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Title: Darth Vader vs. Travis Touchdown

Phalanx - January 18, 2009 10:27 PM (GMT)
---Set up---

In case, anyone doesn't know who Travis is, he's the protagonist from No More Heroes and his choice weapon is similar to a lightsabre, so this is him:
user posted image

After stalemating with Travis's brother, Henry, Travis and Henry decided it was pointless to fight and that they should be the top assassins with no competition.

That is until Darth Vader came and decided to break the two up and kill them.

Darth Vader: Succumb to the Dark Side, you vile creatures!

Travis: Who the @#$% are you?!

Darth Vader: I am Darth Vader! I am from the Sith Order and I am the leader of the Death Star.

Travis: Wow that sounds really lame for an ugly mask-wearing Penis like you.

Darth Vader: Silence! No one dare disturb my authority!

Travis: And no one dares disturb our rivalry. Why didn't you just stay the @#$% out of our fight, earlier? I am the #1 Assassin and nobody is going to @#$% my day up! So you best, hightail it out of here, or I'll cut you into pounds of meat and feces.

Darth Vader: I find it brave that you are making trivial threats to me seconds before your death.

Travis: Whatever. Let's just get it on already!

Travis draws the strongest version of his beam katana, the Tsubaki MK-III and slashes it in a relatively stylish pose.

Darth Vader: So be it. No one shall beat the Sith!

Rules: Travis has his Tsubaki MK-III at Upgrade Power III and an Energy Saver, while Darth Vader has all his stuff from only the movies and cannot use "Force Choke" or "Force Speed". Both are bloodlust and are at fullpower.

wernidthe19 - January 18, 2009 10:52 PM (GMT)
Force Choke is from the movie, but okay.

Anyway, Vader would win.

Phalanx - January 18, 2009 10:59 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (wernidthe19 @ Jan 18 2009, 10:52 PM)
Force Choke is from the movie, but okay.

Anyway, Vader would win.

Well perhaps in terms of pure strength and skill. But Travis has the Dark Side modes, which in at least one of them time around him either stops or slows down A LOT and he goes around performing deadly sword moves.

Plus his best durability feats are surviving small laser beams, electric shocks, a few grenades, land mines, and a bullets and all of them were from the boss fights (except for the land mines).

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