to him" - Jack Bauer

"Okay, but don't kill him" - Tony Almeida

Chloe walked over toward Tony, and handed him a file.

"What's this?" - Tony Almeida

"I traced the files to a hotel in downtown Los Angeles. This hotel has a lot of gambling for wealthy people" - Chloe O' Brian

"Okay good Chloe. Can you get some people on to finding the source of these files?" - Tony Almeida

"I'll get Kim and Adam to do it" - Chloe O' Brian

"Okay" - Tony Almeida

Jack went inside the medical room, and told everyone to leave. Jack took out a bottle of alcohol, and looked down at the man that was hired by the terrorist organization.

"Who do you work for?" - Jack Bauer

"I am not telling you anything" - Terrorist

"Tell me now, or you will not have to go through pain, and I assure you that you don't want that" - Jack Bauer

"I'm sorry, but I can't tell you anything" - Terrorist

"What are you planning to do?" - Jack Bauer

"Like I said idiot, I said I will not................"- Terrorist

Jack poured the alcohol on the gun shot wound of the terrorist. Screams echoed through the room, and Jack went to lock the door. Jack then came back toward the man, and took out a scalpel.

"Tell me what I need to know!" - Jack Bauer

"I'm not telling you anything!" - Terrorist

Jack then started to cut the man's leg with the scalpel, and the screams grew louder. Jack poured the alochol, on the wounds left by the scalpel. Jack looked back at the man's face.

"You can stop this, just tell me what I need to know!" - Jack Bauer

"Just know this! The people I am working for, have people everywhere in your government, and other nations' governments. Your President and Vice President will die by the end of the day!" - Terrorist

Jack stood back, and opened the doors. He rushed over to Tony Almeida, and gave him the information that he got from the man. Tony stood silent for a moment, and then told Michelle to call the White House to warn them about the assassination plot. Tony then told Adam to notify CTU Washington D.C. about the plot, so they can start working on finding the assassins. Tony then headed over toward Jack.

"Jack, I need you to send some field teams to the Vice President Prescott's house" - Tony Almeida

"Okay" - Jack Bauer

Jack went to find Chase, and gave him a file to the location of Prescott's house.

"Chase, I want you to take a field team to the Vice President Prescott's house. Make sure nothing happens to him" - Jack Bauer

"You think it's this big?" - Chase Edmunds

"I don't know, but we need to stop whoever this is" - Jack Bauer

Tony then came back over toward Jack, and gave him a file of the hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

"Jack, Chloe traced the files on the computer here. I want you to go, and see if you can find the source" - Tony Almeida

"I'll do it" - Jack Bauer

***10:37 a.m.***

Jack was in a helicopter, heading toward the hotel. Chase was heading toward the Vice President's house. Back at CTU, the team was investigating the hotel, and the man behind the plot. As the helicopter landed, Jack got out, and headed inside. Jack saw that the field teams have already arrived. The field agent in charge, Agent Castle, came over toward Jack.

"Agent Bauer, security is searching for any suspicious activity, and we have gotten everything sealed off" - Agent Castle

"Good, where's the head of security" - Jack Bauer

"He's inside, I'll take you to him" - Agent Castle

Jack saw the head of security, and they shook hands.

"Hello Agent Bauer, I want to take you to my office" - Alex Dimitrios

Jack headed toward Alex's office, and Alex pointed over to a screen with security cameras.

"What is it?" - Jack Bauer

"Look closely" - Alex Dimitrios

Jack steered in the screen, and saw the reflection of Alex pointing a gun toward his head. Jack spun around, and knocked the gun out of his hand. Jack then grabbed him, and threw him across the table. Alex grabbed a knife from his table, and rushed over toward Jack. Jack took out his pistol, and shot Alex three times in the chest. Alex fell on the ground, and Jack went to check his pulse. Agent Castle ran in, and asked what happen.

"I think he is part of the terrorist group. He just tried to kill me" - Jack Bauer

"Is he dead?" - Agent Castle

"Yeah" - Jack Bauer

Jack took a picture of him, and sent it to Chloe to do a picture trace on him.

***11:03 a.m.***

Jack sat back in the chair, and waited for his phone to ring. Finally the noise broke, and Jack took out his cell phone.

