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Title: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael
Description: Hell Breaks Loose on Camp Crystal Lake

boratz - January 19, 2009 04:18 AM (GMT)
Jason and Roy charged toward each other swinging the machetes. Both machetes collided with each other making a clinging nosie in the air. ND4 crawled away, as the battle erupted. Roy kept swing his machete, trying to find an attack, but Jason kicked Roy back on the ground. Roy push himself off the ground, and charged toward Jason. Jason threw out his machete, but Roy blocked the attack. Jason and Roy now started throwing out attacks, and blocking one another's attack.

Suddenly the noise of a police siren filled the air behind them. Roy and Jason turned and saw a cop car. A cop got out, and aimed his gun at the two killers. Jason threw his machete toward the cop, and impaled him. The cops body fell back, and Roy swung out his machete. Jason grabbed his arm, and threw him into a building. Suddenly another cop out of the car, and shot at Jason.

Jason grabbed the cop's face, and crushed it with his bear hands. Jason then got his machete, but something went through his body. Roy stood behind Jason, with the machete through him. Jason elbowed Roy in the face, and Roy staggered back; taking out the machete. Jason grabbed his machete, and turned around. But Roy came back on swung his machete into Jason's shoulder.

Jason fell to his knees, but he came back up, and knocked Roy into a building near the lake. Jason ran inside, swung out his machete, slicing the side of Roy's leg. Roy staggered a little, but came back up. Jason now impaled Roy in the stomach. Roy tried to do one last attack, but Jason knocked the machete out of his hands, and threw him the wall. Roy was now trying to crawl away from the killer, but Jason charged up to him, and swung out his machete. The machete hit Roy on the top of the head. As Jason took the machete out of Roy's head, he watch Roy's lifeless body fall to the ground. Jason then heard some gun shots. Jason turned around, and saw a propane tank blow up. The explosion knocked Jason back into the lake.

Hours past, and the camp was nearly evacuated. ND4 was out the car window, and Jason standing in the treeline. ND4 waved off, as Jason disapeared into the woods, and the vehicles went off into the distance.

Years later.........

"I have been waiting, but now I have found away o come back, and this time come back for good" - Freddy Krueger

Darkness fell over Haddonfield, Illinois. Shadows filled the Myers' house, and deep within the walls sat the murderous Micheal. Micheal sat gazing at the walls he had scratched as a child. He finally murdered his sister, and no more threats ever came out. Dr. Loomis was murdered at the hands of Micheal, and the authorites blocked off the Myers' house. Micheal closed his eyes, and now something came through his mind.

In front of him laid the mutulated bodies of his family. Micheal started to walk through them, but suddenly a voice appeared behind him. Micheal turned, and saw Dr. Samuel Loomis in the center of the bodies.

"Micheal, you killed your family, but you didn't kill everyone. There is someone in Springwood, the son of your youngest sister. He has your blood, and therefore he is your new target. Go Springwood, and finsh off your bloodlind, and whoever is friends with you nephew" - Dr. Samuel Loomis

Micheal awoken from his sleep, and he grabbed his knife. Micheal made his way to Springwood. Days past, but Micheal made it into the town. After one night waiting to find his nephew, Micheal went in, and killed everyone, who was near him. Morning arose, and the authorities were acting strange. Word broke out saying that it was Freddy Krueger. The authorities tried to keep it covered up, but it was no use.

At Springwood High, the kids lived in fear. Walking down the hallways a girl named Lori Campbell, and her friends Kia and Gibb were walking. The previous night Lori had a dream of her mother being murdered, by man with brutal bruns all over his body. As the bell rang to go home, the girls went to a party that night, trying to forget, what has been happening. Lorin saw him at the party, her old boyfriend Will Rollins. After getting caught up, Lori found out Will was in a mental institution. Suddenly something happened. A man in a white mask came out, stabbing at everyone.

Lori, Kia, and Will escaped, but Gibb stabbed in the face. As Lori came back home, she found out her father was acting strangely. Lori got out of the house, and went with Will and some other people to a building. There a deputy police officer named Stubbs came in saying to the group of teens. Deputy Shubbs said that he thought it was Micheal Myers, but someone else said something.

"If we are dealing with a someone that can kill us in our dreams, and someone that can kills us when we're awake, how 'bout we get another killing machine in the works" - ND4

"What are you talking about?" - Will

"A few years ago, I was at a camp, known as Camp Crystal Lake. The camp was shutdown, but something happened. There was a killer named Roy Bruns out slaguhtering everyone he could see. He was about to kill me, but someone else saved my life" - ND4

"Who?" - Deputy Shubbs

"Jason Voorhees. Someone that died so many times at that lake, always returns" - ND4

"Sounds pretty gay to me man" - Freeberg

"What if we could get Freddy out into the real world" - Lori

"What are you talking about, Lori?" - Kia

"I don't know if Jason is there, but if we can have Micheal and Freddy fight in another town, then it maybe over" - Lori

"Sounds like an idea" - Deputy Shubbs

That night they went to Westin Hills Asylum. Freeberg and Deputy Shubbs were killed by Micheal, but they were successful on knocking Micheal out. Driving down on a long road to Camp Crystal Lake, Lori tranquilizes herself, and the teens go into the camp. Micheal wakes up, but Will slams on the break, Micheal flies out the windshield.

They arrive in the camp grounds. Will takes Lori into the cabins, and tries to wake her up. ND4, Linderman, and Kia were looking outside. Suddenly the door smashed open. Micheal stood in the door way. Lori woke up, with Freddy over her. Freddy knocked Will back in Micheal's direction. Micheal stabbed Will in the face. Freddy was about to finish Lori, but something came breaking up fromt he ground. Jason came out with his machete, and cut Linderman in half, and stabbed Kia in the face. ND4 grabbed Lori's arm, and pulled her out a back door.

Freddy, Jason, and Micheal stood gazing at each other. Freddy smiled, and started to laugh.

"Well this is going to be fun" - Freddy Kreuger

Jason Voorhees is a cross between the new Friday the 13th movie trailers, and the original movies. Jason has his machete.

Freddy Kreuger has his claws. He is from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies

Micheal Myers is a cross between the Rob Zombie remake, and the original movies. Micheal has his knife

Who will die?

IonKidMax - January 19, 2009 12:43 PM (GMT)
Jason Wins, he's unstoppable!

wernidthe19 - January 19, 2009 07:46 PM (GMT)
I'll have to say Michael....or maybe Jason.

Freddy doesn't stand a chance.

boratz - January 29, 2009 01:12 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (wernidthe19 @ Jan 19 2009, 07:46 PM)
I'll have to say Michael....or maybe Jason.

Freddy doesn't stand a chance.

I think Freddy could have a small chance. He has brains, which other two really don't have.

wernidthe19 - January 31, 2009 05:06 PM (GMT)
Freddy needs brains because he attacks people through dreams. He needs to have an imagination to kill there. The other two don't really need to think too much.

Anyway, Freddy's at a disadvantage because he can't use his abilites to their full potential because neither Michael or Jason need sleep. (I think)

videogameman - February 16, 2009 06:17 PM (GMT)
Freedy goes down first, as he lost to Freedy in Freedy vs Jason. Then Micheal wins for being the guy who started the mask craze and his supernatural relations.

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