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Title: Dexter vs Zim

videogameman - January 13, 2009 02:26 PM (GMT)
Zim was foiled. By a dog. Oh the humiliation! Now he had to find a new landing spot. The Tallest would never respect him if they found out! So he kept silent and instructed GIR to do so.

GIR:Wouldnít that be lying? That girl with the cuuute dog says lying is wrong. IIIIIIIIII DONĒT WANT TO BE WRONG!

Zim:Silence, GIR! That dog was a disgusting creature. I mean the fur, itís purple. Purple! How is that possible!

Gir:Maybe because weíre in a cartoon?

Zim: HAHAHA! Donít make me laugh, Gir. An advanced alien, an idiotic robot, and a purple dog are realistic, I know this because, I Zim, am REAL! Observant thought though, Gir.

Gir: My piggies are real too, see!


The piggys came from Girís head, swarming the ship and blocking Zimís view, so they crashed in a conveniently empty yard. After putting the house up, Zim started to gloat.

Zim:Um, just as Zim planned!

Gir: Spyís stealing muh piggies!

That spy was a girl and that girl is Dee Dee.

Dee Dee:Oh, theyíre so cute, and so is your dog.

Zim:GO! You are trespassing! You have not seen anything!

Dee Dee:Can I go play with him?

Zim;Yes, sure! Now go away! Far, far away! Before I squeeze your brain out of your head, laughing!

Dee Dee: What?


Gir: Iím making all kind of friends! Yippie!

Dee Dee:Oh, he can talk!

Zim: Dang it Gir!

Gir:I wanted to play! You never play with me! I get so lonely.

Dee Dee: I get it, youíre a {as she said her words, Zim started to look for his laser gun, finding it, he almost brought it out} boy genius! {Zim hurriedly put his gun away} My brother is one! He makes all these cool stuff, like a giant robot, tiny robots, and rockets.

Zim:Why, yes! That is true! I am a boy genius, not an alien! Why do you think am an alien when Iíve told you Iím not!? Stop looking at me like that! I mean, may I see him?

Dee Dee:Well, I donít know.

Zim: Iíll give you a piggy.

Dee Dee:Sure lets go!

Gir: No, not piggy number 1! He was my favorite!

Nonetheless, Gir followed.

Dexter was in his lab, carefully pouring one chemical into another when-

Gir:Why are his eyes so big!?

The chemicals fell down causing an explosion.

Dexter:Dee Dee! Did you let my malfunctioned robots out again!

Dee Dee:Dexter! Dexter! Look! Another boy genius!

Dexter: Dee Dee, heís obviously an alien.

Zim:No, I just have a rare skin disease.

Dexter:Which one?

Zim:Well, um, you see, CURSE YOU! No matter,I shall take your inventions and use them for the Irken Empire. HAHAHAHAHA HAHA! Victory! Victory for Zim!

During this time, Dexter had brought out a button.

Dexter: Dee Dee, would you like to press the button?

Dee Dee:Yeah! I wonder what this button does.

Turns out, it was an ejector, causing Zim to fly out!


A few seconds later and they heard a crash, Zim falling through his roof.

Gir: I feel so lonely! {eyes turn red} Iím coming sir. {Dee Dee presses button, Girís eyes turn blue} WHEEEEE!

Dexter:Now Dee Dee, please show me his house. I could use his tech and stop his invasion.

Dee Dee:Sorry, Dex. Iím tired. Maybe if I got a cute monkey robot {Dexter holds out hand with cute monkey robot} YEEEEEE! Letís go!

When they got there, Dexter laid out the plan.

Dexter:Dee Dee, you distract him, the robot, or his robot parents while I sneak in and take some technology.

Dee Dee:Sure, Dexter.

She walked up to the door and rung the doorbell. Zimís robotic parents answered.

Dee Dee:Hello, I was wondering if youíd like to buy some oil?

Robot Dad:Why yes!

Dee Dee pulled out a long list of papers.

Dee Dee:Sign here, here, here ,here-

Dexter got to the roof, thanks to his suction cups. He jumped through the hole Zim made when he crashed and started stuffing his pockets with technology.

Zim:STOP! That is Irken technology! Which means you cannot touch it!

Dexter:You see, Iíve come prepared{brings out laser gun}. What are you going to do? Curse me to death? {chuckle}

Zim:Stop mocking ZIM! Gir!


Zim:This bad man kicked one of your piggys.

Gir:{eyes red} My piggys!

Girís weaponry showed, filled with missiles and lasers.
Zim:I suggest you run, unless you wish to meet your DOOM! HAHAHAHAHA!

Gir chased after Dexter, who ran out the door. Dee Dee ran after him.

Dexter:You know this means war!

Zim:This war will be Zimís victory! Victory for Zim! This war shall be your doom! DOOM! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Who will win? They are from their original tv shows, not video games. Who wins?

IonKidMax - January 13, 2009 06:21 PM (GMT)
I did this match on the ferret before. Dex wins

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