"Hello, this Bauer" - Jack Bauer

"Jack the man was name, Alex Dimitrois. Not much is known, but he works for a man named Le Chiffre. I will send you a picture of Le Chiffre. Le Chiffre is major terrorist financier. Many governments have been trying to capture him for years, but were successful" - Chloe O' Brian

"Is he in the hotel?" - Jack Bauer

"I don't know" - Chloe O' Brian

"Find out if you can" - Jack Bauer

Jack hung up the phone, and went over toward Agent Castle.

"Agent Castle make sure all the exits are sealed off by field agents" - Jack Bauer

"Yes sir" - Agent Castle

Minutes past, and finally Jack's phone rang.

"This is Bauer" - Jack Bauer

"Jack, this Chloe. Le Chiffre is checked into the hotel. I have hacked onto the hotel's computer system, and he is on room 19A, and on the 19th floor" - Chloe O' Brian

"Thank you, Chloe" - Jack Bauer

Jack hung up, and went up to the 19th with a couple field agents. As the elevator doors opened wide, shots rang out. Jack took out his pistol, and shot down one of the men firing at him. Jack and the field agents took cover. Jack came out, and shot a few more. The field agents shot four of them. Finally Jack ran down the hallway, and saw three men. The men turned, and faced Jack. Jack shot two of them in the head, and shot the man standing in the leg. Jack stood over the man, and put the end of the gun barrel into the bullet wound.

"I know who you are! Tell me who do you work for!?" - Jack Bauer

"Your going to die today. Quantum will never be defeated" - Le Chiffre

"What?" - Jack Bauer

"You heard me" - Le Chiffre

Le Chiffre was taken into custody, and Jack got a call on his cellphone.

"Jack, it's Tony. There was an attack at Prescott's house, but Chase and the field teams were able to stop it. D.C. stopped the attack on Palmer as well. It's over" - Tony Almeida

"No, it's not! Le Chiffre is not the shepherd. He is working for an organization known as Quantum" - Jack Bauer

"What?" - Tony Almeida

"I don't know who they are, but I don't think they going to quite" - Jack Bauer

***The Following Take Place Between 12:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.***

Jack received more information from Tony, and CTU about Le Chiffre. Quantum has people within side the government, and other governments in the world. CTU also found out that there is plot on the nation's water supply, and energy sources. Jack went up to Agent Castle, and told him to keep the hotel locked up. Jack got coordinates to a location outside Los Angeles. Le Chiffre gave up information about an attack on an nuclear power plant. Jack took field teams there, and met up with Chase. The teams surrounded the power plant, and found a bomb inside. Jack and Chase found the bomb, and deactivated it. Then all of a sudden gun shots rang out from the outside. Jack and Chase ran out, and found a black van shooting out at the field teams. Jack, Chase, and surrounding field agents took down the shooters. Jack then slowly walked over toward the van, and looked inside. Everyone was dead inside. Jack took a picture of all the shooters, and sent it to CTU. Jack and Chase left in a helicopter, and headed back to CTU. When they arrived Jack was approached by Tony Almeida.

"Jack we got the names of the shooters. They work for a man named Dominic Greene. Greene has a shell corporation called Greene Planet. He was last seen entering Los Angeles two nights ago" - Tony Almeida

"What does he have to do with this?" - Jack Bauer

"I don't know, but we have his location. I have already sent a field team over there" - Tony Almeida

"Okay, I am going to head over there" - Jack Bauer

"Okay" - Tony Almeida

Jack and Chase headed to the location that Dominic Greene was at. The field agent were all dead. Jack stood stunned, and then heard gun shots come out at Chase and him. Jack took one of the M4 Carbines he saw on the ground, and took cover. Jack shot at the shooters, and Chase ran out firing with his 9mm, while covered him. Jack and Chase finally took down the hostiles, and heard a helicopter starting up. Jack and Chase ran around the building, and saw Dominic Greene and some of his henchmen getting into the helicopter. Jack shot at the helicopter, and hit the pilot. The henchmen came out shooting, but Chase shot them down. Dominic Greene got out, and ran into a field. Jack and Chase chased Dominic, and Jack finally tackled him on the ground. Jack picked up Dominic, and threw him back on the ground. Chase had his gun pointed at Dominic.

