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Title: Tony Almeida vs. Frank Booth
Description: The Darkness Within

boratz - January 19, 2009 04:43 PM (GMT)
***Tying up loose ends Part. 1 of 3***

The noise of a heart monitor rang through his ears. Tony's eyes opened wide, and he looked around the room he was in. He was hooked up to a heart monitor, an IV was in him, and he was on a hospital bed. Tony started to breathe real hard, and his memory started to come back into his head. He standing over Christopher Henderson, and was about to kill him for what he had done to his wife. About to kill him with a syringe filled with an overdose of hyoscine-pentothal. Tony stood over Henderson, but something happened. Tony hesitated, and he was shocked to see Henderson's eyes open wide. Henderson grabbed the syringe, and he stabbed Tony. Tony fell back on the ground. His memory start going black from there, but then he remembered Jack holding him, and Tony remembered his last words, "She's gone Jack". As Tony was regaining his strength, he ripped the IV, and jumped off the bed. He ran out the door, and started to run for an exit. Something was wrong, he was surrounded by a group of men.

Tony ran over to one of the men, and knocked him out. He for the stairs, and was followed there. Tony turned, and kicked the men back. Tony made his way to the lower levels. A security alarm started to sound. Flashing red lights filled up the building. Tony saw the men chasing him, so Tony saw a fire extinguisher, and turned blowing it out at the men. As the men fell back, Tony threw the extinguisher, and open a door running through. Tony saw an exit ahead of him, and ran through his, but a black van stopped him from escaping. A man a black suit got out, and aimed a pistol at Tony. The man yelled out to get in the van, and Tony slowly got in the back of the van. The man followed him. Tony gazed around, and saw no one he could recognize. Tony the looked at the man, and broke the silence between them by asking who he is. The man did not answer. The van continued to move until they went into a wooden area. Tony could see they were no longer on a road, and saw they were heading out a dirt road.

Finally the van came to a stop, and the doors opened. The man signaled for Tony to get out. Tony jumped out, and followed two men into a house. Tony was lead down a hallway, and into a room. In the center of the room, stood a man, and he was watching a TV. The TV was showing the President being arrested for the conspiracy that was responsible for Tony's wife's death, and his attempted murder. The man turned around, and a small smile was on his face. The man came up to shake Tony's hand.

"Who the hell are you?" - Tony Almieda

"My name is David Emerson. I know what happened to you. The federal government, the President, all of it ruined everything you had" - David Emerson

"What do you care?" Tony Almieda

"Because I want this government to pay for what it has done. I want you to help" - David Emerson

"Not interested" - Tony Almieda

"When the federal government took away your wife, and took your life away, I gave it back. You were dead for 10 minutes, and I gave you a new life" - David Emerson

"What would you have me do?" - Tony Almeida

"We need to over throw the federal government. I have had my operations begin, but some people that used to work for me, are now against me. They need to be taking care of" - David Emerson

"I'll do it" - Tony Almieda

"Good" - David Emerson

Tony was then lead to a room. There was a bed, and a table next to it. Tony went to lay down onto the bed, and fell a sleep. As hours past, a dream came into his head. The dream was of Michelle. The dream turned into a nightmare, as Michelle was engulfed in flames. Tony woke up, and tears went down his face. Tony got out of the bed, and went out the door of his room. Walking through the hallways, until he went into the room, where he met David Emerson. Emerson was watching the TV, of President Logan's arrest. David was sitting in a chair talking on a cell phone, and Tony walked over next to him, with eyes on the screen. Emerson put the pohne away, and gazed up at Tony.

"They're going to put him under house arrest" - David Emerson

"What?" - Tony Almeida

"For everything he had done, all they are going to do, is put under house arrest" - David Emerson

"I can't believe, that bastard is responsible for my wife's death. He is responsible for everything damn thing that happened yesterday" - Tony Almieda

"Yes, but he was President. The federal government just wants to clean it up, so their hands won't be dirty. That's why I want you... Tony. You have been in the Marines, and CTU, and look this country did to you. The people of the United States needs a better government, and that's what we need to give them" - David Emerson

"What do you want me to do?" - Tony Almieda

"Rest for now, you just got out of the hospital, but there are some loose ends, that need to be taken care of" David Emerson

A week past. Tony's dreams of Michelle have gotten worse. He didn't know what to do. He waited for an assignment from Emerson, but nothing ever came up. Tony started growing frustrated with increasing nightmares of his wife's murder, and the delay of his new job; working for Emerson. Tony started to punch the walls of his room, and started to throw object against the walls. He finally couldn't take any longer. Tony went into the room with Emerson, grabbed him, and pinned him against the wall. Emerson push Tony back, and broke out of his grip. Emerson then smiled, and started to speak.

