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Title: Licker vs Preadtor
Description: Part 1 in my Pred arc

ND4 - December 24, 2008 06:41 PM (GMT)
Wesker had been looking over the progress of Chris and Jill Redfield and
was in his private station .

" Tyrant project failed, Nemesis project failed. All of them failed!"
With that Wesker slammed his hands down on his computer set
Bammm!! The whole set then combusted and sent Wesker flying .

Bamm! Wesker hit the wall with a thud and then slowly began to get up when he heard a all to familiar groan.
Wesker:"No no no. It can't be. We got rid of you!! AHHH!" Wesker yelped as a Licker impaled him on its tongue . While all of these events were accruing a youngblood was sent to kill Wesker for his second hunt. All he saw when he arrived were Zombies surrounding the place . There were many but they of no consequence .

All Nicker got from the zombies was the annoying moans from them.
Nicker then did a front flip into the window where the Licker was feasting on
Wesker's corpse. Nicker was appealed by this but he then thought the Licker was Wesker . The Licker looked up from its food and saw Nicker who got out his wristblades . The Licker just thought Nicker was just a other meal so he jumped at him.

Nicker blocked the Licker's claws and kicked it back. The Licker roared and tried to whip its tongue at him. Nicker ducked but got his shoulder cut open.
"Roar!" Nicker yelled as green blood oozed from the wounds .
The Licker and Nicker looked at each other with hate in its eyes or well tongue which the Licker uses to see.

Okay it is Nicker on his second hunt with his right shoulder cut with only his wristblades ,vs a pissed off Licker .

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