"Who are working with!?" - Jack Bauer

"I'll tell you, but your President will have to let me walk free" - Dominic Greene

Jack put the gun in his face.

"How 'bout I let you live! Tell me who you are working with!" - Jack Bauer

"I won't tell you anything unless I have a signed pardon by President David Palmer" - Dominic Greene

"Okay. I'll see what I can do" - Jack Bauer

***8:47 p.m.***

Jack and Chase took Dominic Greene back to CTU. When they arrived, Tony came over with a paper.

"Mr. Greene, this is your pardon from the President. Now, tell us who you are working with, and what your are planning?" - Tony Almeida

"Thank you. A community center in the center of Los Angeles, known as Tosca, is where my friends will be meeting with each other at 11:30 p.m." - Dominic Greene

Tony told Michelle to search for any information about the community center, and Jack went to the his office. Jack took out a pistol, and came back down to see Chase.

"Chase, we need to do this alone" - Jack Bauer

"Why?" - Chase Edmunds

"If these people are as large as we think, then they may know there is a field unit coming in" - Jack Bauer

"Okay, are how are we going in?" - Chase Edmunds

"We go in quietly, and CTU will be our eyes and ears" - Jack Bauer

Jack and Chase headed down into parking garage. Suddenly an alarm went off. Jack and Chase ran back inside, and found out that Dominic Greene and Le Chiffre we murdered. Tony ordered that no one leaves the building, except for Jack and Chase. As Jack and Chase were heading toward community center, they heard from Kim, who was helping Chloe with the satellite, twenty-two men were inside. Jack and Chase slowly walk through with silencers on their pistols, and waited to hear, who was coming their way. Jack and Chase took out eleven men, and saw a large room filled with men around a table. Jack saw four men walking around the room, with AK-47s and waiting for something to happen. Jack looked over at Chase, and signaled him to cover him. Jack came out, and shot two of the guards. Chase came out, and shot the other two guards.

"Everyone stay still!" - Jack Bauer

"If we see you move, or try anything, then you will be shot!" Chase Edmunds

***The Following Takes Place Between 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.****

Jack called in for field teams, but he saw someone running outside the door. Chase fired, but missed the man. Jack yelled for Chase to stay, and Jack chased the man. The man reached the parking garage, and jumped in the back of a blue van. The van drove off, and Jack told Kim to track it, over his radio. A few minutes later, Jack's phone rang, and he was told the van stopped on a bridge. He was then told that the people got away. As the field teams arrived to take, the Quantum leaders, Jack got a call from Tony.

"Jack! We found a threat on the nation defense system" - Tony Almeida

"What?" - Jack Bauer

"Someone hacked into the nation's capitol, and got into the nation's defense system. If the information gets out to hostile groups, then tens of thousands of people will die" - Tony Almeida

"Get as much information from the Quantum leaders, taken into custody. I will head toward the last location of the blue van" - Jack Bauer

After Jack got no leads from the van, he got a call from Chloe. She told him about a disk that one of the Quantum leaders held. The disk contained information about a terrorist on the FBI's top ten terrorist list, and an African dictator. Jack knew what what going to happen. Quantum was going to give the terrorist the nation's defense systems codes, and secrets. Chloe then gave Jack coordinates of a warehouse. Jack headed toward the warehouse, and quietly walked to side of it. Jack was outside, and glanced inside the warehouse. He saw nothing. Jack slowly walked inside, and saw someone running for cover behind a wall. The person came out, and shot at Jack. Jack jumped for cover, and took out his pistol. He pointed it toward the man.

"Drop your weapon!" - Jack Bauer

The man came out and dropped his gun, and headed over toward Jack. Jack grabbed the man and threw him to his knees. Jack grabbed the man's hands, and started yelling.

"Who are you!?" - Jack Bauer

"My named is Adolph Gettler" - Adolph Gettler

"Where is Quantum meeting the terrorist leaders!?" - Jack Bauer

"Huh you Quantum. I should have killed Greene Le Chiffre long ago, you'll never know the meeting place" - Adolph Gettler

Jack grabbed his fingers and broke them back. The screams of coming from the man filled the building, and Jack threw him on his back.