"You are ready" - David Emerson

"Ready for what exactly?" - Tony Almieda

"To tie up loose ends to my operation" - David Emerson

"What do you mean?" - Tony Almieda

"To get this country where we want it, we need people to live in fear. We need them look toward the law, toward the government for help" - David Emerson

"Why?" - Tony Almieda

"So when they find out the government is weak, we can change it. Your revenge will be the change of a nation, and change of a government" - David Emerson

"How do we get this nation in fear?" - Tony Almieda

"Criminals, gangs, drugs, thugs... Anyone one will get the American people afraid. We just needed to give those criminals something to make them afraid. We transported weapons through drug trades, and it kept us hidden. But a drug lord of North Carolina, has been slowly taking over the whole drug operation of the state. He even got involved in underground slave trades." - Emerson

"What happened?" - Tony Almieda

"We hired him for transported hidden weapons in his drugs to every gang in North Carolina. But now DEA, and the authorities are investigating him. This man is name Frank Booth. l He is psychopath, sadist, but he is not stupid. He got recordings of meetings of my group meeting with him. He plans on making a deal. The uncovering of my operation, and his freedom" - Emerson

"You want me take care of it" - Tony Almieda

"Yes, you could say that, so are you in?" - Emerson

"Yeah" - Tony Almieda

Night fell over the land. Tony was in his room once again trying to sleep. He had a dream of Michelle being in the car, and blowing up in front of him. His dream changed into Charles Logan being let free out of a prison. Then Michelle's cries echoed through his head. Tony woke up, and it was dawn. He glance over at a table, and saw a 9mm semi automatic pistol. Tony grabbed the gun, and went outside to see Emerson standing with a folder in his hand. Tony grabbed the folder, and glance through it. There was a fake ID, a plane ticket, and passport. Tony gazed up at Emerson.

"You are a new person. Tony Almieda is dead. This will help you travel to North Carolina. You will have two men with you the whole time. Went you arrive you will meet three men, and follow them to warehouse. There you will get equipment needed for you mission, and the location of Frank Booth" - David Emerson

"Understood" -Tony Almieda

Tony was sitting in a seat on a plane, gazing out the window. As the plane took off Tony slowly closed his eyes. He didn't have a dream, but he awoke as the plane landed in North Carolina. Tony walked off the plane with the men under his command. He met up with three men, and for the warehouse. Tony sat in the back seat, as they were going through a city, and finally , after half an hour, the car stopped. They were at the warehouse. Tony met one of the men, and was given a file. The file contained the location of Frank Booth. The men took out AK-47s, and put on the table. Tony picked up one of the weapons, and one of the men went over to him, and introduced himself.

"My name is Masters" - Masters

"Let's just do our job" - Tony Almieda

At a building in the center of Lumberton, North Carolina Frank Booth had a medical mask & tube over his face. Inhaling a drug, that changed his attitude. Frank stood in front of a young woman. Frank smiled, and chanted the words "baby wants to Sexual Intercourse". "Baby wants to Sexual Intercourse your daddy". Frank grabbed the woman and threw her on a bed. Frank then jumped on top of her, ripping off her clothes, and raping her. Her screams echoed through the house, but someone came in, and interrupted Frank.

"What the Sexual Intercourse do you want?" - Frank Booth

"Some people are comin to kill you" - James

"That having sexual intercourse sucks. Get every fucky person in this house ready" - Frank Booth

Tony sat in the back of the van. Getting the AK-47 ready for battle, he gazed up ahead to look out the window. The streets were shining brightly, and no one was outside. The area was quite, and the only noise was the van moving ahead. Tony grabbed a black ski mask, and put over his face. The vehicle came to a stop, and Tony open the door. Tony jumped out along with his men. Tony gazed at the house, and knew something was wrong. Suddenly Tony saw something at the windows of the house. Frank Booth was waiting for them. Tony and his men took cover behind the van, and waited for their chance to fight.


Tony Almieda has five men, all with AK-47s

Frank Booth has a house full of armed men, all with a different assortment of weapons

Who Will Be The Last One Standing?

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