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Title: Nameless RP Signups
Description: Naming's not my strong point.

wernidthe19 - January 18, 2009 04:48 AM (GMT)
This RP is based off of a dream a had about a year ago. I wrote down the most of my ideas but the paper's pretty much destroyed. Its a cross between a school, survival, and classic adventure roleplay. I'll try to interpret the paper and make up a good intro. First some basic knowledge of the world this takes place in....

It takes place on Earth, but its not exactly the Earth we know. Government is virtually the same. People can use magic and many people train in the art of swordplay. The weaponry and technology is about(I'll elaborate on that later) the same as that on our Earth and like in all RPG's most people can take a few bullets before going down. There are Airships. There are some monsters but they rarely attack and their populations have been kept low. In the older days, however, monsters attacked frequently.


Magnus Maximus was considered one of the most powerful people in the world. His was a noble, a respected military man, and a scholar. His long military career was very impressive. (More of that will be revealed when necessary.) After his military career was ended unexpectedly, he left his homeland and became a scholar. He studied spent countless hours everyday studying various topics. The man was rarely seen and had been considered dead by many. Then out of the blue, he opened up a school for children on a strange island he discovered during his military days.

Many people questioned the school at first, but with its many prestigious aspects students began flooding in. The school ran smoothly like any other academy for the first few years; everybody appeared satisfied with the success. But one day, a science experiment went wrong and caused the destruction of the labs and the deaths of many students. The school covered up most of the details and any witnesses claimed to have forgotten about it.

The damage to the school was never fixed and various rumors arose, ranging from the school being haunted to conspiracy theories about causing World War III. Most of them died down and things returned to normal. New science labs were built, and the old ones were off-limits to everybody. Something terribly wrong was going on at Maior Academy, and no one would do anything to find out what it is. But they will have to do something soon, because something dark is coming and few are prepared to face it.

Sign-up sheet-

Name: The name of your character.
Age: His/her age.
Gender: Guy or gal?
Year: If a student, hat grade is your character in? (4-12)
Years Attended: How long has he/she been going to Maior?(Up to 6 years)
Bio: Tell us about your character's history.
Appearance: You can post a picture or describe it.
Country of Origin: Obvious. You can create a country of your own if you tell me a little about it.
Race: You can be something besides a human if desired, but you must tell me about your new race.
Clique/Occupation: If a student, is your character in a clique of some sort? And does your character have a job?
Classes: If your char is a student give a list of the classes he/she is taking. You can choose any classes you want and I'll approve them.
Fighting abilities: What fighting abilities does your character have. Can they use magic? Are they trained in the martial arts? Are they trained in weapon combat? What is their weapon of choice?(Many people are trained in some basic fighting skills, but fewer and fewer are learning due to the lack of outside threats from monsters and the peaceful state of the world.)
Anything else: Anything you might want to add such as special skills. Like Clairvoyance for example.

This is my second attempt at making an RP, so give me any tips you might have.

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