"Tell me now! And stop the pain!" - Jack Bauer

"No!" - Adolph Gettler

Jack then saw a hammer on the ground, and reached to pick it up. Jack smashed Adolph's knees with hammer, and the cries of Gettler echoed through the building.

"If you want the pain to stop, tell me what I need to know" - Jack Bauer

"There's a beach house" - Adolph Gettler

"Where?" - Jack Bauer

"Wouldn't you like to know" - Adolph Gettler

Gettler spit on Jack's face. Jack smashed the hammer on his forehead, and his body fell to the ground. Jack got up, and called CTU to tell them the news. After searching, and breaking into the files that the Quantum leaders held, Chloe found some information.

***The Following Takes Place Between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.***

As Chloe sent the information to Jack, Jack headed back to CTU. Tony was equipped with a bulletproof vest, and a M4 Carbine. Chase was equipped with a bulletproof vest, and a HK UMP9. Jack went into the armory, and got equipped with a bulletproof vest, and a M16. Jack headed into the bullpen, where he met up with Tony Almeida and Chase Edmunds. The three led a field team to the beach house, and a battle erupted. Muslim terrorist, Chinese terrorist, British terrorist, and many more came out fighting back with henchmen. After a long fire fight Jack saw some people escaping on a motorboat. Tony and Jack ran, and got onto a motorboat to chase them. The hostiles fired back at them, but Jack shot the shooters, and the boat crashed onto an island. A few people got off the motorboat, and started to run through the tree line of the island. Jack and Tony followed, and suddenly someone jumped on Jack. Jack fell down, but came up and knocked the man back on the ground.

"Tony go! Catch the other hostile!" - Jack Bauer

Tony turned, and ran through the woods. Jack and the man enter a hand to hand fight. The man threw out a punch, but Jack grabbed his hand, and broke it. The man tried to kick Jack on leg, but Jack grabbed his leg, and punched him on the ground. The man came back up, but Jack kicked the man's legs out from under him. The man tried to come back up again, but Jack got back behind him, and broke his neck. Tony caught up with the man at the edge of a cliff. The man turned, and looked into Tony's eyes.

"Stop right there!" - Tony Almeida

"Okay I will" - Mr. White

"Who are you?" - Tony Almeida

"My name is, Mr. White" - Mr. White

Suddenly Mr. White took out a small revolver, and pointed it at Tony. Tony shot Mr. White in the face. Mr. White fell off the cliff into the water. Jack came out, and saw Tony looking over the egde of the cliff.

"What happened?" - Jack Bauer

"I killed him" - Tony Almeida

"Who was he?" - Jack Bauer

"Mr. White" - Tony Almeida

Jack and Tony made it back to the beach house. Most of the hostiles were killed. A few of the terrorist leaders were being taken into custody. Chase said they stopped the attack on the nation's defense system, and all data was recovered. Jack looked over at Tony Almeida.

"Is it over?" - Jack Bauer

"Yeah, or at least for now" - Tony Almeida

***8:57, 8:58, 8:59, 9:00 a.m.***

Pseudonym - January 31, 2009 04:38 PM (GMT)
The Gorgons vs Fantastic Four

Lord Kronos’s deep voice resonated from within Tartarus. His three minions, the gorgons, stood silent in the dark cave. The entrance to Tartarus was dark and cold with the presence of the Lord of Titans.

“The child has something I want.” Kronos boomed. His voice echoed all around the dark cave. The ground shook. The gorgons trembled under the might of their master.

“You will go and retrieve the ball from Franklin Richards.” Kronos screamed.

“How will a child’s plaything assist you?” Medusa ventured

“You fool!” Kronos raged. With his anger a stalactite came down and struck Medusa on the head. The cave lit up as though Tartarus had just become a roaring fire. “This “plaything” has been imbued with enough energy to finally overthrow the gods.”

The gorgons began to slowly slink away from the Titan’s terrible temper. The heat of his rage burned against their slightly greened skin.

“That ball contains the power of an entire universe,” he continued “With its power all shall bow before The Titan Lord, The Crooked one, Master of Time, Father of Zeus, Son of Ouranos who will soon rule over all; Lord Kronos.” As he built up anger, the heat became more intense.

“Yesss, Massster” Medusa hissed before quickly scuttling out of the cave.


Franklin rode on “Uncle Ben’s” shoulders as the Fantastic Four made their way through the amusement park. Franklin had been begging to go to Six Flags, and the Fantastic Four needed a break.

“Fantassstic,” A voice hissed to their right. The Fantastic Four all turned at the same time. Three women were advertising their jewelry booth. All three wore Rasta tam hats.

Franklin started wriggling on The Thing’s neck.

“Want twain.” The child asserted. The Thing sighed and escorted his godson to the “Buggy Train” ride.

“Would you like to purchasse ssome goooddssss,” A woman said in a drawn out accent “We have pearlssss.” Her accent drew the “S” sound longer than it needed to be.

Sue’s eyes widened and she approached. She gingerly picked up a pearl earring. While she tried to convince Reed to shell out $50, the Thing returned with Franklin’s ball.

“Yesss, a pretty lady like you shall purchasse a pearl.” Medusa urged.

Her sister, Stheno walked from behind the booth. Johnny walked with her, obviously interested.

“You’re kinda cute.” He remarked “When do you get off?”

Then he heard it, the hissing snakes.

“Whuzzat?” He asked. “Sounds like sizzling.”

The hat slipped a bit and Johnny saw Stheno for what she really was. Snakes pulled the hat off entirely and Johnny stared at the gorgon.

“You’re a monster! An incredibly hot monster!”

“That’s rude.” Stheno scolded, she pulled her eyes up and looked Johnny in the face. A small layer of granite began creeping up Johnny’s legs.

Johnny began to hear the hissing.

“Medusa, Reed Run!” Johnny screamed. The stone crawled up Johnny’s legs until it fully encased him.

“Run!” Reed demanded of the rest of his team.

Franklin sat on the “Buggy Train”, laughing, unknowing that his godfather had just stopped moving.

CHAPTER 3- The wrap up

The Fantastic Four minus the Human Torch sprinted away from the booth.

“LEFT!” Reed screamed. They turned left and ducked into a funhouse; the gorgons charged after them, the deadly stone gaze took more victims as they charged through the park.

The gorgons arrived at the funhouse. It was as dark as Tartarus.

“We can hear your breathing.” Medusa yelled. Suddenly the lights turned on. The Fantastic Four was all lying face-down in a hall of mirrors. A force field still remained at the light switch.

All three gorgons were transformed to Stone replicas of themselves.

“Clobberin’ Time” The Thing remarked dully. All three gorgons were smashed.


Franklin was picked up later, smiling after his ride.

Mr. Fantastic engineered an antidote for Gorgon vision, which netted the Fantastic Four more money.

Kronos’s rise was delayed. Until next Tournament.

Marvel Man - February 1, 2009 03:13 AM (GMT)
The Dead, the Living, and the Undead

In a Universe, a lot like ours. On an Earth, similar to our own. A flash will change the world.

It started in New York City, when an unknown superhero, began attacking the Earth's mightiest heroes, the Avengers. Within minutes, most members had been bitten, and had begun to transform. Their eyes became white, their teeth grew to fangs, and their hunger intensified. Soon they began to devour anyone in sight. They were no longer heroes seeking justice, but undead seeking their next meal.

Within days, the infection spread throughout the world. All hope of it being stopped, was gone. Regular humans were killed in the streets by heroes who had once saved them. But the Zombies were foolish. There was so much food, they became wasteful. Blood soaked the streets, meat rotted away, and many other acts occurred. Still, there was so much food. So much to eat.

Even though they were complete hogs, the food lasted for quite a while. But then they ran out. Yes, it had to happen, and it did. Several months after the accident, all of humanity had been wiped out. Yet, the zombies were still hungry. They would have resorted to cannibalism, had it not been for the fact that they tasted horrible. Still, they needed food, and soon their desperation became their solution. Need is the mother of invention after all.

The brightest minds in their world began working on another invention. A Gate, a gate to another dimension. Another world. A world where there was more food. And finally, it was built...
Gotham: Arkham Asylum

Batman knew something was terribly wrong. He had seen quite a lot, but never like this. Even from a distance, he could see that something had happened at Arkham. The entire place was burning, and the gates were splattered with blood. Besides him, Robin shifted uncomfortably in the Batmobile.

The amazing duo walked for quite a while before they saw anything. The first few sections were completely empty. The prisons were without prisoners. The places where guards once watched, were now desolate. Only a few puddles of blood, showed that anyone had once been here. As they walked deeper, they began seeing the first signs of trouble. Blood was splattered on the walls, and bodies of prisoners and guards layed in strange shapes. Suddenly, they saw one of the bodies move...

It was a guard, still in his uniform, sprawled face down. He moaned with pain, and before Batman could say anything, Robin ran to help. Turning the man over, Robin checked for wounds, but failed to see any. He didn't notice the bite on his neck...

"Batman, this guy's okay.", he said. Turning his back to Batman, Robin began picking up the moaning man. But then it happened. Batman's eyes widened as the guard moved with uncanny speed. The man's mouth opened to reveal a row of bloody teeth. Robin let out a scream as the man tackled him into the ground, and began chewing on his body. Batman didn't hesitate, he quickly threw a batarang, hitting the man in the chest. The man staggered back, but quickly resumed his attack on Robin.

Suddenly, a shield flew past Batman. It bounced off the walls before decapitating the guard's head. The shield then flew back, into the shadows. A man in a destroyed blue, red, and white uniform emerged, followed by another, wielding a bow.

"Hawkeye, we have visitors", said one man.

"Heroes, Cap?," asked the other.

Batman pulled out another batarang and looked at Robin. Robin groaned with pain, as he held his stomach. The Zombies began advancing, and Batman shifted into a defensive position...

Superman descended on the city. His supervision working at full power, searching throughout the burning city, for whoever had caused so much destruction. All he could see, were citizens running, and people screaming. To his surprise, some were eating each other.

"I was only gone for one day..", he muttered. Suddenly he saw a large shape heading for a group of survivors. The large figure lifted the car they had been using for cover effortlessly. It then began to rip through them. Superman could bear it no longer, he flew straight at the thing. Hitting it from behind, the creature went flying through a nearby building. Yet, to Superman's surprise, the creature stood up effortlessly.

"Hulk Eat!!", it yelled. Before Superman could make a move though, a large foot came down on him. The giant man's hand followed, as it picked up the survivors, a dozen at a time. The massive giant then threw them into his mouth. The people screamed, as they were devoured, some still alive. Suddenly, the giant felt his foot being pushed up, as Superman threw him off.

Superman's eyes glew red, as his rage was finally unleashed...


Wonder Woman fell to her knees, as she saw the devastation before her. The entire Island, blessed by the gods, was burning. She shook her head at the sight. Bodies of Amazons layed piled up. They had been eaten, but not completely. The bodies were missing legs, arms, and heads, but the bulk of the body was still there. The blood was fresh. Suddenly, Diana heard a scream.

Whoever had attacked, was still here....
Several days later:
"I'm Mr. Terrific, here at-..."


"I'm broadcasting on all channels. This message must be heard. As-.."


"Oh god, they're almost through.... As of this moment, all of Earth has been infected. Every continent, and every country. Still, there's a few safe places."


"Detroit! Go to Detroit! Aaargg!! ZzZZZzzZZZZZzzzZZZZ...."

"Turn it off.", said Nightwing.
"We have to go to Detroit, it's safe."
"I don't know Star. Here at Titans Tower, we're safe too.", responded Nightwing.

Suddenly, Cyborg spoke, his voice more robotic than usual," Penis, we can help. I'm infected, but my robotic body has kept me in control. We might find a cure."

Nightwing knew he was right. They could stay and hide, or they could go and fight. Finally, Nightwing nodded...
Detroit: Haven of Freedom

"Welcome, now please wait while we scan you.", said a robot. It proceded to scan the Titans, before it's eyes glew red.

"Infection! Infection!", yelled the robot. At the sound of the word, a green force field fell upon them. From the entrance, a group of heroes emerged. Power Girl, Hal Jordan, Martian Manhunter, Zattana, and the Flash.

"Titans. Are you infected?", asked Hal.

"Only Cyborg, but his robotics keep him under control.", responded Beast Boy.

"Alright, I'll let you pass. We might need your help."

"So Hal, can we get help from the Green Lantern Corps?", asked Superboy.

"Sadly, no. The Green Lantern Corps have quarantine the Earth. Nothing will come, nothing can leave. I'm supposed to be off planet, but I won't let the Earth die.", responded Hal.

"So, what's the pl-.."


"It's the red alert, it's an attack!", yelled Power Girl.

The Teen Titans and the other heroes dashed toward the main entrance. Before they even reached it, the wide metal doors were ripped open. A tall, muscular, and green man stepped out. He was followed by others, who ran towards the main camp.

"Stop them, if they reach the camp, they'll devour everyone!", said the Martian Manhunter. And so they did. Now, it was finally time. Humanity's last stand. On one side, the undead of another Universe, on the other, Earth's last heroes. There would be no second chance.

Teen Titans vs Marvel Zombies

Teen Titans: Starfire, Nightwing, Cyborg, Hal Jordan, Beast Boy, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Martian Manhunter, Flash (Wally), Kid Flash, Power Girl, and Zattana.


Marvel Zombies: Hulk, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Spider Man, Wolverine, Thor, Cyclops, Wasp, Iron Man, Thing, Sue Storm, Human Torch and Reed Richards.
The battle started out unlike any other battle. For one side, they only wanted to save humanity. The other though, wanted to have a good meal.

Superman dashed forward first. His tattered outfit was a blur, as he began traveling at uncanny speeds. With one swift punch, Nightwing was sent flying. His body let out a greusome sound as it collided with the wall. Nightwing was out. Luckily, Hal had created a force field, and was now unleashing powerful energy blasts.

The Flash as well, had tried to speedblitz the Zombies, but was stopped by a force field, curtesy of Susan Storm. After the initial attacks by Superman and Flash, both sides charged each other. Beast Boy transformed into a Rhino, but was immediatly attacked by Wolverine. Starfire, and Wonder Girl flew towards Wonder Woman, while the Hulk charged at the Martian Manhunter. Meanwhile, Cyborg and Superboy defended against the Human Torch, Thor, and Iron Man. Power Girl, Kid Flash, and Zatanna fended off the rest, Cyclops, Spider Man, Thing, Batman, Captain America, Wasp, and Reed Richards.

The first signs of defeat were almost immediate, as Beast Boy was shreded by Wolverine. Wolverine's claws allowed him to begin feeding immediately. As Beast Boy fell, Cyborg attempted to help, but left Superboy alone. Superboy was soon overwhelmed, and knocked towards the ground. The Zombies used their advantage, and pinned him to the ground. After that, they began to tear into his flesh. It wasn't pretty.

Meanwhile, Cyborg threw off Wolverine, and attempted to help Beast Boy. But it was too late. Beast Boy groaned for several moments, shifting forms faster and faster. Finally, his eyes became white, his teeth grew longer, and so did his appetite. Transforming into a T-Rex, he began chewing Cyborg, forgetting that he was mostly metal. Unsattisfied, he spit Cyborg's remaining pieces out, and charged towards his former teamates. Catching Flash, who was still trying to vibrate through Susan's force field, by surprise, Beast Boy ripped the fastest man alive apart.

The Flash's scream of agony, as his body was ripped in two, was unheard, for his teamates were fighting for their lives as well. Starfire and Wonder Girl had been doing okay against Wonder Woman, but they were soon overwhelmed by Thor and Iron Man, who had just finished eating Superboy. The two were taken from behind, they never had a chance. Above, the Human Torch had distracted Hal Jordan, who's force field was then broken by Superman. With his ring weakened, Hsl was no longer a Green Lantern, he was food.

The battle still raged, but the winners were already decided. Only the Martian Manhunter, Power Girl, Kid Flash, and Zatanna remained. Yet the zombies were still unhurt. They were undead, they never tired, never slept, their only weakness was their unending hunger. The Zombies knew they had won. With overwhelming numbers, the Martian soon fell, followed by Zatanna. Now, only Power Girl and Kid Flash remained. Luck was on their side though. The Zombies wanted meat, and before them, the Main Camp, full of thousands of surviving humans, layed.

The Zombies walked past Kid Flash and Power Girl. Their attention was in other matters. Realizing all hope was lost, Kid Flash fell to his knees. Around him, his friend's bodies layed. Besides him, Power Girl also collapsed, she knew she couldn't stop them. Together, they wept, as the Earth gave her last scream...

The End?

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